Your Seminary Blog Could Win You $10,000

Oh Happy Day!

Good news bloggers, someone FINALLY wants to pay you. The folks over at college scholarship are hosting scholarship competition for BLOGGERS!

Everyone rush over and drop in your application. Now, the scholarship isn’t awarded until October but, hey, go ahead and get your entry in… then you’ll forget about it… until you get the $10,000 email!

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Ryan Burns
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  • I was a pastor in Pyidawtha Baptist Church, in Myanmar. I had got Minister Card in the government recognized of baptist in Myanmar.
    I want to study M.Div courses, for my future ministry. My vision is to bring many people to Jesus Christ. After graduate in M.Div course I will go to my mother church.

  • Hi! God Bless!! I like I know maaany people am in need of financial assistance to continue my studies. I am abou to start my first year at seminary, where I will be studying fo a M.Div. I just took out a federal loan and I (thanks be to God) am blessed that my parents have helped me, but of course education (unfortunately) is very expensive. I join in prayer with all of you who are also in need of financial assistance and ask that you pray for me too. God Bless! Ciao!

  • Yeah it is very expensive because these are private schools thus there will be no government interventions. Loan debt from the university certainly is not a long term solution. A scholarship is a good way to solve that!

Written by Ryan Burns