Seminary Social Media Sound-off

This afternoon I upgraded to WordPress 2.6. Along with doing that I added a social networking feature that allows you to share articles on a couple social media sites (please share the love). After doing that I started playing with some of these social sites and got to thinking about how amazing the internet is. While, sure, it can be a big distraction during those long seminary classes… and when your writing papers… and when you supposed to be reading… and… yeah, it is always a potential distraction. That said, how amazing is it that you can get stay in touch with people all over the world with the click of a mouse. Not only that, but think of all the people you’ve met online! Heck, of the people who write for this website, I’ve only met 1 in person… I’ve never even heard these guy’s (and gal) voices before… CRAZY.

Well, that all said, I thought it would be a cool experiment to have everyone share their social network connections in one post so that we can connect on other sites. That said, leave a comment below and link to your social connections.

Here are mine:

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