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googlewaveWe were fortunate enough to get a Google Wave invite yesterday. And, we have so few friends that were interested in Wave we didn’t give all our “nominations” (read invites) away yet.

If you would like to get nominated for a Google Wave account post your crazy idea for how it could be used in ministry. Then be sure to vote on the ideas you like the best by replying to that person’s comment. The winner will be nominated for a Wave account.

If you’re asking what Wave is:

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Brian Schmitt
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  • Not trying to be crazy exactly, but I think this would be a powerful way to foster collaborative Bible study, and teaching about Bible study methods. We use a “201” class that talks about growing in spiritual maturity and one of the main topics is the need for regular Bible study, and we cover some methods to try. We’re considering trying to take the class online in a wiki format, but I think the Google Wave could be very useful for this. The “inline” commenting, the ability to “replay” a conversation, the ability to link to other sources, and the way it fosters community in studying word seems great!

    I’m intrigued by what I’m seeing some churches doing launching “internet campus”, but being in a small church that seems way beyond our means. A Google Wave 201 class and online small group for Bible study seems like a great way for us to dip our toes in the online ministry waters without having to dedicate tons of resources. (As an online seminary student the idea also comes to mind to use this to do a collaborative project within the class. SO much in ministry is collaborative yet the seminary system always has us working independently in our classes. Food for thought 🙂

    • Google Wave invite goes to Larry Baxter (@ltbaxter ) for getting past the tool to see a challenge that needs tackled. The clinching quote “use [Google Wave] to do a collaborative project within the [seminary] class. SO much in ministry is collaborative yet the seminary system always has us working independently in our classes.”

      Thank you all for your ideas. It takes hundreds of good ideas to find one great idea. Keep thinking of how ministry could be done better.

  • There are limitless ways that GoogleWave could be adapted to ministry (of course, I’d know in much greater detail if given the opportunity to use it myself!).

    I imagine networking with your churches local ministry team leaders on projects, studies, lessons, etc would be a primary place to begin.

    Perhaps networking with other pastors in your niche (student ministry, campus, singles) to create a meta ministry idea that spanned across the country (or continents).

    Rapid, meta communication is where this thing is going. It’s not a community builder, but it will change the transference of information and ideas in a new way.

    That being said, I’d really like to verify whether my two cents bear any weight…please?

  • Many ministries and churches struggling with constrained budgets but are in need of professional quality services to address the challenges they face. Right now the main way people are asked to help is either to give (donate) or volunteer.

    This limits the way other Christians can serve by only focusing on their excess. Many Christians have skills, expertise, and knowledge to contribute but applying those in service to the church isn’t always being a good steward of what they have. (I’m an independent consultant and though I’m passionate about serving the church, I can not sacrifice the livelihood of my family to do so). I also believe that doing so isn’t in line with how the Bible teaches to value workers.

    My idea is to use tools (like Google Wave) and take advantage of trends (like croudsourcing) to bring highly skilled Christians together to provide professional services to ministries and churches in a way that is not cost prohibitive.

    Thus I’d appreciate a nomination. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Google Wave could also be used for teacher training. As people prepare to teach their lessons each week, they could share ideas with each other. As they contribute ideas and read others’ suggestions, the collaborative effect could improve their own teaching abilities.

    For churches that only have monthly training sessions (or less often?), Google Wave teacher training could fill in the gaps.

    Also, the teacher training would not be solely on the shoulders of the minister of education (if the church even has someone in that role). The teachers would be able to teach each other.

  • Google Wave can be used in universities to help students accomplish homework or for teachers to discuss concepts with students. It can also be used in the public sector for connecting with other people with similar hobbies. I would love a nomination.

  • Google wave could be used as a great tool to link together multiple Pastors in small churches who have been used to working alone in their small corner of the world. To be united with multiple Pastors facing similar constraints would definitely be an asset.

    I would love to see what wave has to offer. Please nominate me.

  • I believe this tool could greatly benefit the work in places like West Africa where we are working towards teaching national pastors in the area of church planting. Would love to test this out with some of the national pastors.

  • Google wave would be a great tool to assist seminary students in group ministry projects and foster greater connectivity with small groups.

  • Google wave
    1)Spiritual formation: becoming ‘soul physicians.’ men and women learning to lean upon the Holy Spirit in both diagnosing the condition of the soul and in aiding others to experience the blessing that can be found in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Specific, biblical based distance learning, training and discipleship.
    2)Language translation: How amazing would it be to have a community of prayer warriors, academics and missionaries collaborating from a distance to translate the remaining languages from a distance.
    – uploading documents, sound, pictures and collaborating to more effectively translate the Holy Scriptures into the remaining languages.
    3)Empowering Missional Movements: Now a missional organization can be long-term strategic and short term tactical in managing projects, fundraising, conferences and teachings.
    For example a youth conference is being planned in the midwest and the teachers, leadership and speakers want to coordinate their schedules, notes and personal meetings while in town. This can be done in a singular wave.

    This can all still be a powerful tool or an idol.

    Lord let us be discerning and in community. Light revivals fire within each of us.

  • That is true Ted, we need to be smart and use every tool to his Glory.And to bring revival fire to souls.

  • I currently am involved with a devotion group that sends an email out each day with 2 chapters of the Bible along with some comment. I could use this to simplify distribution and make comments simple instead of everyone replying to all to each devotion. Very cool and simple. I would love and invite to try this out.


Written by Brian Schmitt