How to Get an Advanced Bible Degree for Free

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by Ryan Lytton

Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them. Proverbs 4:5.

Wisdom and understanding are everywhere available but are nevertheless ostensibly rarely found. A student of the Word must be diligent in their search but there are least two problems in their way.

First, with such a wealth of information, where does one start? Certainly, if the writing of many books is endless, then the reading of the same is doubly so. If you attend a school, then a teacher can guide your reading. But does that mean that everyone should embark on lengthy and expensive degree programs in the hopes that they will gain a better understanding of the scriptures? Certainly, this is sufficient. But is it necessary?

The second problem is money. If we are to follow such a goal, the cost is heavy. It may be worth it, but only time will tell.

In this post, I will address these problems head-on. I intend to show you a cost-free way to experience a seminary education. All you need to invest is time.[1] If you’ve graduated seminary and already forgotten much of what you’ve learned, here are a number of low- to no-cost options to keep you sharp.

I am regularly astounded at the resources available to the Body of Christ, including both leaders and laypeople. Places like and offer seminary-level courses for free. There are also several schools that make courses available for free on iTunesU. Other outlets like Credo Courses offer various classes and entire programs at a reasonable price. Credo also regularly makes courses available at steep discounts, along with relevant teaching and study material. There are also a wide variety of free resources readily available on YouTube.

Here’s the question that drives the rest of this post: could someone replicate my graduate degree[2] through these sources? Could such a thing be done? A little bit of time, and whole lot of caffeine answered that question. I present to you a hypothetical 60-unit Degree in Biblical Studies.[3] All of these “courses” are taught by professors with earned doctorates from top universities. The majority are well-known and well-respected scholars in their fields.

Rough Course Equivalent Course Name and Link Professor (affiliation) Hours of Lectures Freely Available
Biblical Studies[4] NT Survey Intro to the NT: Gospels and Acts Craig Blomberg (Denver Seminary) 22
Intro to the NT: Romans to Revelation Craig Blomberg (Denver Seminary) 27
Introduction to New Testament Dale B. Martin (Yale) 20
New Testament Survey: Gospels Robert Stein (Bethel Seminary, SBTS) 21
New Testament Survey: Acts to Revelation Robert Stein (Bethel Seminary, SBTS) 21
New Testament: Its Structure, Content, and Theology Bill Mounce (GCTS, APU) 26
OT Survey Old Testament Survey Douglas Stuart (GCTS) 17
Introduction to the Old Testament Christine Hayes (Yale) 20
Basic Greek I Biblical Greek Bill Mounce (GCTS, APU) 8
Basic Greek II
Interpreting the NT

This is normally a course on how to interpret the NT using knowledge gained in Greek I & II

Greek Exegesis I David Farnell (TMS) 21
Greek Exegesis II David Farnell (TMS) 21
NT Exegesis

This is normally a course working through a book using the methodology learned in Interpreting the NT.

Galatians Douglas Moo (TEDS, Wheaton) 18
NT Exegesis

This is normally a course working through a book using the methodology learned in Interpreting the NT.

Hebrews George Guthrie (Regent College) 17
Acts Craig Keener (Asbury) 24
Romans Douglas Moo (TEDS, Wheaton) 16
Romans Craig Keener (Asbury) 18
Matthew Craig Keener (Asbury) 19
1 Corinthians Gary Meadors (GRTS) 30
Revelation Robert Mulholland (Asbury) 26
Hebrew I Hebrew I Bill Barrick (TMS) 25
Hebrew II Hebrew II Bill Barrick (TMS) 26
Interpreting the OT

This is normally a course on how to interpret the OT using knowledge gained in Hebrew I & II

Hebrew Exegesis I Bill Barrick (TMS) 13
Hebrew Exegesis II Bill Barrick (TMS) 17
OT Exegesis

This is normally a course working through a book using the methodology learned in Interpreting the OT.

Proverbs Bruce Waltke (Regent College, DTS, WTS, RTS) 27
OT Exegesis

This is normally a course working through a book using the methodology learned in Interpreting the OT.

Psalms Bruce Waltke (Regent College, DTS, WTS, RTS) 27
Job John Walton (Wheaton) 9
Theology & History Church History to the Reformation Church History I Gerald Bray (Beeson) 15
Early and Medieval Church History Ryan Reeves (GCTS) 27
Church History from the Reformation Church History II Gerald Bray (Beeson) 26
Reformation and Modern Church History Ryan Reeves (GCTS) 20
Theology I (Systematic or otherwise) Systematic Theology I Bruce Ware (SBTS, TEDS) 28
Theology II (Systematic or otherwise) Systematic Theology II Bruce Ware (SBTS, TEDS) 27
Biblical Theology Biblical Theology Greg Beale (GCTS, WTS) 22
Philosophy, Ethics, etc. Ethics Christian Ethics Ronald Nash (RTS, SBTS) 16
Apologetics Christian Apologetics Ronald Nash (RTS, SBTS) 15
Philosophy History of Philosophy and Christian Thought Ronald Nash (RTS, SBTS) 20
History of Philosophy and Christian Thought John Frame (RTS, WTS) 35
History of Ancient Philosophy Adam Rosenfeld (UNC-Greensboro) 30
History of Modern Philosophy Adam Rosenfeld (UNC-Greensboro) 26
Introduction to Philosophy Daniel Bonevac (UT-Austin) 33
Introduction to Philosophy John T. Sanders (RIT) 15
A History of Philosophy Arthur Holmes (Wheaton) 80
Ancient and Medieval Philosophy David O’Connor (Notre Dame) 16
Philosophy and Christian Thought Ike Shepardson (TKU) 9
Electives OT Theology Old Testament Theology Paul House (Beeson, SBTS, Wheaton) 20
NT Theology New Testament Theology Frank Thielman (Beeson) 14
Historical Theology Historical Theology I Nathan Busenitz (TMS) 25
Historical Theology II Nathan Busenitz (TMS) 27
Pastoral Epistles Pastoral Epistles Bill Mounce (GCTS, APU)
Textual Criticism Textual Criticism Daniel Wallace (DTS) 18
Cultural Background – New Testament Cultural World of the New Testament David deSilva (Ashland Theological Seminary) 8
Apocrypha Apocrypha David deSilva (Ashland Theological Seminary) 9
Cultural Background – Old Testament Old Testament Backgrounds Donald Fowler (Liberty) 23
C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien Lewis and Tolkien Ryan Reeves (GCTS) 14
Luther and Calvin Luther and Calvin Ryan Reeves (GCTS) 17
Ancient History Early Middle Ages Paul Freedman (Yale) 17
Symbolic Logic Symbolic Logic John T. Sanders (RIT)
Latin The London Latin Course Evan Millner 14
Christology Doctrine of Christ William Lane Craig (Biola, HBU) 32
The Atonement The Atonement William Lane Craig (Biola, HBU) 10
Analytic Philosophy The Analytic Tradition Daniel Bonevac (UT-Austin) 30
20th Century Philosophy Ideas of the Twentieth Century Daniel Bonevac (UT-Austin) 32
Hours of Lectures Available 1209

This is far from exhaustive. There are many courses, for instance, over at that I have not included. If one wanted to focus more on ministry classes, that could be done. There are also around 1,300 different courses on all manner of subjects listed here. My goal here was just to show what one could do if they wanted something like the information from an MA in Biblical Studies without the physical, paper credential.

It must be said that there is potentially much to be lost by not being in classrooms or in direct contact with professors. However, these problems can be mitigated. There are top-level scholars who blog (see for instance Larry Hurtado’s excellent blog.[5] There are also several scholars actively engaged in Facebook groups like Nerdy Language Majors and Nerdy Theology Majors (among many other groups). If you are struggling with Greek, go to NLM and post a question. It might be answered by venerable Greek scholars like William Varner or Robert Plummer (among others).

Indeed, there is so much scholarly engagement on social media that it cannot all be listed here.[6] So, while you may miss out on the classroom experience, the internet has enabled virtual experiences that might be just as good (or perhaps better in some cases). Additionally, many seminaries make their course outlines available online for free, giving the diligent, self-starting student suggestions for textbooks, reading lists, and even writing assignments (you’ll just have to find an honest person to read and critique your work).

This is not to mention the incredible resources that are out there for a small investment of real money. Many seminaries will allow students to audit courses for a nominal fee. Additionally, as I mentioned before, Credo Courses offers a broad range of courses from top-level scholars. These courses are usually very reasonably priced. However, they are occasionally free. For instance, over the Easter weekend, Dr. Gary Habermas’ excellent course on the Resurrection of Jesus was completely free! This included audio, video, and various resources. Over the past year, I’ve been fortunate enough to compile several of their audio courses for free. I recently finished out my collection when they made all of their audio courses free during the first week of July. There are also excellent exegetical resources at that include Hebrew, Arcing, and Bracketing.

Perhaps the best resource available at a nominal cost is the various Mobile Ed courses offered through Logos. There is nowhere else you could go to get courses that integrate so flawlessly into your exegetical work in Logos Bible Software. Additionally, every month there are free books available through Logos, and occasionally that “book” is a course. Two books (or courses) are added to the free one each month at a steep discount. Speaking of affordable books, you can also custom tailor subscriptions to BookBub to get email updates for discounted Kindle books.[7]

Here’s the bottom line: I am a professor at a Bible college, and an alumnus of that same college as well as a highly-respected seminary. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. I’m not suggesting that everyone should forgo formal education in favor of the excellent free (or cheap) options I’ve shown above. But the preponderance of resources now open doors for those who might not have either the means or the inclination for a Bible college or seminary experience. Open doors can be a very good thing, especially when those open doors lead to access to excellent resources without the encumbrance of debt.

So with these free options at hand, may we all grow to understand our calling, and in all our understanding may the Lord grant us the wisdom to pursue it for the sake of his glory, his name and his kingdom.

Ryan Lytton is the Director of Academic Services at Ignite-Life Pacific College in Christiansburg, Virginia.

[1] See the advice from Craig Blomberg on how to leverage this invaluable asset that is available to us all.

[2] I hold a 60-unit MA from Gordon-Conwell.

[3] This is loosely based on the MA in Biblical Studies offered by Gordon-Conwell, my alma mater.

[4] A few explanatory notes. In case you aren’t familiar with a particular scholar, I’ve included the institution with which they are affiliated in parenthesis. Many of these are well known enough that I’ve abbreviated them (GCTS – Gordon-Conwell Theology Seminary or TEDS – Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).

[5] I should say, however that his blog may be quiet for some time while he undergoes chemotherapy. Please be in prayer for him during this time.

[6] For instance, if you aren’t taking advantage of Daily Dose of Greek and/or Daily Dose of Hebrew, then you are seriously missing out.

[7] I understand the reticence to adopt Kindle books. I also prefer physical books. But pricing for these books make it regularly worth it. On more than one occasion NT Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God has been available for $4.

Written by
Tavis Bohlinger

Dr. Tavis Bohlinger is Editor-in-Chief of the Logos Academic Blog and Creative Director at Reformation Heritage Books. He holds a PhD from Durham University and writes across multiple genres, including academia, poetry, and screenwriting. He lives in Grand Rapids with his wife and three children.

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  • I cannot express how invaluable this information is to me. I am 64 and on disability, thus very limited income. Before I became disabled I had been investing in my Logos library for a number of years, but have desired to have a more formal education. I expect this information will keep me busy and better equipped to teach my small group in the years to come.

    My deepest thanks,
    Frank Payne

  • Thank you so much. I am aware of many of these resources but a progression of how to use them is wonderful. And I so agree we all need to be a life long learner.

  • Thank you so much for all this invaluable information! For someone like me who has had the tremendous privilege of receiving a seminary degree, it’s always great to know how one can brush up on a particular subject. A resource that has been very valuable to me for theological ebooks and audiobooks has been the Hoopla app! You need a local library card to access their titles, but they have loads of biblical and theological titles including many Christian classics (Luther, Augustine, Calvin, Aquinas, etc.). Thanks again!

  • Thank you for putting the time and energy to create an amazing list of knowledge resources.

  • Having knowledge of available resources is the beginning of one’s quest for spiritual growth and understanding. I’m thankful I received notification of what’s out there….I’ve always wanted to study Greek and Hebrew in addition to other biblical courses; this is a tremendous opportunity to study the Bible and other scholarly works….thank you for sharing

  • I am deeply surprised at this post. I have gone through courses offered by a lot of seminaries. You have listed a gist of the best courses I have deeply benefited from in the past. I have listened to or watched to 85% of the courses you listed here, including bill barrick’s Hebrew and Mounce and farnel’s greek(he looked sternly serious when he was teaching) Nathan’s historical theology and William Craig’s all the comprehensive doctrine of Christ of creation and etc.. you have listed what I had in mind. I must say from the perspective of an ordinary grassroots-level Christian who can not afford expensive education that these courses have offered me an opportunity a small glimpse of certain (north) American seminary education. Suddenly I recall John Frame’s essay on thoughts on models of American seminary education. Why not build seminaries within each church? I often bring up a question like this. I think seminary education,once you experience these courses, are very elite-oriented as a lot of students enter seminaries bearing debts, although some of them fund; whereas a few passionate souls are sitting in church adult Sunday schools or discipleship classes waiting to be fed. My impression is that one has to be very educated in classics before he stands behind the pulpit, if this is the criteria for being a pastor or raising one up from his childhood. To do bible exegesis, Greek and Hebrew are the basics. Once one get used to them, who does not love them?
    Are we believers not all priests called by God?
    As I am in China, a lot of the students and ordinary Christians here are eager to learn truths; however, the best theological education isn’t so widespread among the general public, at least not within international churches or three-self churches I have observed. Small groups and evangelism outreaches are more appealing urbanwise. Fellowship bonding is so emphasized. I am not supportive of unity at the sacrifice of truth.
    The literature translated from some of these professors’ works are popular underground, and reprinted and shipped in from hongkong and Taiwan. There are indeed also underground siminaries in major cities; after browsing through their curriculum, one will not be surprised that why so many Christians will choose to go the North America for advanced seminary training after they go through the humbling fundraising process, among whom a few come back to serve patriotically.
    There are a lot of reading and writing work to be done. It is worth the journey if one is not afraid of the process.
    Today I found myself talking to a few Christians who are choked by family matters, and a few more are not open to theological education. Alas!
    My brain will be in ashes, when I think painfully of all the long hours I put into the Greek and Hebrew and history, but I will continue to learn.

  • Yes! Beautiful work putting all this info together, very very very useful information. Thanks for the great work.

  • Great post! It is amazing that so many educational resources are available for free. I would also add Our Daily Bread’s Courses to this list. They acquired The Institute of Theological Studies a few years back, and all of the lectures are still available ( However, I don’t think it is accurate to say these options lead to an advanced “degree”. No teachers are personally involved in guiding learners through the subjects, and no meaningful evaluation of learning outcomes is given. Personal access to and feedback from faculty, institutional library access, and an official transcripts with grades are probably the three top reasons people will still be paying Bible college and seminary tuition for many years to come. At the same time, it is true that many expensive institutions issue degrees that do not necessarily entail a valuable education! Thank you for sharing this valuable, educational post, Travis.

  • Thank you so much for the post!! And, do you have any idea of something similar for Jewish Studies and Near Easter Studies?

  • I can not express my profound joy when I read this article!

    This is one of those moments when you can really say, “Eureka!”

    Thanks for posting this wisdom- and resources- filled article!

  • I appreciate your article and list, but I have one concern. When I go to, my browse and security software flag it as an insecure site. This surprises me.

    • Larry, I’m not sure why that would be. I’m not directly affiliated with them, so I can’t speak too much into that. But I know I’ve used them consistently for awhile (as have others I know personally), and none of us have encountered issues.

      • It is not necessarily a cause for concern. It could be that they forgot to renew their SSL certificate. That’s pretty normal for not for profit organizations. The SSL certificate is mainly installed to ensure that credit card information is only viewed by the owner of the website.

  • Am aged 58 on retirement, was formerly a Muslim, but was saved by the grace of God, am in a leadership position which requires me to well versed with what am giving to the people am preaching to, when i came across this offer of acquiring a degree in what am called to do, i really felt my long prayer being answered, my request is to know what do i need to enroll for this program?

    • Hi Ismail, all of the links in this article will take you to free content, as far as we know. There is no need to enroll for these, but keep in mind that links may update or be taken down at any time. The Academic Blog is not affiliated with this content, we published this article as a public service to those wishing to increase their knowledge without paying tuition, moving their families, or needing to do anything other than dedicate some time to learning (and having access to wifi is also important). If you wish to officially enroll in a program, you’ll need to do that research on your own. However, you will find some great paid content at Logos Mobile Ed to further your education. I hope that helps, let us know your progress!

  • how much it cost to get even a Basic Bible courses online, and if it is available . please reply because am a retired navy veteran. tell me the cost before i consider enrolling. thank you

    • Melchor, sorry for the delay in my response. Please note, there is no enrollment required here. This post simply shows how you can reproduce the content of a degree on your own with free (or minimal cost) resources online.

  • i have seen and read excellent lists of bible courses. God bless you. I want your help for making me getting an access in this college or degree program. God bless.

    • Hi Tonderai, that all depends on which college you choose to attend. You can find lower-cost options online, I’m sure, but my best advice is to start researching various places you might wish to study and asking about scholarships that are available. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  • This is an invaluable resource and information for someone who wants to be in the word of LORD and live by the word and guided by the word for his life and to guide others.

    GOD Bless !!!

  • Am by names of kakembo kenneth first of all i would like to thankyou for want you done for us thankyou so much but when i start studying and how long it takes to be done with my studies,Thankyou.

    • Hi Michael, there is no cost to enrol, simply click on the links in order to access the various courses.

  • My name is SAMSON KAGIRI NJOROGE from Kenya. am 53 years old. am an ordained pastor of a Baptist Church. i hold a Diploma of Theology from Kenya Baptist Theological College (not accredited). today, we serve highly learned Christians who require a well equipped servant of the Word of God. i have always desired to advance my knowledge of the same so as to deliver the desired Word of God accordingly. i wish to pursue my education up to a degree in Christian Studies level or even above. The greatest setback here is finance. please, advice. thanks and God bless you.

    • Thank you for your work for the kingdom. I don’t think I can offer much in the way of advice for continuing your education. There are a lot of online options. The purpose of this post is not to help someone pursue an actual degree, but to help people direct their own self-study.

  • Thank you ever so much! I am a homeschool mom of six, and I long to dig deeper. This post is such a blessing and a balm to my soul! Now to make it happen… 🙂

    • You can do it! Just take these on one at a time. Also, depending on the age of your children, they also might benefit from some of the courses here. Make it happen!

      • Thanks for the encouragement. My wife homeschools our children, so we can relate. I’m so glad I could help someone in a similar situation.

      • Thank you so much for cheering me on!!!!! It means the world and is truly wonderful.

  • How can I enroll for Master’s Degree? I am going to finish my online bachelor of divinity this august. I want to pursue my education and I think this school is the answer to my desire. Thanks and God bless!!!

    • Hi Reynaldo, this blog post is not a school at all, but a series of links to free courses. So there is no charge to view these courses and learn from them. The point of the post is to help those individuals who wish to pursue an advanced degree for free, by providing them with the equivalent of a full load of courses normally required to earn such a degree. I hope you have fun with it, and learn much!

    • Hi Edmund, there is no enrolment, as these are simply links to various courses that, altogether, represent the equivalent to an advanced bible degree.

    • Dear Adam, all of the studies listed in this blog post are available at the links provided. You might consider having them printed out in hard copy, if possible, but otherwise you’ll probably need to rely on internet to gain access. Sorry we can’t be of more help in this regard.

  • Dear Sr/ Madam,
    I congratulate you for efforts to educate the body of Christ.
    Kindly keep up.
    I want to join your education center for enlightenment and equip myself for ministry.
    Once again thank you.
    Olody Lucas, Pastor and Trainer in biblical studies.

    • Hi Lucas, the blog doesn’t run an education center. This post provides links to free courses that altogether are the equivalent of an advanced Bible degree. You can find certifiable courses on the Logos Mobile Ed page located here.

  • Hi Respected Sir or Madam

    Greetings to you in the Greatest name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am so delighted and happy to contact to study understanding the word of God and i would like to know much about the living word of God. I am doing a Pastor here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and i can’t go for further study lack of financial so i would like to request you to grant Master Degree so that i may serve in the Ministry field. And i will really appreciate if you grant and help me through online this year. Thank you.

  • Do you have any suggestion for the order to do these classes or lectures. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into doing this for us. It is such a wonderful kindness you have shown.

  • Even this idea is a gift to the body of Christ. I had no idea such resources existed at no cost. Saving this post for future reference and referral. God bless you!

  • I absolutely LOVE the content you have listed here. The only thing I would be concerned about is the seminary atmosphere. When seminary students are physically on campus at schools like Gordon-Conwell, Southeastern / Southwestern Baptist, The King’s University, Fuller, DBU, Asbury, Midwestern or any number of other schools, it provides an opportunity for something that is essential to the Christian process: RELATIONSHIPS. Whether it be networking, iron sharpening, discipleship or dating/marriage (many seminary students meet their spouses there at the schools), nothing can replace the relational aspect of seminary. I believe this to play a vital role in education as well. The sharing of ideas, friendships, finding a study partner, the general well-being of the students and their psychological state (happy students tend to have better grades) — it all plays a role. That’s the only thing you can’t get from these phenomenal courses.

    • When Adam fell, his offspring were not the ideal heritage to continue the human line. When Abraham was chosen, would many now consider the sacrifice of a child the ideal test of faith? Was having the wisest man alive be the offspring of a union ground in a murderous and adulterous relationship the ideal warning from the danger of such fruits? Was David killing his own people the ideal act of a king who should of been a protector and not a persecutor? Was Ruth the ideal candidate for Jewish embracment when the law said no Moabite can join the congregation? Was Ruth defying the instituted authority to save her people the ideal way to approach a request for salvation? Was not allowing the prophet who led Israel to freedom, not being allowed to experience that freedom the ideal end for a man who would stand in charge? Was Samson comitting suicide the ideal end to exact revenge, by an unidealic man who was annointed but continually disobeyed the dictates of a Nazarite? Was slavery by God the idealic way to punish a nation, but is somehow evil when humans enslave others? Was the death of Jephthahs daughter the idealic end to the severity of an oath? Was the beheading of John the Baptist the idealic end to the greatest prophet to live? Was the denial of Christ the idealic attribute of the churches first leader? There are a lot of examples of situations that are not ideal in the book we hold the dearest. There is no use in continually trying to make something that isnt ideal, always plan B.

  • Can you offer a order in which these classes should be taken or are they already in order?

    • I don’t think there is an overall order, honestly. Each person will have their own opinions about what is best there. Is it better to take the languages before engaging in theology? Perhaps. Perhaps not. The only important order to follow would be within the disciplines. So, there’s a definite order with the languages. Greek I, Greek II, Greek Exegesis, and then Greek Exegesis of a book. Outside of that, there isn’t really an overall order to follow.

    • Use the links provided, and you can basically earn your degree for free. Then go and bless others with that knowledge and training!

  • This is very exciting, though, while you will have watched/listened to the lectures, you don’t get the academic rigor of interactions with the professors and classmates. Perhaps learning in a vacumn. Still worth the effort, but may limit your options, if an actual degree is required.

    • We offer courses through Logos Mobile Ed, or you can use the links in this post to educate yourself for free.

  • Woooow this is such a blessing indeed, I am a pastor at Elshaddai ministries, and a former teacher with a higher diploma in education ( 4 year course from the University of the free state, south Africa)
    And further studied an Advanced certificate in Education (2 year course from the University of Pretoria, south Africa)
    I am highly interested in acquiring a Theology degree with your institution online.

  • I would like to take you Bible course by mail me address is 731 timber Lane Wilmington NC 28405

    • Hi Emmie, thanks for your interest, however, we don’t offer Bible courses by mail. You can either use the links in this post to educate yourself for free, or sign up for online courses through a seminary or through Logos Mobile Ed.

  • I’ve read these posts and cannot wait to get started with an online Master’s of Theology degree.
    However, I am not clear on how to get the actual degree in my hand after the links of coursework have been completed. Time sensitive. Please help. Job sensitive.

  • Interesting, God bless you all for this great work you are doing.
    i just have to start now without wasting time.

  • I have been taking bachelor’s level classes at Christian Leaders Institute for several years. The classes are very educational, and they survive on donations. You can try them out for free without investing any money. You are required to take one of their free classes to educate yourself on their school before taking the other classes, or at least that is the way it used to work. They also have ordination classes. They provide free education to prisoners, and many people overseas.

  • If we have all the answers from what so and so said about how the Bible came into existence but do not obey what the Lord Jesus Christ summed up as the Last Adam, our effort of studying will be in vain. We must end up obeying everything He had commanded or else it would all be useless knowledge.

  • Goodnight i am Adam ndaura in namibia in africa i want a degree by mail please send to pastor Adam ndaura p.o. box 1541 Okahandja Namibia Africa

  • I want to say thank you. I am a long time Christian who has not followed his calling to ministry for many years, but I hope to start. At 51, I am at a place where online education is about the only option I have. I want to serve the Lord, but I believe all servants should be well prepared, and your writing here has given access to that when there is no other access. I am limited in resources and distance, but I am not limited in desire to learn. May God richly bless you for this posting.

  • Thank you very much for this post. I have been surfing the internet for a long time and I believe I found what I was looking for. Financially am unable to fund a degree course now. I have an associate degree in Christian education and I want to continue my studies, but I just can’t now. If the are free if am not mistaken I am interested in enrolling as a student.

  • Very interesting information.
    Is it possible to be affiliated with your program. I am in a Muslim country majority people and it is the largest Muslim country in the world, even bigger than all Arab countries combined

    Thank you/ God bless you

    Gideon Tandirerung

  • So, if I find and complete the courses that would ordinarily lead to a degree where would I apply with the expectation of receiving a degree? Or, is that possible? But, regardless, impressive and I will be utilizing at least the Greek.

  • I’m interested in getting Advance Bible Degree for free. I hold a BA ic Christian Studies and was able to graduated however i couldn’t get my paperwork because I needed 7 more class but ran out of money.

  • Thank you so much for the great work you are doing to help men and women of God to acquire Knowledge of the word of God.
    I am kindly requesting to know whether it possible to begin a study center here in Uganda and I want also how is the program operates?
    I also want to study.
    How can I go about with it?
    Thank I remain positive waiting for your response.
    Yours sincerely ,
    Dkochen Jasper Sam.

  • I have done a diploma course in theology and would like to continue and do a degree in the same field. Please email me the details to get and do a FREE DEGREE COURSE Either online or through email.

  • I am pastor Hezekiah Onchoke Nyabao from Kisii-Kenya. I am 53 years old and desired for many years to have a Degree in Theology but not managed for long!
    I serve in a young growing fellowship now 35 people and desire if someone like you hell me do the online clasees by helping me get a Tablet or a second hand Desk top computer.
    I am using now a small smartphone to contact you! If God enables you please let me know how you can assist me study online and earn a Degree on Biblical Studies/Theology.
    I am a High school leaver did A-levels forms 5-6 in old Kenya Education system.
    I am married to one Wife and four children who are in High School and colleges.

Written by Tavis Bohlinger