Learning and doing in seminary

I was reading James this morning and thinking, in particular, about James 2:24. Then, this evening I was reading Live. Work. Play. and was reminded how this applies to seminary. Worth quoting here:

I’m glad I am taking the time to go through seminary. It’s a chance to ask the big “God questions” before someone else asks me. It gives me the time and tools to consider what I really believe. It gives me a background and perspective on the Bible that enriches my ability to follow God and to lead and teach others.

But sometimes it’s — so — draining. If you’re not careful, it can become completely removed from any sort of “real life” or any sort of real application. “Faith” can become something that’s all in your head – not something that’s believed with your heart and emotions or your feet and actions.

Such a good warning and reminder. Seminarians need to remember that this is not a mere exercise in mental ascent. Our time at seminary is to equip and fuel the ministries that Jesus has given us. This isn’t on hold while we are in seminary. We must continue to shine as light in the world. If all we do is learn a bunch of information, but neglect to deepen our love for God and for people… then regardless of the grades we receive… we certainly fail.

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Ryan Burns
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  • Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by!

    It’s so true that our ministries aren’t on hold while we’re in seminary. I was talking with my wife recently about how life starts now. It’s easy to think “I’ll get through seminary and then move on to ministry.” But God has ministry for us right here – right now. Seminary loses a lot of its impact if it’s purely academic. Christianity is a faith that’s meant to be lived out.

Written by Ryan Burns