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  • I was struck by this:

    “I would tell young ministers to memorize as much of the Bible as possible while they have the mind to do it,” Baker said. “The highlight of my life along that line was when I was at my first church and I was wrestling with the problem of what to preach the next Sunday. I wrestled with that quite a while and in three or four weeks was doing it again, and I felt an impression come to me, ‘Why don’t I preach Jesus’ sermon?’ So I committed the Sermon on the Mount to memory and it has been the greatest blessing in my ministry.”

    Thanks to a recommendation from John Piper, I have used the practice referred to in “An Approach to the Extended Memorization of Scripture.” Every professor I’ve talked to about it tells me that this is a game for the young. If you haven’t ever tried memorizing big chunks of Scripture (i.e. the book of Ephesians) I highly recommend it. All it will cost you is about 20 minutes/day.

    Not sure if I can post links in the comments, so just Google that phrase. It should return a PDF from First Baptist Church of Durham, NC.

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Written by Ryan Burns