Happy New Years Eve

Well, the move is over… lots of driving and lots of unpacking. I’m exhausted, but about to go to the airport to pick up the family! So excited to see them and bring them to the new house.

Hopefully next week I’ll get back in the posting groove. I’m taking Hebrew 1 during the Januray term and it is online… so, it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

Till then, Happy New Year!

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Ryan Burns
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  • Glad to hear everything went well, brother. I have been praying for ya’. Enjoy settling in. By the way, are you still planning on beginning this semester? That is what we did–move in on the 1st and started school on the 14th of the same month. It was craziness, but we survived.

    I just had a thought as I was typing this (live blogging at its best!)–have you given any thought to having a prayer request section on your tabs above? It wouldn’t hurt to have so others would be able to know how to pray specifically for “just a guy” and “just a girl” along with the two little ones.

    God bless, brother.

  • How can you take Hebrew online? Just curious. FYI, Hebrew is a difficult language to learn, they read from right to left and vowel pointing underneath the letters. Greek has some similarities between it and English. Hebrew requires a great deal of discipline.

  • Terry – I take Hebrew 1 from Jan 7 – 21 and start “real” classes Feb 11?

    tlange – I have no idea! The school recommends that those students not going on to PhD work should take the online version. It involves a lot of time learning how to use Logos software to study the language. The hard part is that the user interface for the lessons is less that amazing. There are lots of audio tabs to hear how things sound, but it is a lot of work on your own… right now I am just preparing for the class by learning the alphabet.

Written by Ryan Burns