Rent your books for seminary?

Ok, I found this about 8 seconds ago and was so interested that I had to post about it.
Apparently this company, Chegg, rents college textbooks. The cost to rent for a semester is about 55-65% off the list price. Now, yes, I think you should buy all your seminary books and keep them as a resource for the rest of your life and then pass them along to someone when you die… However, if money is tight, this might be a good solution.

I did a quick search for “systematic theology” and it returned 213 results. So, it looks, at first glance, that they would have the books you’d need. Also, I found that if you use the code: Rent4Spring you can get a 5% discount.

Finally, as you might notice in the ad, they’ll plant a tree for every book you rent… so that is always nice.

As for book renting… I don’t know… if anything it is interesting. Your thoughts?

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Ryan Burns
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  • I don’t know about renting books–I like to highlight and underline and write in mine–but if you are in the Louisville, KY area there is a place called the Book Nook. The brand new books are 30% retail. I have compared his prices to online prices and with a few exceptions, I have found him to be cheaper than most online prices. Usually, once you factor in s&h and mailing time, it is much cheaper. Also, he will ship at cost. He has told me he does not look to make money off shipping and handling. His address is 2116 S. Preston St., Louisville, KY. and his phone number is 502-637-8881. His name is John Smithson.

    I have bought most of my books from him and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a book. He also sells parts of sets like Calvin’s commentaries and others.

  • Nice. Thanks.

    Typically, when I buy online I shop at They have $5 shipping no matter how much you order and typically beat amazon and B&N. I’m in VA and they are in PA… one time I ordered my books and got them in less than 24 hours. They are HIGHLY recommended.

  • Yeah, I really like them as well. I was just getting a plug in for this “mom and pop” type business.

    Thanks again for this website. I have benefited from many things here. It has helped me to see some things from a different perspective. God bless.

  • We are so happy you stumbled upon Chegg. We are ready for the 2008-2009 school year and are serving 2,100 plus schools this year.
    Order soon as August 19th is the biggest textbook ordering day. As always, we would love to know your feedback once you have tried the service.

    Chegg Support Team Member

Written by Ryan Burns