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Today, November 1, Faithlife is launching the brand new Bible Study Magazine Podcast. And if you read theLAB you may want to toss it into your podcast rotation. You’ll know some of the people I talked to: Kevin Vanhoozer, Craig Evans, Wendy Widder, Mike Heiser, Vern Poythress, Michael Kruger, Danny Zacharias, and others.

After each interview comes a roundtable discussion featuring Lexham editors such as Doug Mangum, Brannon Ellis, and Derek Brown to provide color commentary, extra insight, and (truth be known) targeted snark.

My favorite conversation, and the one you should probably start with, came during the lead-off episode with Kevin Vanhoozer. I’ve always wanted to ask him long and nerdy questions, and I got to ask him about six. We traveled from Stanley Fish’s interpretive communities to the morality of literary knowledge to reasons for hope that biblical literacy—the theme of the first season of the podcast—is achievable.

To hear Vanhoozer’s wise answer, you’ll have to listen in—and we invite you to subscribe. The first four episodes are available today wherever you get your podcasts.

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  • I love the podcast!! I have listened to all of them to date. My one request is that you document somewhere the recommendations that you make on the podcast. I often listen while I’m in the car and when you refer to a reference, I can’t write it down.

  • Donna, thank you for the kind word. We need to do this. You are right. We are working on plans for a second season right now; we very much appreciate your suggestion—and your listernship!

Written by Mark Ward