Two Cent Tuesday – v2.0

The semester is almost over and one of my big summer projects is going to be working on the launch of version 2.0. I have a bunch of ideas I’m wanting to put into place, but before I rush in and commit all this time and energy into it, I wanted to check and see what you all thought. So, sound off… What do you like about the site? What do you dislike? Any ideas for things we should put into 2.0?

Some of the things I’ve been thinking about:

  • Minor design tweek (nothing major, just a little change)
  • Adding an online forum
  • Hiring (yes, as in paying) some other seminarians to help write

Feel free to let me know what you think about those ideas, but more so, feel free to let me know what you think would be a great addition to the site! Vod or Pod casting? Book reviews? More contests? Less Contest? Social networking? … You name it, I’ll consider it. Now is your chance… share your two cents!


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Ryan Burns
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  • I used to contribute to a webzine and the editor of the site added a forum section in the hopes of boosting discussion. However, we found that most people still chose to use the comment section for their discussions, even when the conversations moved away from the original post.

    He did something that I think you may want to consider. Instead of having a forum section he added the Discus application, which is an interactive comment application that has worked like a forum does only in the comment section of a specific post.

Written by Ryan Burns