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Teaching as Ontological Formation

Timothy Gatewood | Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary In a time when teaching success is defined by pragmatic, content-based assessment, I would like to offer a different path forward: teaching as ontological formation. Rather than viewing...

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Added Joshua Washington’s review of Paul’s ‘Works of the Law’ in Second Century Reception by Matthew J. Thomas to the Book Reviews: Around the Web section of The New Perspective on Paul .

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Added Emma Wasserman’s book Apocalypse as Holy War: Divine Politics and Polemics in the Letters of Paul to the Bibliography of the Paul and Empire section.

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Added a link to Overthinking Christian‘s interviews of New Testament scholars James Dunn, Scot McKnight, B. J. Oropeza, Mike Bird, Andrew Das, and Kent Yinger, as well as B. J. Oropeza’s review of Garwood P. Anderson’s book...