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So, I stumbled upon a GREAT new resource the other day. The Seminary Survival Guide is blog written by a pastor and former seminarian, Pastor Mark. I was absolutely thrilled to find another blogger out there trying to help seminarians make the most of their journey. The blog officially rolled out on December 10th and Pastor Mark has been posting at a really great rate with some high quality information. He currently has a 4 part series called, “Make sure your supposed to be here” that is really great. I loved the assessment post.

In fact, I think that this site is such a great resource that Seminary Survival Guide is going to be the first blog added to the seminary blogroll that doesn’t have to meet the 5 post quota. His blog gets in because it is that good.

Keep up the good work Pastor Mark! We here at appreciate all you are doing.

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Ryan Burns
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  • My name is Thang Khaw Kai (Assistant Pastor) in the Church of Pyidawtha Baptist Church in Myanmar after I graduated from Zomi Theological College 2005. Pyidawtha Church is more than two thousand members’ attendance every Sunday. And I see there are many young people need to train effectively by the word of God to equip in the ministry and because of that, I am entering in Asia Nazarene Theological Seminary to study Master of Divinity in Jul 1, 2008 in the Philippines. This study is my preparation for further ministry effective teaching and training God’s people by God’s word.

    I came to Philippines to study the word of God by faith. Since I my parents and my church can’t support for the needs of my study, I would like to ask your favor by financially, physically, spiritually and extreme prayer.

    Therefore, I would like to value highly the extension of your help toward my studies. I am exciting to hear from you. May the Lord bless you and guide you every step that you walk. Amen.

    Thang Khua Kais last blog post..Chapel Service (Floyd Cunnigham)

Written by Ryan Burns