Obama is the Next President

Wow… I have a mix of emotions right now… While I rejoice greatly that in a country where, not too long ago, black men and women were considered property, we have elected a black man as president… at the same time, I’m drawn to prayer for the millions of unborn children that this decision impacts. In this moment I can but turn to the God who is both sovereign and good. Thank you God for the work of reconciliation… Have mercy and save the ones who have no vote.

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Ryan Burns
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  • Hey Ryan:

    I think a lot of Christians make the idea of abortion a huge issue, and it is. My mom died when I was one, and she was only 17 when I was born. I could have easily been a candidate for abortion. I was raised by my grandmother, and because I found Christ when I was 17 I went to college and am now going to Seminary.

    Yet, in the same way, my grandmother and I survived on social security. We didn’t have much, but my grandmother wasn’t able to work and there really wasn’t much work available in my town. I was able to go to college because of governmental programs. I didn’t have much at all, but it helped my life go where God wanted it to.

    It’s hard, because there are truly good points on each side of the debate. I voted for John Mccain, but my sister in law is going to grad school right now for international social work, and when she looked at the candidates stands on the issues that were important to her field, the only reason she would have voted for Mccain was because he was anti abortion. She thought that Jesus could be better glorified by Barack Obama being president, and she is a totally orthodox Christian.

    Besides this, practically speaking, has the republican party truly fulfilled what it promises that it can do? We’ve had George Bush as president for a number of years, and abortion is still legal.

    I am not trying to be argumentative in any way, I’m just saying. I think a lot of people are perhaps giving the idea of Barack Obama as president a bad rap. I live in a highly Christian area, and it might just be where I live, but I have heard some of the most hateful, non christian, things said about the man in the past few days.

    Thanks for your post, I really love your website.

  • @ Jason–Dr. Russell Moore said in a recent chapel service that he believed the abortion issue was the key component to this election. I tend to agree with him because of what Bush has done on that front while he was in office. We were one (two at the most) Supreme Court Justice away from having Roe v. Wade overturned. Had McCain been elected, he probably would have been able to appoint a justice that would be the decider if you will. However, Obama is wanting to pass legislation that would make it such that abortion can never be overturned. I was sickened when he said that he didn’t want his daughters to “have to live with a mistake the rest of their lives.”

    That is my take on that one central issue.

    As for the rest, I am from Illinois and watched closely as he rose quickly in the state. He terrifies me insofar as a human can. However, I still have complete faith that God is sovereign over all of these things and is doing what He sees fit to glorify His name.

Written by Ryan Burns