Health Insurance for seminary

Ok, health insurance is a pain in the neck. It is expensive and if you’re not on a company plan it is even more expensive. So, what are you to do?

Well, first thing is to try and land a job that actually provides health insurance. Trick with that one is that most part time gigs don’t offer it. Some do, but most don’t. Then, you need to be careful because those who do offer it, often offer crappy insurance… they get you with “we offer insurance to all employees.” Then you get the policy and realize how crappy it is when you have to jump through every hoop known to man in order to set up a doctors visit.

So, if anyone knows a company that has a good insurance for part-timers, please share the love.

So, assuming you don’t get insurance through your job, what are your options.

Well, I think all seminaries offer some sort of insurance, however, much like the the part time jobs it is often not that great. In fact, my admissions officer was kind enough to answer my question, “does ____ offer health insurance to students?” with brutal honesty. “Yes… but it isn’t very good. You’d probably be better off going with someone else.”

Well, you’re basically left with only a few options. You can contact an insurance sales person. If you go this route, check with your seminary as they might have a connect to a trustworthy representative. However, don’t be lazy. Check with a couple other companies than the one that you’re seminary pointed you to.

A final option that I’ve found helpful is eHealthInsurance. This site compares a bunch of different plans and prices.

At this point Just a Gal and I haven’t decided on what we’re going to go with. I need to contact a local rep in _____. But eHealthInsurance gave us some good results with reasonable deductibles, copays, and doctor visits… with pretty good rates.

Anyone else want to share their insurance wisdom or experience?

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Ryan Burns
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  • If you attend an SBC seminary, you can get health insurance through Guidestone at fairly competitive rates. It is also nice that they are a group health insurance because they don’t do much in the way of pre-screening unless you have something like cancer or heart surgery (I think).

    I would check with whatever denomination that “governs” the seminary you are looking to attend. They might have some resources for health insurance as well.

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Written by Ryan Burns