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Terry Delaney
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  • Thanks for posting that Terry. He was on blood thinner because of the stroke, so surgery for the stone will either be later today or tomorrow… it is too big for him to pass. Along with that, he’s having trouble talking. His speech is mildly confused and can’t say the right words all the time. He has speech therapy today. Please pray for my step-mom as well. My dad is a believer, but pray that the Lord would use this situation to draw both my dad and step-mom to himself. That in the midst of this adversity, he would receive glory.

  • please pray for my friend yvette kvcs in ccalifornia, she lives with her mother who is mentally ill and she is very abusive to her, she told me today, she feels like dying and giving up in life becuase she can’t take it to live with her mom anymore,.she doesn’t have the financial means to go out and get an appartment, she doesn’t know what to do, she says she wants to die so much. please pray for her help and God to give her the answers. amen

Written by Terry Delaney