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On Choosing the Life of the Mind

Why, in the face of material prosperity and the endless production of greater and better goods, would anybody choose the life of the mind? I use the definite article with purpose. There are plural “lives” of intellectual priority that one might...

The Vocation of Scholarship  

This article, originally presented orally to a group of Langham-funded Junior Scholars at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, in September 2017, was contributed by Mark W. Elliott, Professor of Historical and Biblical Theology, University of St. Andrews.

College Scholarships Blogging Contest

College Scholarship.com just announced the 4th annual Blogging Scholarship. They thought the great readers at GtS mightbe interested in it, as it offers student bloggers a chance to be awarded a $10,000 scholarship. They have been awarding student...

Billion with a B

The world has 1125 billionaires. The most common search term that brings people to our website is “seminary scholarship.” You connect the dots.

Your Seminary Blog Could Win You $10,000

Oh Happy Day! Good news bloggers, someone FINALLY wants to pay you. The folks over at college scholarship are hosting scholarship competition for BLOGGERS! Everyone rush over and drop in your application. Now, the scholarship isn’t awarded...