Lockdown Diaries: Shawn Wilhite, California Baptist University

There isn’t one item that the Covid-lockdowns have affected. I tend to think of myself as relatively Type-A and quite structured in my writing and research life. But now, I’m lucky to have a few hours of research, if at all, on any given day.

Earlier in the Covid-lockdown, my days were so blurred that I had trouble discerning a Monday from a Saturday or a Wednesday from a Friday, which prohibited any rest. Deeper into the Covid-lockdowns, the emotional toll began to pile up on itself with the increasing news bites (with CDC information intake), removal of a physical conference and academic gatherings, providing spiritual care for others, watching out for the needs and safety of my family, and tending to the my own health (mental and physical). 

We are all in this Covid-season together and in different ways. I want to share some items, related to my experiences, which have somewhat helped during this season, the increased depression, and minimal productivity.

Daily liturgy and ritual provided structure to my days, sleep patterns, and family life—sleep at a regular time, dinner at a reoccurring time, afternoon walks/runs, morning coffee, etc.

Second, processing with a spiritual mentor/director proved helpful in voicing fears, hurts, anxieties, and unmet needs.

Napping has since increased in this season. While I fought it at first, to embrace it has only helped my emotional and physical capacities.

And last, this simply is not a season for productivity but a season to help others and recover. My productivity has flown right out the window. But embracing such a reality has helped me to expect differently from myself and others. 

It will be wonderful to spend time with people again, see colleagues, present research, teach in the classroom with students, and begin the research pursuits once more.

Until then, give attention to rest, your health, coffee and a novel in the morning, and slowly find rhythms that work for you. 

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Written by
Tavis Bohlinger

Dr. Tavis Bohlinger is Editor-in-Chief of the Logos Academic Blog and Creative Director at Reformation Heritage Books. He holds a PhD from Durham University and writes across multiple genres, including academia, poetry, and screenwriting. He lives in Grand Rapids with his wife and three children.

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Written by Tavis Bohlinger