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Ryan Burns
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  • Ryan,

    I can’t say I disagree with you. I’ve noticed some comments around the web lately that would substantiate your comment. If you like the interview with Mark, be sure to check out the interview I did with Ryan a few weeks ago.

  • From the perspective of a PC user and NIV reader….

    Yeah. You’re exactly right.

    Hmm. Is it arrogance? Insecurity? A penchant for being in the minority? Contempt for the bandwagon? Or just the raw unfading enthusiasm of a new convert?

  • I think there might be a little truth to all the above Mark. Along with that, I think there is something to the fact of finding a product that is something you truly love. I really love using my mac and I really love the ESV. Therefore I am a brand advocate for both… but that’s just one guy.

    I think something that is interesting is that you don’t see that same kind of zeal for other other products like windows or niv. I think there is something about the experience that strikes within a person and causes them to really get excited. The mac was the first computer I got really excited about and the ESV was the first translation that I got excited about.

    Just my thoughts…

Written by Ryan Burns