Foreign Missionay Needs Seminary Advice

OK everyone, time to help someone out. I was contacted by Dan and Chris who are missionaries in Poland. They have 2 daughters and are considering going to seminary. Below is a letter explaining their situation and they have asked for our help. So, please take a moment to read it and leave a comment for them. Thanks!

Dan (my husband) talked about going to seminary back in the States a few months ago. It was suggested that we also look in Europe and see what we find here. We have everything to set up house here, etc. We found a listing of accredited Seminaries at EEAA. Through there, we found Tyndale University. For an MDiv, it costs about 3700 Euro (about $5000) per year. We went last week to visit it, talk about living expenses, and see about the programs. The program appears to be very good, and they accepted and scholarshipped him about 50%. The living expenses are fairly high, probably about the same as Chicago or LA. Our outstanding problem at this time is our daughters, aged 13 and 15. Amsterdam has some Dutch schools which teach in English but for the two of them to attend, it costs about 12,000 Euro ($19,000) per year. We thought about taking out student loans to cover their tuition and I will work to cover most of our living expenses. We possibly could continue their education with the online school we have been using, but hope that if this option is available to them, that it would make it easier for them to transition into college. (So, we would have 2 years of education expense for Brittney and 4 for Melanie) They will continue giving us some form of assistance, possibly through the Dutch government or through the school itself, but first we would have to pay the first half.

If you have any ideas/suggestions about attending seminary overseas, scholarships, loans, etc., we would welcome any help or advice, good or bad. Some people might be interested in this university as well, since it is fully accredited and somewhat cheaper, especially if it is a couple (and can possibly stomach dorm life) or for single people.

Ok everyone… thoughts?

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  • Since they are looking for a seminary that is accredited i will limit my response to such.
    South African Theological Seminary are a good price, and they offer distance education…
    I think the Masters program is about $1400/year

  • As far as your daughters go, have you considered missionary schools, such as Black Forest Academy? ( …I went there, and enjoyed it greatly, although it’s not for everyone. I don’t think it was anywhere near as expensive as the place in Amsterdam, either!

  • would it be possible for the girls to do homeschool/online school with supplementation from the dutch schools? I know there are some schools in the states that allow homeschool students to take just one or more classes to round-out a homeschool curriculum & allow for some gradual acclimation to a group or secular learning environment. Some states even allow homeschool students to participate in public school sports!

    This is a link to homeschool groups in the Netherlands, they could perhaps connect you with options.

  • hello,

    is there any means that i can get help to go to seminary, pls i need urgent reply now

Written by Ryan Burns