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Called To Preach?

If you were to ask most seminarians what their calling is, they would probably respond with something like, “I am called to preach.” For most seminarians this is true; however, I have had some recent experiences that leads me to question...

Seminary Writers Wanted

The semester is winding down and summer “break” is approaching. On my to-do list this summer is launch goingtoseminary.com version 2.0. One aspect of version 2.0 I am really looking forward to is the addition of more writers. As the...

Two Cent Tuesday – Term Papers (again)

So, I have another paper to write this week. Honestly, I hate writing papers. It just doesn’t come naturally to me. I feel like I might overthink them too much or something. Anyway, I spent 7 hours in the library today working on this paper...

Your Seminary Blog Could Win You $10,000

Oh Happy Day! Good news bloggers, someone FINALLY wants to pay you. The folks over at college scholarship are hosting scholarship competition for BLOGGERS! Everyone rush over and drop in your application. Now, the scholarship isn’t awarded...

E.R. and Atonement

We interrupt this Two Cent Tuesday for a video clip from E.R.
Why do I go to seminary? Because I want to be that “real chaplain (minister) who believes in a real God and a real hell.”
This is intense: