Logos Bible Software Launches Logos 4

Logos Bible Software vs 4Big news in Bible software today: Logos Bible Software has announced the release of the newest version of Logos Bible Software, Logos 4. I’ve had my hands on the Beta version for several months and, let me just say, it is amazing. With far too many upgrades, features, and resources to cover in a single post, you can visit www.logos.com/4 to see what Logos 4 can do for you. If you’re already a Logos users, be sure to check out the amazing crossgrade and upgrade options available for you. All the base packages have new books added to them and there are even some new levels that offer AMAZING resources at an incredible discount… check out Platinum!

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Ryan Burns
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  • What I love even more about it is that it is finally bridging the Windows/Mac versions. While the Mac version is only in Alpha now, this is exciting news for me. I already purchased the upgrade and can’t wait to get home to try it out.


  • I am looking at purchasing Bible s/w and am wondering if there are any recommendations for prospective DTS students.

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Written by Ryan Burns