Summer Intensive

Well, today I start a week of a 9-5 class called Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies. I’ll write a post later in the week to give some of my thoughts on 1 week intensives, but for now I just wanted to comment on how amazing my fellow classmates are in this class.

So, one guy is a missionary in Turkey whose pastor is beat and stabbed on a regular basis. Another is a missionary to China who has been kicked out twice. Another is a guy from S. Korea who went to elementary school and university… between that he studied judo. Oh, and then there is John Piper’s assistant… I’ve never felt so boring. Thankfully, Kari’s post from Saturday reminded me this seminary isn’t a competition.

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Ryan Burns
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  • Ryan,

    We love the summer intensives. Kari and I had one class (marital counseling) together two weeks ago and I took another one last week. Other than being exhausted at the end, the value is so good, for it seems like the organic and natural opportunities to talk during the breaks are invaluable. How have we not been able to know some of these other students as well before?

    Probably because now we’re not in a hurry to the next class or on the phone or email. I tried to go the whole week checking email (or comments) only a few times a day, giving undivided attention.

    Enjoy the studies and the other students!

    Jeff Pattersons last blog post..Gas forecast

  • I did a two week intensive last january that was split in the middle. We met for a week, then had two weeks off, and then met for another week.

    I really enjoy intensives, because there are awesome people that come into town for them and their is a level of community that happens.

    Often at Asbury, when you break for lunch, the teacher will put you into discussion groups and make you go eat together and process. Even if this isn’t required I find it often happening.

    Glad you are enjoying it.

    Chads last blog post..A peek at the ESV study bible

  • I haven’t done any intensives, but I’ve heard mixed reactions from fellow students. Some see the advantages of it as have been stated above, also seeing it beneficial to get some courses out of the way that might not require the same level of attention that others do. But some don’t like them because of how much material is compacted into so little time. They feel like they can’t absorb anything.

Written by Ryan Burns