Two Cent Tuesday – Christmas Break

Well, for the most part everyone is finished up with the semester. While a few of you might be putting the last touches on a paper or two, the rest of the seminary world is settling in for the holiday break. Which leads to the question, “What is the best way to spend your holiday break?”

With just over a month off for most of you, what do you think is the best way to spend the time off? Feel free to vote, but don’t forget to sound off in the comment section as well. (Hey, your on break, what else do you have to do besides comment on blogs!)



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Written by
Ryan Burns
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  • I always like to slow things down during the break. I usually get around to reading some things I want to that I didn’t have time to during the semester, and also take the time to do other things like organize around the house or tune up the cars…just some things where I can work with my hands for a change. But a few weeks is enough—this time I’ll be taking a class in the winter semester because last year I thought six weeks was too long for a break.

Written by Ryan Burns