Happy 400 GTS

We passed a milestone yesterday with our 400th post! In a little over 1 year we’ve written 402 posts, fielded 929 comments, dodged 263 bits of spam, and grown from 600 visitors the month we launched to over 4,500 visitors last month. Thanks to all our readers and especially the GTS team.

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Ryan Burns
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  • confusion of all confusion- seminary. i wasnt allowed to continue my seminary 4mation. today, i am almost 2 years outside the seminary. i may say i still hold some grudge against my old seminary for they never talk to me bout the reason of my dismissal. i tried to ask my former rector to explain things to me but to no avail. and i have a job now and i treasure all experience i have outside… but i still feel and entertain the idea of becoming a seminarian… will anyone enlighten me please… thanks!

Written by Ryan Burns