iPods of March Competition WINNERS

Today was a bad day for Julius Caesar… however, for 3 (actually 4) goingtoseminary.com readers, it is a very good day.

Before I announce the winners, I wanted to say thanks to every who played. The competition got pretty fierce towards the end as MANY people began to fight it out for the 25 points for “most creative.” Since there were so many good ones, I wanted to share some of them with you:

Bradley (who doesn’t have a blog) runs a used/new online bookstore has decided to drop some goingtoseminary.com business cards in every order for Christian titles he ships:

Seminary Cards

Christopher from Rendezvous With God started a Facebook Group, 1000 people for GoingToSeminary.com


Jeff over at deTheos went for the cute factor by getting Dutch in on the act.

Seminary book

Andy, from Life at Patience Corners got an entry in at the 9th hour as he sported Going to Seminary on his motorcycle. I even got a chuckle out of the file name, “going-to-seminary-real-fast”

going to seminary real fast

Now all these are great and I appreciate the time and energy you put into it. It was really fun to see what all you came up with. However, I’d have to say that the winner for most creative was actually a tie. These two guys took creativity and ingenuity to the next level. 25 points are awarded to Jake from cafe de soiree who actually made a commercial for the blog:

And 25 points to Paul Fuller from Approaching North who actually created a facebook application for goingtoseminary.com.

Seminary facebook app

Also, you’ll notice that I’m now on facebook (thanks to Paul) so, feel free to friend me.

Creative honorable mention goes to Christopher from Rendezvous With God for his going to seminary commercial. However, I suspect that he got his idea after seeing Jakes when I posted it on Facebook and thus I couldn’t award him the creativity points even though I really dug the commercial.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind… who WON?!?!?

The results are as follows:

1. Bradley (no blog) – 60 points – Winner of an iPod Nano
– Made an announcement to 6 of his classes at Liberty
2. Paul (Approaching North) – 33 points – Winner of an iPod shuffle
– Made the Facebook Application, added a banner, and 5 links over 5 days
3. Jake (cafe de soiree) – 32 points – Winner of $25 iTunes card
– Made the commercial, added a banner in his sidebar, added a banner on his links page, wrote a post about the site

Honorable Mention:

4. Jon (Live. Work. Play.) – 29 points – Winner of $25 iTunes card
– One link, one banner, 10 fliers hung on the campus of Fuller, sent me pics of the fliers, announced it his Homiletics class, and passed out fliers to students. For all his hard work and for being so close in points I’ve decided to give Jon a $25 iTunes card as well.

Well, there you have it. The iPods of March competition has come to an end and I’m already plotting for next months competition… what prizes await us in April? I don’t know… However, if your holding your breath for iPods again then get ready to pass out 😉

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  • Man…I wish I was actually going to seminary ALREADY….cause the I would have like randomly popped into classes that I wasn’t even enrolled in and start announcing your site. “I’m only taking 3 classes, but I announced your site in 27 classes today, and was only thrown out of 4 of them!”

    Yes…props to Jake for his commercial…I was for sure that he’d take the 25 points for creativity…and so, I sought to out do him, but the Facebook App. won out (though I suspect Paul with the Facebook App. might have gotten his idea when I started my Facebook Group, but I don’t know which came first)….no hard feelings though OKAY (sarcasm added). I’ll just draw the shades and wallow in bitterness all day, dress in black, and rock softly back and forth while pulling my eyebrows and chanting “Om” (kidding)

    I guess I just need to save for an Ipod, so…talk to me sometime in 2012 when I’ve saved up enough cash.

  • Yeah… I’m surprised that more folks didn’t go for the class announcement… I would have stood up and said, “Hey, I’m trying to win an iPod, so I just wanted to tell everyone to check out goingtoseminary.com.” and then sat down.

    As for facebook, Paul was actually one of the first people to contact me. He got the points because of creativity and the fact that I would never be able to create a facebook application… pages, groups, and ads… sure. But an application was pretty impressive.

    Also, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get an iPod before 2012. Give this a try.

  • Good times. I tried to get Dutch to create a commercial, but he was too busy playing with his trucks and reading books! 🙂

    Congrats to the winners.

Written by Ryan Burns