My son is going to seminary

picture-4.pngAt dinner I was explaining to Little Man that I was learning Hebrew and that Hebrew has a alphabet (he has learned the English alphabet so I was trying to bridge that connection).

So, I got out my Hebrew alphabet sheet and we went through the letter with him repeating after me. After we went through one time Just a Gal grabbed the sheet and asked Little Man what each letter was… he really enjoyed it and each time would look to me for the answer. However, about half way through Just a Gal asked, “and what is this letter?” to which Little Man answered, “Lamma.” Sure enough it was “Lamed.” He gets mad points for being that close on the second time through with no help. I’m such a proud papa!

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Ryan Burns
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  • After my ATV accident, in which I suffered my 8th and most severe concussion along with many other injuries, my oldest helped me with my Greek. At one point, he knew more than I did. Oh to have the fertile mind of our children!

    God bless, brother as you learn through your son while learning through your profs–it is a joy to say the least.

Written by Ryan Burns