Kristin de Troyer’s LXX Summer School

Dr. Kristin De Troyer. Foto: Andreas Kolarik, 04.12.15
Dr. Kristin De Troyer. Foto: Andreas Kolarik, 04.12.15

theLAB was just made aware of an exciting opportunity on offer this summer in Austria. World-reknowned Septuagint scholar Kristin de Troyer is running a course titled, “The Hebrew and Greek Texts of Esther” at Universität Salzburg. This topic is fitting given her extensive publishing output on Esther (and much more!).

Be sure to check out the flyer (below), but also head over to William Ross’s blog for a detailed explanation of why this course and its instructor are so special and thus not to be missed; he also explains why the book of Esther and its textual history makes for such a compelling area of study. If you are passionate about LXX studies, the Greek language, and textual criticism (and more) do consider applying soon.

Also, whether you plan to attend the course or not (but especially if you do), be sure to check out the collection of essays on Esther, including Kristin’s, “Esther in Text- and Literary-Critical Paradise,” in Studies on Esther.


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Written by Tavis Bohlinger