Seminary Bathroom

john.jpgOk, this is just too funny not to post. Apparently the Student Ministry at Western Seminary has stumbled upon Going to Seminary and has posted some flyers on campus… including above the urinals and in bathroom stalls! Thanks to Eric for letting us know:

BTW, I found out about your site at my own seminary (Western, Portland, OR). The Student Ministries team has little posting frames throughout the campus (including above the urinals and in the stalls!) and featured both and Thought you’d want to know how I found you.

Well, to whoever took the time to make the flyer and share the love… thanks…

For putting it in the john… uh… thanks?

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Written by
Ryan Burns
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  • I’m glad to hear people are spreading the word. I’ve personally been blessed by both seminary survival guide & Going to Seminary. I have to admit, placing advertisements for a blog above the urinals and in the stalls is pretty original. Can anybody do better? If so, include pictures. : )


  • Reading newsletter above the urinals…now that is a forgotten college memory.

    If you get a lot of urinal postings it may encourage you to do shorter articles, more bullet points, and top 10 list 🙂

    Now if it’s in the bathroom stalls the article length no longer is an issue.

Written by Ryan Burns