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I recently trimmed down my google reader account from 100+ blogs to 70 blogs. It is amazing how much great (and less than great) information is out there. At times I wonder what our church fathers and mothers would think about blogs… Think about Gutenberg. You think he’d be a blogger? And I wonder if Luther would have used a hammer and nail to post the 95 thesis or if he would have just gone out and bought or, installed wordpress, and gone to writing.

Whatever the case may be, blogging and the internet have (understatement) changed the way we communicate with the world. So, in those lines I wanted to find out who your favorite bloggers are. So, today’s Two Cent Tuesday question is “what is your favorite blog?” Feel free to vote for one that is on the list or add your own. No bonus points if you vote for GTS, though it will warm my heart. Also, no narcissism here and voting for yourself.

Also, feel free to talk about this one in the comments… are blogs good/bad, what are some of your runner up’s for the vote, what church father/mother do yu wish had a blog? Have fun with it.


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Ryan Burns
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  • I would have to say that John Owen would have been a good blogger if he was able to bring his thoughts down a level. Spurgeon would have been perhaps the best blogger of them all since he has the most published of any one writer in the history of the world!

  • I can’t name an absolute favorite though a top 3 would be easier.

    I wish CS Lewis would have had a blog. He is a writer that was able to write in multiple styles so I think he could have adapted to the style of blogging quite well.

  • Speaking of blogs we love, I was just on technorati and noticed that GTS finally cracked the top 100,000 blogs (a personal goal I had set for myself a couple weeks back when I saw that we were getting close). That might not seem impressive until you realize that puts us in the top 0.14% of blogs tracked by Technorati.

    If you use Technorati, drop by and favorite us!

Written by Ryan Burns