When Verbum Met the Pope

Verbum co-sponsored the Pontifical Biblical Institute’s Jesus and the Pharisees conference in Rome this May. The conference brought together Catholic and Jewish scholars from around the world to discuss the role of the Pharisees in the life of Christ and the Church and how some portrayals of the Pharisees have contributed to anti-Semitism.

At its close, we had an audience with the pope in the Clementine Hall of the Papal Palace and presented him with an iPad loaded with the Verbum package used by students and faculty at the Institute.

We managed to capture a once-in-a-lifetime picture of Pope Francis receiving this package from our team at the original post here, where our team also relates a touching story about the delivery of his prepared address.

Do you want to study like a student at the Pontifical Biblical Institute? The Biblicum package we gave to the Holy Father is now available to the public.

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Tavis Bohlinger

Dr. Tavis Bohlinger is Editor-in-Chief of the Logos Academic Blog and Creative Director at Reformation Heritage Books. He holds a PhD from Durham University and writes across multiple genres, including academia, poetry, and screenwriting. He lives in Grand Rapids with his wife and three children.

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  • Excellent.

    I wonder if Verbum will eventually develop a resource that lists a generic curriculum for theology study, together with more detailed information the way a syllabus would.

    That would allow individual believers explore the fascinating world of theology on their own, and would allow prospective theologians discover that indeed that is a track they would like to follow.

    Thomas Aquinas seminary and college have nice curriculums, but they are not tied to Verbum resources.

    Amazing resources like Catholic topical index, CCC, moral theology, ethics, etc. can be integrated better into studies when there is a map (curriculum) that depicts the best practices to properly get acquainted with the theology subject.

  • Hamilton,
    That’s a good suggestion. Something that I’ll keep in mind as the Verbum Academic family of products continues to develop and grow.
    Which “Thomas Aquinas seminary and college” are you referring to?
    Thanks for the feedback!

    –Craig, Verbum Product Manager

Written by Tavis Bohlinger