Moving – A seminary’s advice

There is a brief post on the Concordia Blog with some advice for those who have to relocate for seminary.

While not an exhaustive post on the subject, there are some great little pointers in regards to the practicals… Like don’t pack your boxes over 50 pounds and give your current employer your new address so he or she can send you your W2.

The post got me thinking that it might be a good idea to run a couple posts here on the topic of moving (especially since it is so fresh in my mind). Yeah… I think I’ll do that.

Posts on moving and relocation coming soon…

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Ryan Burns
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  • Here’s one to get you started. When going through your storage room, garage, or basement, think deeply about the items that you haven’t unpacked or looked at since the last time you moved. Unless they have deep personal value to you or your family, I’d encourage you to get rid of those items and save yourself the hassle of storing those items for another 3-4 years. In moving 3 times over the past 4 years, I learned that I really don’t need to keep everything.


  • I hear ya Shaun… I really just wanted to leave everything in my house when I sold it and start over in our new home… but that seemed kind of expensive… unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to get rid of stuff since we have 2 weeks to get ready to move… just not enough time to decide what to take and what to trash.

    Maybe in the next move… UGH… the next move…

Written by Ryan Burns