I’m alive… I think…

Just a quick line to let you know I haven’t fallen off a cliff or anything.

This week I have 2 papers to write, 2 tests to take, 1 Hebrew quiz, 1 Hebrew workbook, and 1 class presentation… so, yeah…

If anyone else has less on their plate and wants to write a guest post, shoot me an email… if not, it might be a quiet week on goingtoseminary.com


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Ryan Burns
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  • Yes, finals are upon us. What I’m wondering right now is how I will do all this (similar load) next year when I am also doing field ed. Thoughts?

    I am also wondering about CPE – I don’t see any entries about that (in a search) and would love to read one.

    Good luck with all your work!

  • Sarah,

    What is CPE?

    As for field ed plus class… it should be manageable if you don’t have to work another job on top of school and field ed. If you have a job on top then you might have to cut back class hours. Thats my only thoughts right now. Anyone else have thoughts?

  • Clinical Pastoral Education, required by my church (and some others) for ordination. It’s 400 hours minimum, if I remember correctly, of clinical and didactic work, with verbatim write-ups and group feedback on your pastoral skills. Most of us do it in a hospital. I’m doing the intensive summer unit and excited as well as a bit nervous. Some seminaries count it as one of your field placement units.

    As for work, I will have some outside responsibilities, but not full time.

Written by Ryan Burns