Logos Finally Goes Mac – Seminary Students Rejoice

logos on mac

I’m a mac geek and it makes me mildly ill to have to launch windows on my mac in order to run my bible software, Logos. However, I am happy to announce that Logos has opened their Alpha release of Logos for Mac to the public. Now, the catch is that you already have to have a version of Logos in order to get the free download, so everyone who doesn’t already have it, I’m sorry.

For the rest of us, you simply need to go to www.macbiblesoftware.com and download the file. Once you download and install libronix you need to install your version of Logos (instructions are on the site). Once you have it installed, simply insert your original Logos disk and copy all your unlocked resources into the resource file… then you are rolling Logos in true Mac style!

Oh happy day! Any other Mac and Logos users out there?

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Ryan Burns
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  • I’m seriously toying with the idea of moving to a mac. Since I’ve worked in IT for so many years I’ve been a windows guy, but my best friend has been slowly trying to persuade me to move over to the other side. I’m getting close….. : )


  • I just started using Logos about a month ago. I want to convert over to a Mac, but the big $$$ pricetag is a hindrance right now.

  • As a fellow Mac geek, I too would cringe if I had to see anything Windows related on my Mac. The good thing is that Mac users have options when it comes to Bible Software.

    While I appreciate the effort involved in producing a Mac version, please recognize that this is an ‘Alpha.’ It has taken 3 years to produce it, and will not likely be released in a final version for some time. So, make sure and read the fine print – especially before you make any purchases (tlange).

  • When I started seminary a few years back, I was hoping to grab Logos. But it took so long for them to put anything out, I finally went with Accordance. They’ve been producing a Mac counterpart for much longer, so I figured it was a safe bet. So far, I’m incredibly pleased…

  • At my seminary they use Logos as the program for the language classes assignments and instructions are based on the Logos program. So, for that reason I have to use it as opposed to Accordance, which I would gravitate toward in other situations. Also, I have been pleased with Logos and would love to see the Mac version really get rolling (though I know it will be a while before the final version is released).

  • Asbury mainly deals with BibleWorks. But we have a few prof’s who are Mac guys and swear by Accordance. I have used it for 2 years and have never had a problem. Plus, it is developed exclusivey for Mac, so it seems to run alot (and look alot) better than the programs that are dual platform.

  • I have Logos on my PC, and I downloaded the Alpha release, and it works on my mac. However, a few key things don’t work: when I’m reading my Nestle-Aland Greek new testament or the hebrew OT, it doesn’t parse when I roll over the word like it did on my PC. Also, when I right click on a word, and try to look it up in my BDAG or Hebrew lexicon, it doesn’t go directly to the definition like it did on my PC — I have to look up the word. And those two things were probably the most important things that I used the software for. Has anyone had the same problem? Maybe they’ll fix the problem when they release the final version.

    Ben Puns last blog post..Toxic Shame

  • Yeah… once they release Beta thing should be a lot more stable and more of the goodies should work… till then… well, that’s why it is “alpha”

  • Ryan-you should find a way for us mac users to get deals on accordance. Have you ever used it? I don’t think I could imagine anything else.

  • Accordance does offer a standing 10% discount to students and pastors, in addition to a 20% discount to missionaries currently living full-time overseas. There is also a group discount where 10 or more users can put in one order, billed to the same person, and get a 25% discount (for specifics on this you can email ordersATaccordancebibleDOTcom). There are also additional discounts at academic conferences.

Written by Ryan Burns