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oilWhen it comes to an oil change, I hate having to go somewhere and pay $30 +/- to have some guy change my oil. The problem is two-fold. First, there is something emasculating about going to another dude and asking him to fix your car. Second, $30 just seems like an unreasonable price for an oil change.

Now, while I don’t have a solution for the first problem, I have noticed a solution to the second one.

The other day I was driving home from church and saw a sign outside of the local Jiffy-lube. The sign read, “Come in now for $10 off.” Being a little past due for an oil change, I dropped the family off at the house and headed over to shop. When I arrived I noticed that there were several cars in line and no sign any more. Since I was there, I went ahead and paid full price for the oil change, but learned an important lesson. When Jiffy-lube has two empty bays, they will put out the sign to save $10 on an oil change. This gets people to come in, and then they take down the sign.

So, here is how to save on an oil change. Wait until a really miserable day… think cold and rainy. Then head out to get an oil change. Usually, there won’t be anyone in line and Jiffy-lube will have the $10 off sign out front.

Ever since the day I’ve found out about this, I’ve paid close attention to Jiffy-lube. The sign is most often out on rainy days and sunday mornings. These are apparently “slow” times for them and they are looking for ways to get people in the bay. So, next time you start getting near oil change time, check the weather report… it might just save you $10.

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Ryan Burns
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  • Plus, Jiffy Lube is pretty free with coupons. I don’t get TV Guide, but I understand they have one in it every week. I also got a book of coupons at my local Jiffy Lubes at some point last year.

    With coupons the price can be pretty reasonable. I find that I am not even the tiniest bit loyal when it comes to my oil changes. I will go where it is cheapest. I just got one for $18 (including tax, disposal fees, etc) from a local garage thanks to a coupon.

Written by Ryan Burns