Seminary Student – Faith at Work

Through one of the numerous blogs I track on google reader I picked up on a pretty amazing post by Timmy Brister about sharing his story on the graveyard shift. It is pretty amazing. I’ve worked in a warehouse before and I could see and hear everything he described. Timmy is a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, a husband, a father, and works 3rd shift for UPS. Now, go check out the story.

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Ryan Burns
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  • Thanks for posting that! Amazing story and dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ. We need more men in ministerial training like Mr. Brister who will stand up for the Christian faith like he did. May the Lord bless him in his endeavors.

  • Awesome.
    I just posted that one of the strongest memories I have of my dad in seminary was going with him to his graveyard job in an ER.

Written by Ryan Burns