Starting the Off Week Right

My son recently got his first calendar. It was an excellent way to explain important and fun dates that are coming up in the future without having a constant “when are we going to grandma’s house?” every 5 seconds. Every night before bed he gets his marker and Xs out another day. It has been really fun.

So, with calendars, did you ever notice that Sunday is the first day of the week? Yeah, I’m sure most of us have, but have you ever really let that sink down into your soul? Sunday is the start of your week.

How do you start? With work or worship?

I’ll admit, while I knew that Sunday was the first day of the week… my week really began on Monday. To me, Sunday was the day of rest that came at the END of a, typically, long and stressful week. I saw church and fellowship as the culmination of all that had transpired the previous week and, to me, it was the capstone.

For me, if I were honest, the week began Monday morning. The alarm would sound (aka, I’d hear my kids outside my door) and I’d look at my phone, “yup… its Monday.” I’d drag myself out of bed thinking, “Here we go… another week… I can do it…” and I go off about my business.

Then, a couple weeks ago something happened. I was in Church, I think it was nearing communion, and it dawned on me… THIS is the start of my week. The first thing I am doing this week is gathering with the body of Christ to celebrate in worship and communion. WOW, that was an eye opener. Since that day, Sunday has been the first day of my week.

What does it matter?

Well, I guess in technicalities, it really doesn’t matter. The apostle Paul tells us that it isn’t important that we honor one day over another. However, for me it was a big deal. For the past several weeks I’ve woken up on Sunday and reminded myself that the start of my week belongs to the Lord. My first act will not be to worry about web projects or term papers… my first action will be to gather with the saints and worship our King. I will declare that the first fruits of my week are holy to the Lord.

Now, I’m not saying that my weeks have been magically different since I’ve flipped this mental switch. However, I will say that throughout the week I, for some reason, keep reminding myself that I started my week on Sunday and have found a very interesting bit of peace in that thought.

So, what about you? You ever thought much about this or am I just slow?

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Ryan Burns
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  • Good thoughts– and an important idea to get into our heads. The historic/theological value of this perspective is as important as the practical value, also.

    At the same time, we must be careful that this perspective doesn’t begin to lead us in the direction of the “filling station” vlew of church: “I get my tank full on Sundays, and that gets me through the week.” This “me-centered” view of church and worship is totally skewed, and definitely something to avoid.

    Not that you embodied that in your post at all! But some folks in my church have struggled with it, and I thought I would take the opportunity to encourage a balance.

    Ed Eubankss last blog post..Two recommended blogs

  • Agreed Ed. Along with what I wrote I’ve been thinking a lot about the beauty of celebrating as a community on Sundays. I had the honor of serving communion the other Sunday and it really hit me how communion is supposed to be an event that helps us celebrate that we are Christ’s body, yet I felt a lot of individualism in the sacrament… I’ve been chewing on that for a couple weeks now… That’s also why in the post I mentioned that it was so wonderful to realize that the start of my week was gathering with the saint to worship. On any given Monday I can worship first thing… but it will be by myself. I think it is powerful to realize that I’m starting my week in worship with the saints… ok, least I write another post in this comment, I’ll stop.

  • In a missions class at RTS-Atlanta and Dr. Sam Larsen is speaking of Sabbath right now. He brought to light that God created man on the sixth day and their first day was the seventh-Sabbath rest.

  • Brian… are you reading blogs in class? None the less, good thought. I’ll chew on that one for a bit… very interesting.

Written by Ryan Burns