Two Cent Tuseday – Finals

For some of you, you’ve already wrapped up the semester. For the rest of you, finals are right around the corner. As a follow up to yesterday’s post on trusting God in the big and small, how stressed do you get around finals time? Also, in the comment section, drop a line or two and let us know why you do or don’t get stressed? Any tips or advice for finals time?



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Ryan Burns
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  • I think a little “stress” is a good thing around finals time. It is the culmination of all the work done for the previous 15 weeks, so it would seem natural for their to be stress over all that is riding on the last week. I would say I am somewhere between a little stressed and stressed.

  • I only have two classes, which helps quite a bit. However, I also have other pressures on my time with work and family. There is a little stress as there is with any other exam, but I think the key for me is not to get behind during the semester. I try to keep up with my reading and homework in such a way that finals just require a review of things I already basically know.

  • My only advice is, don’t work 30 hours/week while trying to do finals and finish up papers. And that comes from good ol’ (current) personal experience!

  • Would have been less stressed if I would have celebrated completing Dr. Kistemaker’s 1 Corinthians final with some all you can eat b-b-q. You are missed Ryan.

Written by Ryan Burns