theLAB exists to function as a “think tank” for those engaged in scholarly study of the Bible. We intend theLAB to be a place of fresh ideas, fruitful dialogue, and lively debate.

theLAB seeks to fill the need in the academy for a “liminal space,” that place between conceptualization and publication, between the seed germ of an idea and final-form published articles, monographs, and conference papers. (See the brilliant article by David Congdon and Travis McMaken, “Theo-Blogging and the Future of Academic Theology: Reflections from the Trenches,” Princeton Theological Review 17 [2010]: 91–100).

Contributors to theLAB are biblical scholars of diverse research interests who desire to engage in public (online) discourse in order to generate healthy discussion of the most stimulating, challenging, and rewarding topic of inquiry possible: the study of the Divine.

theLAB intends to make a modest contribution, specifically in the context of academic study of the Bible, to intellectually rigorous and spiritually motivated dialogue in the service of the church.

Comments and questions are always welcome and appreciated, and will be thoughtfully moderated.