Two Cent Tuesday – To Twitter or Not to Twitter

It would seem that Twitter is the new cool thing these days. You can’t get very far on the blog-o-sphere without people talking about twitter. Pastors twitter, Missiologists twitters, Professional Bloggers Twitter, Moms Twitter (not mine, of course…) Twitter is everywhere…

Up until now I’ve stayed away from Twitter because, seriously, do I really have time for another distraction? However, I’ve been thinking about it more and more, so today I wanted to hear from all of you out there. Do you Twitter? If so, why? and, more importantly, should I Twitter and why?

The post is open, what is your two cents?


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Written by
Ryan Burns
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  • I Twitter, although I’m considering dropping it. It just ends up being pretty pointless over time. It’s hard to communicate through all the chatter, and I personally find very little useful info there.

  • If I will still a college minister, I would have jumped on the band wagon a long time ago. Being that I am just a student I really don’t need too.

    I was having a conversation with a friend who is planting a church in Chapel Hill, NC and we talked about how if you are trying to reach/minster to young people, those kind of things (twitter, facebook, etc..) are probably a must needed skill

    chads last blog post..Falling into Knowledge.

Written by Ryan Burns