COVID-19 and The Mark of the Beast

Watching the news a few days ago, I saw photos and videos of those protesting the COVID-19 quarantine on full display. I’m growing weary of how certain biblical texts are attached to certain political movements and demonstrations—texts that are, quite frankly, misused and misunderstood. Sadly, Christianity ends up getting misrepresented in the process.

At the prodding of my wife (who thinks I should be a bit more vocal about these sorts of things), let me offer a few thoughts that might be helpful to keep in mind when you see pictures like this float around the news and social media.

See also Dr. Halsted’s follow-up article, The Covid Vaccine has 666 Written All Over It…and Why that Doesn’t Matter According to Revelation.

The Mark of the Beast

I know of no reputable biblical scholar or theologian who would endorse that the COVID-19 quarantine or a vaccine is related to the “mark of the beast”. For starters, in Revelation, the “mark of the beast” is by no means a medical procedure. Most likely, it’s not even a physical or visible mark at all. Contrary to some of the more fear-inducing theories that have in the past gained steam in some evangelical circles, the “mark” is not at all something that could be accidentally taken either.

Why? Because the mark of the beast (Rev. 13:16-18) is a mark that is closely tied to the worship of the beast (13:12, 15; cf. 19:20; 20:4). Thus, the mark of the beast is a mark of loyalty and devotion to the beast.

Moreover, when you compare those passages where the mark of the beast is discussed with passages like Rev. 7 and 14, it is plausible to think that the mark of the beast is most likely a sign that identifies you as something you already are—namely wicked and evil, a person of the dragon. I say this because when you read Rev. 7:1-8 and 14:1 (where the mark of the Lamb is discussed), you’ll notice it is a mark given to God’s people, God’s servants, in order to identify them as such and, of course, to protect them. They get the mark of the Lamb because they are already united with the Lamb.

It seems pretty evident that all of this is the case because these two marks—the mark of the beast and the mark of the Lamb—are meant to be seen as two polar realities, two opposite signs, marking out as it were two different types of people, namely, the wicked on the one hand and the righteous on the other.

What all this means is that the “mark of the beast” is most likely a spiritual, non-visible mark; it’s a mark of loyalty and worship and is not, therefore, something you could accidentally accept.

So you don’t need to fear getting the beast’s mark by taking a vaccine—unless, of course, you plan to treat the vaccine as a sort of symbolic expression or “unholy sacrament” (sorry for the oxymoron!) of your wilful and public rejection of the Christian faith that you despise. If that’s you and if that’s your plan, then it’s not the vaccine that’s the problem.

About that Beast….

Any interpretation of Revelation that results in “the beast” becoming the central focus (and dreaded fear) of your eschatology most definitely suggests that you’ve completely misunderstood the book entirely. The Neronic phantom would love the attention you’re giving him, but quite frankly, he doesn’t deserve it.

Proof that we give too much attention to him is perhaps clear when we make the following observation: most Christians are only familiar with those texts that talk about the “mark of the beast” (e.g., Rev 13:16-18) and not about those texts that talk about the “mark of the Lamb” (e.g., Rev. 14:1).

That’s interesting to me. I mean, it’s all understandable, I suppose. In popular culture, after all, the “mark of the beast” has received way more attention, becoming quite the obsession for many. (Beasts are loud and attention-grabbing; lambs could go more unnoticed and ignored.) I think, though, that it might be better to get one’s theology from places other than pop culture’s sensationalized films and best-selling fictional books. A mere suggestion.

Speaking of sensationalism, it is interesting how things cycle in and out the way they do. Even in our own lifetimes, for example, the “mark” was first attached to social security numbers, then to credit cards. Now, apparently, certain interpretations of the COVID-19 quarantine are making their own contributions to evangelical lore.

Much of this sensationalism not only reveals ignorance about the biblical text, not least with respect to its historical context, but as a pastor I should also add that what particularly angers me is how such ignorance serves to spread needless fear among God’s people—a good reminder that theology has consequences.

Whose Revelation Is It?

Popular interpretations of “Revelation” are often forgetful (negligent?) of the fact that this book is “The revelation of Jesus Christ” (Rev. 1:1). Many people (not least on social media) treat it as if it were the revelation of the dragon and his wrath. The sillier teachers of eschatology focus so much of their attention on endless speculations concerning the Antichrist, the “mark of the beast,” etc., that I truly wonder if they think Revelation is primarily about revealing the satanic.

Two things to say about this: (1) Such assumptions about Revelation treat Satan as the star of end-times speculations, breeding, once again, unnecessary fear in good folks. And (2), such views are simply wrong: Neither the dragon nor the beast are the stars of the show; thus, they shouldn’t be the focus of our obsessions.

To the contrary, the point of Revelation is to reveal and uncover the victory of the Lamb and the victory the Lamb shares with his people. Jesus is the focus. This, quite frankly, is rather old news. In fact, it’s 2,000-year-old news. It’s basic theology. And yet, it’s ignored.

I suspect, though, that much of the misguided eschatological hype has very little to do with theology per se and much more to do with certain political ambitions that could be obtained by weaponizing key biblical texts (e.g., Rev 13) for their own ends—a sort of neronic/beastly thing to do, really. Such is the politics of our time, though.

Let’s Play the Game

Let’s pretend that the beast and his mark were, in fact, associated with the COVID-19 quarantine or with some related vaccine, as this sign insinuates. (PSA: it’s not, but just pretend with me for a minute.) Even so, if it were the case, it makes very little biblical sense to fight against the beast with things like the American flag and the 2nd Amendment (you may be interested to know that I saw one protester with a gun; what’s the point in protesting with a gun?).

At any rate, protesting “the beast” and his “mark” with threats of this world’s weapons is to fight the enemy with ways of the enemy. But you can’t advance God’s agenda with violence or with threats of violence. If you live by the sword, well, you know…

In many ways, then, when a person tries to advance the Kingdom of God by means of violence, ironically, they show themselves to have more in common with the beast and the dragon than with the Lamb. We are taught that, to the contrary, as Christians we overcome the enemy “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of [our] testimony” (Rev. 12:11).

In other words, we overcome by the ways of Christ, not by the ways of Caesar. So, if and/or when you see silly signs like these, don’t let them induce fear or panic in your heart or mind. I’d honestly not give them any more credence than a quick roll of the eye.

The Theologian’s Burden

If you are a Christian biblical scholar or theologian, now is the time to help others navigate the slew of information out there. Perhaps you could seek ways to provide biblically-based guidance and theologically-coherent direction to those who are either uninformed or misinformed when it comes to eschatology—not least as it is being understood in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are a pastor or local church leader, I encourage you to take advantage of reputable resources on eschatology to pass onto your congregation. There are highly-respectable scholars writing on the subject—scholars who are committed to careful research, meticulous reflection, and timely application. Digging into these resources will be time well-spent.

Dr. Halsted has published a follow-up article, The Covid Vaccine has 666 Written All Over It…and Why that Doesn’t Matter According to Revelation.

Looking for resources to help interpret the book of Revelation? Start with a few of these great offerings from Logos:

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Revelation: A Video Study – taught by world-renowned scholar Craig Keener

Revelation: Four Views, by Steve Gregg

Revelation, International Theological Commentary, by Peter Leithart

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Written by
Tavis Bohlinger

Dr. Tavis Bohlinger is Editor-in-Chief of the Logos Academic Blog and Creative Director at Reformation Heritage Books. He holds a PhD from Durham University and writes across multiple genres, including academia, poetry, and screenwriting. He lives in Grand Rapids with his wife and three children.

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  • Rev 13: 16-17 lends itself to an understanding that the mark is more than spiritually symbolic, but tangible. It will be something by which you will be able to buy and sell. As for the Covid-19 connection, I only look at it in the light of those end times where all people will be under one rule. Before this happened, I always wondered what would it take for everyone to submit to the same rule. This pandemic shows how easily it can happen. I am not saying that Covid-19 or the related vaccine tracking is the mark, not at all.

    • Robert, I agree with your conclusion. This is what I explain to those who are feeling uneasy about the vaccine that could generate a tracing. To see even Syrian refugee camp directors dressing up as a virus and chasing kids to keep make them aware of the invisible killing machine, struck another chord. ALL are being controlled right now willing to give up liberty and freedom with no questions, all for “safety”. This is a preliminary to see how quickly people will be submissive. I also disagree with this Pastor regarding the Mark. It will be tangible to be able to buy or sell. The mark of the Lamb will be spiritual mark.

        • Today, the Beast government requires us to wear a mask if we wish to buy or sell. Hmmm… “Mask” is only one letter away from “mark”. Just an interesting observation, folks…

          • your right on, the mask is the conditioning phase to the mark which is looking to be no more than 3 yrs away,

          • the issue is you aren’t wearing the mask on your right hand, or your forehead, nor is it a number of a man.

            a big issue with social media Christians is they look for the antichrist to be revealed far more than they look for GOD being revealed.

          • Actually, if you look up the meaning of Buy from revelation 13, it can also to to GO INTO the marketplace. Yes people, the masks are a precursor to the Mark of the Beast, make no mistake about that. It is social conditioning and it in itself is a Huge Occult ritual. Censorship is also in full force. What’s the symbol for censorship? A face with something covering the mouth. Anyone who speaks out, no matter who they are even doctors and immunologists, are silenced and many channels are being outright deleted from Youtube. This is Nazi Germany starting all over again. NO masks, No test, No Vaxx, No Mark! Take a stand now.

          • Gigi, Phil Welsh’s example is not necessarily misleading. The mask (as Dr. Fauci said) is “symbolic”, thus it is most probably a precursor to the mark (including vaccines, RFID chips etc.). Thus you can’t expect it to cover e-commerce at this stage. However, almost every website has CV-19 featured on them, probably meant to sensitize the traffic thereof to the coming requirement, be it a certain type of identification that allows you to trade electronically, just as the mask allows you to trade physically. Either way, the whole exercise is to “sensitize” the masses.

            PS: The mask is not here to stay. People are not going to wear masks forever. However, there will be a trade-off before they are allowed to take them off. That will be in the form of a vaccine, a chip or something. The ultimate substitute thereto is the Mark of the beast. That is where the mask ritual is pointing us to, hence it is tied to economic activities (buy or sell).

            Question is, for those of us who think the mask issue cannot be linked to the coming mark of the beast, what are you going to do when they eventually tell you to ditch the mask and take the mark?

          • Gigi, very interesting observation. I’m no longer allowed into stores for refusing to wear a mask. I now eat from street vendors, and am at peace with it.

          • I’ve been saying that the masks are a precursor to “The Mark.” This is the conditioning phase. This phase is enabling those who are behind this; physical & spiritual, to assess how effective & efficient they can be at altering the population. This is my observation.

          • Masks are the image of the beast that the bible prohibits us to worship, That is why the bible says we are saved by grace through faith, Amen! Because as i see now even us who profess to be born again are already part of the image of the beast. May God have mercy on us, The devil and his agents have been deceptive and still are. None will buy or sell without the mask the image, this has started , the final mark of the beast will be the vaccine is coming our way soon. The vaccine is there and this satanist are just buying time that many people may die so as to cause fear among us and this will make us to accept the mark, Neuralink, dot quantum tatoo, AI , UN ( WHO) China are all behind this, Good news is that we must hold on to faith, Jesus Christ will destroy finally all these Plans of wickedness from the kingdom of darkness. We must repent in truth, let others know about this tricky ways of the enemy. However this is the start of the end times, it may take even 10 ,9,8,7,5 years for the whole world to be controlled by this globalists, however our Lord Jesus Christ will finish them all in a brink of an eye.

          • Luke 6:31 would be closer to our reality.
            “Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them.”
            Wearing a mask tells others that you care about their health. It is not a mind control device.

            Wearing a mask (or not wearing one) has nothing to do with buying or selling. I live in a city where the local ordinance (law) requires all citizens of our city to wear a mask in public places. However, it is up to the business owners to determine if they want to enforce that ordinance. Since the ordinance went into effect, I have seen some people wear a mask and some not wear a mask. IOW, the businesses are not going to kick anyone out (and lose revenue) for NOT wearing a mask! Business are in busines to make money! You won’t make any money if you kick out your customers!

          • @John I think it would be fair to speak specifically about your own region/country in this regard. To say that “wearing a mask (or not wearing one) has nothing to do with buying or selling” is to err. I eat from street hawkers now due to stores denying me entry for refusing to wear a mask. If that doesn’t link the mask to ‘buying and selling’, I don’t know what will. That’s the first point. The second point is, Luke 6:31 is NOT talking about masks or any polarizing issues like the mask is, or draconian laws imposed on citizens by a government. It speaks about societal relations in normal day-to-day living. Kindness and mercy is not tied to a mask, please let’s not cherry pick scripture in a bid to bend it to fit our own narrative.

            Third: In my country the mask is mandatory. Shop owners; store managers; building owners; public transport operators etc. are required by law to deny entry to non-mask wearers like me. Failure to do so will result in them being arrested.

            Lastly, in regards to your assertion that wearing a mask is a sign for ‘caring’ about someone else’s health: I would like to know, how am I a risk to someone who is wearing a mask if masks are as ‘safe’ as they are purported to be?

            PS: Given that people are not going to wear masks forever, how would you apply that same logic to the coming vaccine and ultimately the coming of the mark of the beast? Yes, the mask is a precursor to the mark of the beast, in case you wondered.

          • This reply is to John’s comment; beginning with the Scripture from Luke 6:31, “Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them.”
            While I totally agree John with the Scripture of course; I can not and will not say that “It is not a mind control device,” I would like to share something with you that; if you want to see; you will need to see quickly since the site only keeps new videos up for a short time for the public to see; after that they are available only to those who subscribe. Please watch this:
            I hope that this helps clarify some things.

          • Key words. “Conditioning phase” no one said the mask was the mark. It was specifically called a conditioning phase. To control people.

            You are choosing to obey the satanic system by participating in its sorceries. Vaccines are NOT of God. If you believe you need a vaccine to be healthy, you are denying God’s amazing power by rejecting the immune system He gave us….. that works so wonderfully when we treat our bodies right, as we are supposed to. You are denying God and His power and giving praise to man and his power. You are placing the system above God when you accept the rules of the system that clearly defy what God instructs. Please, repent now and ask for discernment because the fact that there are christian leaders out there teaching this LIES from the pit of hell is so disturbing…

            Another thing, when you have to chose a vaccine that will alter your dna (with the enzyme named LUCIFERASE btw) forever so you can continue on in the beasts system (buying and selling) rather than stand up for Christ and the divine beauty of our God by keeping your body as He created, you are choosing to worship the devil and his system. You’re chosing evil over whats right. Money is not of God, vaccines are not of God, drugs are not of God. There are countless men and women of God who have been led into the wilderness and GOD PROVIDED ALL THEY NEEDED. Many of us are being instructed this same way. You are a wolf in sheep clothing.

          • I agree, i have been reading so much on this and the islam to. I will explain soon. People are blind to what is really happening!
            The devil works in many ways and just look at our leadera, the same syatems as the pharoah, in moses time. Corrupt, satan control, control and force over the people.

          • My exact thoughts! The mark may already be here, subtle but UNIVERSAL. I would agree with the author that we must stay out of negativity and NOT SEE EVIL (seeing is creating). However are we to ignore the facts? Gates has a new patent that fits as a perfect puzzle piece. We are moving to a cashless society so they can tract all our spending. This new cryptocurrency patent will start out on the outside of us and eventually be planted inside of us with the ability to “monitor our actions and reward them accordingly” with cryptocurrency. Look up this patent just happens to end in 060606. And, the vaccine is supposed to contain some sort of luminescence which “allows” authorities to see if that person has taken the vaccine or not. Those that have not taken it will not be allowed to “buy or sell” and likely won’t even be able to leave their homes. How’s that for stripping freedoms?These puzzle pieces are not randomly happening at the same time. They are all connected for those with “eyes that see and ears that hear.” The challenge is to know/be aware of these things and yet stay out of negative thoughts. The real power lies with seeing LOVE when others fear. To live in the world but not be of it.

          • Absolutely… and this should not be brushed off lightly. Especially in consideration of the fact Bill Gates has been chosen as the high guru of covid-19 “protection.”

          • Please people stop falling into weird conspiracy theories ! Please ! The virus is real, people are really getting sick, wearing masks can help stop the spread of the virus or from people passing it to each other, lock down is for a friggen reason and its not to control people…it is to STOP the spread of the virus ! it is temporary until we all do our part to get the virus under control or even eliminate it. You see this is how NORMAL sensible people think ! Try it. There has been many viruses and pandemic throughout history and every time they have to quarantine, isolate, make people wear mask and social distance and even lock down.Every time they eventually got the pandemic or virus under control and lives went back to usual over time. So why is everyone going off the wall today ? I will tell you why. Because we have the world wide web today and conspiracies spread far and wide and rapid ! Than some people who are naturally paranoid or inclined fall into the conspiracies and continue to spread them.
            That means we will not be able to get this virus beat and people will continue to spread it, more will get sick and die and we will end up having got lock down again to get it under control.
            If not for these people and their conspiracies we might have it under control now and be close to back to normal ! I blame all of you that we are still going through this ! Grow up ! You are the problem !
            Humans are stupid ! WE are the reason for pandemics and viruses that put us in these situations.
            Humans do not take care of God’s earth , the water or air or treat it with respect. We destroy it, pollute it, misuse it,. abuse it, take it for granted and greed and ignorance is the cause of it ! Consequences of that result in disease, viruses, pandemics etc… We don’t even respect or take care of each other or God’s other creations ..Animals !
            As for the mark of the beast it is symbolic…on your forehead = your thoughts and believes, on the hands = your actions based on your believes
            Those who worship the beast will worship and believe in him and what he teaches or says ( forehead) then they will obey him and his teachings and do as he says ( hands)

            The buying and selling part will most likely be a way to tell the two groups apart. Could be an anything. An ID or chip etc…?
            It will be something where if you go to sell or buy you can be identified as someone who is a part of the group that obeys the beast and and willingly part of the group or can identify that you are not and refuse to be a part of it.

            Right now Trump is close to doing something like this. he has made some hints and if you payed attentions you would have spotted it.
            I am not an American but I have been paying attention to what is going on and the bible.
            Trump has been hinting for a long time that the democrats will have consequence for not supporting him . he already favour and help states that are red more than those that are blue states because that voted for him and supported him. The red states get more favoured emergency funding and help if there is a disaster. Trump is right on it. But when it comes to blue states he cuts and delays emergency funding in a disaster. That is fact !
            Even counting the cases of coronovirus he says blue states don’t count and should not be included in the number of cases counted. If you cannot see it you are blind ! It is clear as day where this is headed !
            he is already tracking individual people and has lists with people that are marked whether they are blue or red and even on some call them that are blue “deterrents.”.
            Even if you don’t it see it now the bible says that dark veil will be lifted and the Antichrist will be revealed…than you will know .

            I predict that Trump will get another 4 years and will use some system he comes up with to be able to identify his supporters and who does not support him. and separate them. into two groups.
            Those that follow him will get benefits and privileges like being able to buy and sell, get food etc.. This group will do well.
            While those who do not follow him and refuse will be cut off and will not be able to buy or sell. This group will struggle to get even food and necessities etc..They will be refused and denied services or financial help . Unless they take the mark on their hands ( obey) and forehead ( listen and believe)and follow too like the other group is.

            I also predict punishment to the group that refuses to listen, follow and obey, They will be arrested, jailed, tortured, threatened to give up their own beliefs and go along with the beast or face the consequences.Some will be killed.
            The beast ( Trump) will also encourage his supporters and followers to go after the other group who will not and refuse to follow him and do them harm and maybe kill them. His group will be glad to do it too.

            Things will be very dark.

            Trump will help build the 3rd temple in Jerusalem and the Israelite’s will be so amazed by Trump they will calling him the king of Israel, the chosen one, the second coming of Jesus..
            They will even have him sitting in the temple on a throne as if he is the most high.In fact he will refer to himself that way.

            He will bring peace in the middle east too and all will seem almost perfect.

            But the Lord God Almighty WARNED in the scriptures that just when ” they ” say peace comes sudden destruction !!!!!

            This is my prediction ! Trump and America are going to play a big role in the end times but not the way his supporters think it will.

            The bible description of Satan is that he is boastful and bragging about himself all the time and all he does and can do, he is fierce and cruel, divisive, greedy, proud of himself, powerful, deceitful, subtle in how he lures and seduces people into following him or doing what he wants ( tricking them).
            You don’t see it but that is Trump 100 fold to the max !
            I should mention that when God’s timing reveals who the Antichrist and beast is even some of his supporters will turn away from him when they realize who he really is ! They will join those who refuse to follow him and suffer the same punishment with them.

            Laugh now…..I predict this is going to happen because it is somewhat happening right now ! A prelude !

            Trump supporters somehow think God, guns and Trump will keep American free but God is a god of love and peace not violence ! It is GOD”S TRUTH that sets us free ! Everything Trump does, says and how he behaves or talk about others is so unlike Jesus it is the complete opposite ( “Anti ” Christ). He doesn’t even know 1 scripture by heart ! Not even the basic John 3:16 which even kids know ! He cannot share a favouritr scripture because he doesn’t know one ! he cannot say what his favourite book in the bible is because he doesn’t even know one let alone pronounce one .

            But what is scary is that he has NEVER asked God Almighty for forgiveness ! Never repented or confessed his sins and in fact basically said he has none and never does anything to have to ask God for forgiveness ! He thinks drinking a little wine and eating the cracker does that ! Sorry but that is not what that represents of does ! In fact you are supposed to confess your sins to God, make peace and amends with everyone you have hurt or done wrong to and confess all of your sins and repent…than it is ok to take communion. If you do not do those things to prepare you have brought God’s condemnation on yourself ! The beast or Antichrist will never confess his sins or say he did anything wrong and will never ask God for forgiveness !

            I was one of the teachers who taught bible lessons in adult bible class and have studied the bible intently.
            I have always been keeping watch !

          • “Mask is needed to buy and sell”
            No. You can still have your items delivered or arrange curb pickup.

            “Mask is one letter from Mark”
            Sure. In English. In what language(s) was the Bible first written? Not English.

            Maybe y’all should consider that maybe a 2000+ year old book written by a bunch of sheep farmers isn’t as relevant today as you think it is.

          • By that logic: Don is only one letter off of “con” and Trump is almost exactly the same as “chump.” You have the most ridiculous reasoning for your claims. Countless words are similar to others.

            Actual Logic: “Pro-Life” is supposed to care about the lives of others. If you say, “It’s my body and I have a right to kill other human beings because of my choice of what I do with it,” then you are also saying the same thing as pro-abortion people. Don’t be a hypocrite. Start living what you claim to believe. Start caring about the lives of other people.

            Satan is the Lord of Lies; his prophets are liars. Jesus is the Lord of Truth, His Prophets are honest and true.

            In Matthew 4:5-7, Satan tempts Jesus by telling Him that, because Scripture promises God will keep us safe from harm, then Jesus should be able to step off a ledge, and angels should carry Him to safety.

            Jesus replied that Scripture also says, “Thou shalt not test [tempt] the Lord thy God.”

            In other words, don’t go doing stupid crap and expecting God to keep you safe.

            If a Preacher or a leader tells you that you and everyone around you will be magically safe in the midst of a pandemic, they are speaking like Satan, the Lord of Lies, and NOT like Jesus, the Lord of Truth.

            Which one are you listening to?

          • I agree its worship n his name. Were the bride of christ n[ his name ]but wut is not makn sense is [they would cause] n you could not buy sell or trade [ Cause ] n could not buy sell or trade or cause you to be killed that’s where it adds ‘you know”a wut???that adds another’ bit ‘

          • Bible wasn’t written in English bro, and I dont know if the word mask even existed in ancient hebrew

          • @Anonymous, what does the bible not being written in English and whether the word mask existed in ancient Hebrew have anything to do with the Beast government requiring us to wear masks? And that “mask” is but one letter away from “mark”?

          • Yeah, in English. You know the Bible wasn’t written in English right? And that people speak other languages where the word for mask and mark sound nothing alike?

          • You do realize that English wasn’t spoken in biblical times and when the bible was written, right?

          • “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

          • @Phil Barish You seem to assume that everyone’s got access to the internet? You also didn’t consider illiteracy in your assumption. Besides, they mandated that people were a mask on a Zoom meeting. Yeah you read that right… a mask through the screen. So it’s a matter of time before you are required to enter a digital covid-pass code to make an online purchase. Clue? Almost every website has a cvd-19 button on them.

          • Amen brother – I agree. – mask is the first step. Vaccine and not being able to travel without it is the second – then they have you at their mercy ! No – this is all a definite precursor to the end and the mark – please do not shrug it off and say – oh well – the govt says we should just obey and get it !! Let’s just do what we are told without question !

          • Agree… There’s always motives to a bigger plan! Do your our homework folks! Beforehand. I’m not a Trump fan. But’ I do agree with (fake news)! Beware. Fact check and pray ask God to lead and guide you into (all truth). He will! Believe me I should know! bkpout!
            Read the signs of the times.. folks!

        • It is now November and the vaccine is ready. My friend in Germany has said that governmet officials are saying that unless you get the vaccine and proof…a chip inserted..that you can not or be in public…Hmm sounds much like. Those without the Mark will not be able to buy not sell to me and certainly sounds like a very traceable Mark place in/ on the body of those who received the vaccine..Without something similar to a chip just how would they be able to track millions of people ? Think about it…

          • @AfTicker Very well said. Amazing how prophecy is unfolding right in front of our eyes. Let’s be steadfast in the Lord and we shall be saved. NO to vaccination/RFID microchip. These are precursors to the coming mark of the beast.

          • The GEORGIA guidestones say something about uniting the world… What WOULD it take? GOOD Question. The entire world’s governments commiting to the common interests to unite by allowing the lesser of two evils [corona virus traceability] which eventually grows into the ultimate evil… [THE BEAST] THAT CAME FROM THE OCEAN WITH SEVEN HEADS AND TEN HORNS.get the vaccine while you can… But beware of the mark that will eventually follow… You are supposed to get a SECOND dose… Watch what they will make us all do for it…Armageddon is coming… You shoulda just legalized marijuana back in the 60s, man… NA. heroine is pretty fucked up shit so in contrast, any kind of addiction is also abysmal…

        • I don’t think u r right when u say it’s not physical mark or visible mark unless u didn’t understand what the Bible said.

          Without a mark humans will not be able to buy or sell, so this shows it’s about something visible like the way barcode function in stores that what will be happening to human beings.

          So the Vaccine itself will be doing that, those without vaccine will not be allowed to enter in shops and not do everything even to associate with people.

          The whole thing is about Human Control it all started in 1960’s experiments done by people like Professor Jose Delgado etc.

          In this vaccine people will be implanted with RFID Chips whereby their system that makes them humans would be closed in other words they will be like robots, that why God he is encouraging us not to receive this mark.

          If u don’t know more about 666 please don’t encourage people to take this vaccine.

        • Your assertion is construe because there are similarities interms of the Biblical codified and experiences of these days

      • I agree with mothershoe, we are trained in the ways of the world already, for example how our identity documents are important in the world, the mark of the beast will be a visible thing that will be easy to be seen when you buy or sell. The love of money is a root to all evil, people will do anything to get their business going, this pandemic created economic crisis already where people will gladly accept anything to get things going. May God keep us, it will surely be a horrible time for us, we are going to be killed for not having the mark, how will our enemies see us without a mark? Satan deceives mostlyt in what people see.Let us trust in the one who can destroy both the body and soul in hell. We will suffer like our Lord suffered for His name’s sake. May God give us the ability to stand. We are praying for all the believers to stand firm and wash their robes daily with the Word.

        • Why is the importance of joining the make of the beast when we have a living God ? 231776719987

        • U can’t say it any plainer than that Garyt
          That’s the bottom line !!!!!!
          It’s not spiritual it has to be an implant to be used
          Mark in Hebrew means chip

          • to above the one that said masks show brotherly love BS brotherly love is telling people what is to come and warnign them so they don’t have the mark of the beast. Masks are the worlds and a friend of the world is enemy to god. masks show fear plus from the CDC’s own website they don’t do anything but make you more susceptible to catching it. In a report on the CDC website they found that of those who caught Coronavirus up to 14 days before they caught it were wearing masks all the time and still caught it. The numbers who still caught it was over 70% so telling people it’s about brotherly love is a lie and the light is not in you.
            Jesus never wore one nor would he. Plus he’s never personally told me not to, but I see in his word that to do what the Govt. is telling you to do instead of what he says to do is following the world and mans Traditions more than him.
            Gods kingdom is not of this one we do out of our own fleshy needs and fears. Wearing a mask shows we worship this world more than his. brotherly love is more like when they need help, but wearing a maks is not helping them nor is it helping you. Ok and on that same page down bellow the ones who wore it all the time, they showed that those who never wore one only about 3.9% still caught it. So over 75% wore a mask and still caught it while only 3.9% who never wore one caught it. We’re being lied to by those who claim they care. As in decieved the whole world!!!!
            So yeah BS. THe secular world along with the false prophets teaching are a enemy to God.

          • So are the Hebrew people eating potato chips or potato marks? What about chocolate chi- , sorry, chocolate mark cookies?

        • The mark comes after the rapture. We will not be here for the mark. We are being conditioned for it with all that is going on…the mask, the being scanned for your temp , etc, but only those not raptured have to make the decision of taking the mark. We are getting a glimpse of what they are going to have to endure under one world government. I cringe every time I am at work and I have to stick my face in a face recognition temp measurement. I know it is only temporary for me, but it is here to stay for those left behind. if we don’t get raptured before the corona vaccine and we are forced to take it, while you are getting it in your loudest voice say the name of Jesus over and over again as well as say, “no weapon formed against me will prosper”. The nurse will probably think you lost your mind, but you are letting everyone in earshot know who your savior is!!! Jesus!!!!

        • Your opine is just what is the world through generic globalised activities, at different platforms that sieved information by informative escalation, through fascinated lured goodies, unfortunately the church is already a prey because many have being carried away by hugely convinced monetary and materialism to influence and ensure more memberships

      • says the person who will be first in line for the vaccine as soon as they tell you that can not buy or sell without it….THIS is the part in scripture you say NOTHING ABOUT! being evil or righteous has NOTHING to do with being told whether or not you are allowed to BUY AND SELL! that will need a mark that can be either SEEN OR SCANNED YOU LIBTARD!

        • Let us love one another in the way we talk and act, just as our LORD Jesus Christ loves us. We should not call each other names (libtard), sounds a bit mean. I believe also that the “mark of the beast” will be tangible. Let’s not take any vaccine whether or not it is related to covid-19 that is probably gonna be the microchip/mark of beast.
          God bless you all brothers and sisters in Christ, may we stand firm until the end and stay in the faith, hope and most important of all, love in and through Christ Jesus our LORD and Saviour! 🙂

        • Right. I mean he says the mark isn’t something that can be literally seen….well when you get a vaccine, you can’t see the vaccine. My hang up is that you can’t take the mark without knowing what it stands for…. I mean saying you have to have the vaccine in order to buy and sell is no different than saying you have to have money to buy and sell… when you accept the mark of the beast, you have to know that you are taking the MARK OF THE BEAST. It’s not like you get it, then few days later they say oh…gotcha!!! That was the mark of the beast in case you didn’t know, lol. When you take the mark, you are informed that it is what it is….right??? I’m not stating this, I’m simply asking…

          • Hi Ace. Google up Dr Ken Gentry on you tube. He has some good info on what you are talking about

          • Hey ace,
            you are correct, most people don’t quote Rev 20:4 I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They[a] had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

            looking a this verse implies that we have a choice to take it or not, we have to be consciously aware of the mark being giving to us and we have to choose to worship the beast. Not to mention that in order for us to take the mark of the beast, the beast has to be revealed, currently we still have no idea who the beast (antichrist) is. There is plenty of speculation that include several people that could be the beast but nothing concrete. I am not saying to not be aware of our current situation, but living in fear is against God’s plan for us.

        • I think you might be getting a bit worked up and fearful there Pepy and all for nothing. Don’t you know the prophecies in Revalation were all fulfilled in the 1st century AD. There is no future 666. No future mark of the beast.etc etc. So relax enjoy life, enjoy your faith.

          • read your Bible [King James 1611] you are DECEIVED! Revelation is a prophetic Book, it discloses events that are to come, not what has come centuries ago!!

          • @Truth Don’t waste your time and energy on @paddle on. Been trying to engage him on his claim but he never responds. He can’t even tell where we are in regards to biblical timing. He seems to think that the mask-wearing ritual and the coming vaccinations are all a random occurrence, and not precursors to the coming mark of the beast. He didn’t respond to my question of whether he’s going to take the vaccine, and if not, why not? He keeps cropping up on other people’s posts like a mushroom after a thunder, paddling on lies.

          • @Truth That patent was filed in the 1st century AD LOL. @paddle on be paddling lies here.

          • @paddle on thru It’s rather sad that you’d resort to name-calling instead of addressing the issue at hand. I have tried countless times to engage you on your assertions in regards to the (coming) mark of the beast, but to no avail. Just remember that these debates are not random, one of us shall be proven right or wrong one of these days. With the hope that we’d be humble enough to come back here and admit to our errors. Until then, so long.

          • Luvuyo. I have stated my position many times to you but you never take any notice. All this paranoia about the MOTB is quite Frankly laughable. The MOTB in Rev 13 and the Beast and the 2nd Beast and the inability to buy and sell have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the 21st Century. They were Bible Prophecies totally fulfilled in the 1st Century and all of them are connected to that Christian persecutor Nero Caesar. What the world is experiencing is a medical emergency called a pandemic, its not a plandemic, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Bible Prophecy. Medical experts for a 100 years have been warning the World that there are going to be w/wide panademics, they are a fact of life. Sometime after C-19 comes to an end, there will be another Pandemic sometime in the future just about guaranteed. When that will be no one knows. We are asked to wear masks to help prevent the spread of the virus, temp checks etc are purely medical procedures. The out of control conspiracy theories racing around social media are known as mass hysteria where people believe any absurdity put their way. Of all the creatures on Planet earth Humans are by far the most gullible. Its a scammers paradise. But you are welcome to believe whatever turns you on.

          • Nobody should listen to anyone who says todays current events have nothing to do with the MOTB. For real these people are either trolls or super religious blind people. Most of the prophecies were PARTIALLY fulfilled way back, and now they are going to be fully fulfilled after the BEASTS world wide 5g tracking system is up and running tracking your asses as you get the Beast Vaccine. Any research into the the NWO and the International Bankers plans, will prove that this has everything to do with biblical prophecy. How can people be so blind when the Rockefeller Foundation released a document called Lockstep outlining this very covid plandemic? The world economic forum did a mock run through it last year, there are thousands of experts now stating that this lockdown is lunacy and there is no pandemic. SO wake up people these vaccines are going to re encode your DNA and they are probably testing and prepping for the MOTB coming to you real soon in the next few years….

        • Peppy Gunz you are evil like your master Jesus say how can you say you love me and hate your brother you do not have the love of God in you.


      • Mothershoe exactly! I encourage our Pastors to research a little more before they respond to pertinent issues like these. I feel his response hereto is a little bit casual and inadequately researched. For in his response he didn’t take into account the image of the beast and the worship thereof, and how that aspect will be “spiritual” as he suggests that the mark will be.

        • I’ve seen on YouTube Doctor’s from around the World have come foreward saying there is no and hasn’t been a true pandemic emergency. Not even scientific proof that COVID-19 even existed. It’s just another Flue. You can also go to: to dicover the truth. Truth will make you fee!!

      • The covid 19 T.R.A.C.E Congress Bill is HR 6666 (Interesting). Headlines are already announcing complete global solidarity for the vaccine. I would not at all be surprised if they mandate it and use it as a way to control our buying and obtaining what we need. Won’t all these prophecies look like normal life living? Everything can be explained away. I don’t think things will look sci-fi or biblical so they won’t be so easily identifiable. That would defeat the purpose of faith I would think. And if people take the vaccine to be able to obtain what they need, aren’t they essentially going against their faith in the Bible Matthew 6:26 so essentially worshiping the government instead of God? I hate to say it but I believe the Government is a representative of Satan and everything is headed straight in the direction (their intent) of the new world order under one government under Satan worship. This virus (not naturally occurring and perfectly fear provoking and THE perfect way to control the entire world by forcing the vaccine) is a perfect means for the mark is the beast..through the vaccine (something we are all used to getting). We don’t know the chip won’t have 666 on it. Microscopic and may enable/disable our chip cards…what we’ll need to buy and sell as our currency now continues to be removed from our economy and will soon be valueless…

      • Yes, I agree. The bible literally says it will be placed in/on the forehead or hand (Rev. 13:16). The mark of the beast is about accessibility to survival goods. I see what this pastor means, that the focus is on “the beast”, but what is going on right now is that “they”are just putting out their feelers to where society stands in their own peotection of freedoms. It’s foing to get interesting.

      • The mark of the breast in your hand and forehead is the new world order that will come along because of the covid19. The cashless Road we are on. The might in our hand is the card your transactions are done with and in the head are the numbers you can used with or without a smart phone to do transfers . With our this might in your head or hands you can buy or sell. Satan is to smart to want to inject a chip. What he does is sweet in the the beginning but soar in the end. So convenience if you have a card. But if you use your imagination the cards are bad news.

        • The chip or whatever else they use will identify you and who’s side you are on.The beast with his laws and commands and worship of him or God’s word alone and following Jesus teaching alone. If you have” the so called chip” or Identification but refused to follow or worship the beast ..God is not going to punish you because you are worshipping and following him ( God) and his holy word not the beast’s word.

          Therefore it is not the chip itself that is the is that the chip identifies you and who’s side you are on..God’s or the beast’s. This what when you go into a store and get identified through the chip or whatever as not a follower of this beast you cannot buy or sell food and etc..The beast is not going to say you cannot buy or sell because you worship God and not him because he is going to be deceptive and make you think he is a believer in God and Jesus also. Only his teachings and what he wants you to do are opposed to God’s teaching and word .The beasts teachings will be doctrines of devils and a twisting of God’s word that same way Satan twisted God’s word subtly in the garden of Eden and tricked Adam and Eve into thinking it was ok to do what he was tempting them to do. That is why you need to ONLY listen to scriptures carefully ! Be on guard. he will be great at twisting scriptures and Jesus teachings and that is why the bible warns that even the elect will be deceived !

          Covid is the result of humans . We never take care of this earth and destroy it, pollute it etc.. it is just one of God’s plagues in the last days just as he warned us. Nothing wrong with the vaccine if it is safe and tested properly first.

          My plan is only listen to scripture and Jesus’ teachings. Be careful not to listen to anyone twisting scriptures even subtly. Pay attention to a person’s character and the fruit they bear ( there behaviour . words and actions) good tree do not bear bad fruit and bad tree do not bear good fruit. Trump has been nothing but bad his entire life and it is obviously if you willing to face the truth. Live your life, protect your health , stay safe etc…but keep watch and be ready. Conspiracy theories are not God’s word and do not come from God !!! Listen to God’s word alone…scriptures !

          When the vaccine is safe I would be willing to take it if this virus is not under control. I still worship God alone ! I still wear a mask because I care about my health and protecting others ( I feel that is a godly thing to do), I am ok with lock downs to get this virus under control. I call it responsible and adult ! God gave me a sound mind and conspiracies have no place in my life.Anti maskers are spreading this virus and making other sick..that is NOT godly behaviour ! It is plain stupid and selfish ! Quite silly !

          God is watching us He warned people in the last days would be lovers of self and not caring about each other. greedy and lovers of money not lovers of God.

          • It looks like those that don’t believe in conspiracy theories have their own conspiracy theories.

          • @Sophia, you are already deceived by satan. Any one with even a hint of spiritual discernment knows the mask and call for vaccines are all about the mark of the beast. Yet you welcome it. You show your true colors when you show your vitriol towards our president, who’s publicly honored the Lord Jesus many times. Even though he may be no Christian, he’s very sympathetic towards Christians and Jews; does recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and moving the embassy mean anything to you?

            You hate this man you don’t even know so much, that you would rather side with Marxists, baby murderers, anarchists, perverts, and the like, over one who stands against them, and proven it by his track record. Seems to me like you’ve already taken the mark. Subtle! The crowd you support is by no means “subtle”. They are loud and proud with blood lust for the unborn, open perversion, riots, thievery, fraud an# etc…, and you believe they are better than a leader you don’t know that you hate without a cause.

          • @Dan I’d suggest that you stay out of politics. Don’t choose sides or associate yourself with either the Democrats or the Republicans, for both camps work for the same agenda. Strange that you are willing to attack Sophia on the basis that ‘your’ president has “publicly” honoured the Lord Jesus Christ many times… “Even though he may be no Christian.” Jesus said “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.” – Matthew 15:8 Thus your president ‘honouring’ the Lord with his lips doesn’t mean much according to scripture. And the fact that he is “sympathetic” towards Christians and the Jews means nothing, and it is right at the heart of deception that we are about to witness. And NO! Him recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving the embassy doesn’t mean anything to me. If anything, that is preparation for the coming of the Antichrist and the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel (Daniel 11:31). Hence the mentioning and highlight of Jerusalem in this regard. And NO! No one can take the mark right now as the mark of the beast hasn’t arrived yet. All that we see starting from the mask-wearing ritual to the vaccine are all precursors thereto. Thus to suggest that Sophia has taken the mark “subtle” or not is NOT supported by scripture timeline or sequence of events. Keep watch that you may not be deceived.

          • Yes! and take 2020 ÷ by 666 = 30330

            This is the polls for Biden/Harris text polls number.

            And Google

            Devils. Keep awake. America. Biden is all in on it 👿

          • I assume that everyone is healthy unless they tell me they are sick. Lots of research on mask waring and its ineffectiveness. Lot of fear mongering from our media outlets. If you feel better wearing a mask — your mask will protect you. If someone chooses not to wear one, their choice. I don’t think marks wearing should be equated with their love or lack thereof of others.

      • I think Dr. Halstead is well written on the subject. I don’t agree 100% tho. America was made scared by 911 20 years ago, we gave up numerous freedoms for so called security. Homeland Security in the form of cameras covering every inch of America. Those cameras will be now used for control, simple stuff. Covid is dividing us, scaring us further into submission, will absolutely steal numerous freedoms. Democracy is being used to destroy Democracy by the evil. I believe the Mark will be visible, but there is a lot that will take place over the next 6-7 months before people are forced to take it. If you believe in God fully, I’m thinking there is a good chance he will have given us all an opportunity to have saved ourselves and found him before that forced Mark is a must. Live right, be alert, read between lines, keep an extremely good eye on what’s going on to survive, try to help others see reality so they can be saved and avoid the Mark successfully. From what I’ve been reading we are going to see the beginning of the end over the next 6-7 months. I’m not saying this for sure, but I have been researching heavily. I expect Israel will be in a War within a week, chaos through Halloween at which time it will get real with the Opening of the Pit and the Great Revival. I love Jesus, I don’t speak or think like a ” Jesus Freak” per say, I am a realist who uses powers of observation, faith, and I am a critical thinker. Be prepared in everyway possible friends. Unfortunately the end is right around the corner, its about to get dangerous & ugly, get yourself right with God!

          • @paddle on thru You keep pointing people to this Dr. Ken Gentry as if he wrote the bible! Or he somehow have the power to save souls. Instead of pointing people to the bible! You need to stop.

          • Because Gentry is a Bible teacher and Theologian who specialises in teaching what Revelation is all about

          • I guess what you are saying is that there is no place in the Kingdom for Theologians, Bible scholars, respected Bible teachers. That everyone should just throw themselves into Revelation let their imagination run completely wild, even though they have not got the foggiest idea what the book is about. Express their absurd ideas about what the book is conveying on social media and put it forward as cast iron fact with no other possible interpretation.

        • Well spoken, Ron. I’m glad to hear a voice of reason within all of this comment section’s emotions. I find it strange that there is not good solid teaching that illustrates how so many things about this “pandemic” may be a prelude – a build up to the end…of which the mark is a big part of. I’m still keeping my eyes and ears open.

      • I tend to agree with you, mothershoe. I would rather not take the chance. The one world rule is coming and you’re right, this is a test to see just how effective their methods of controlling the population are and how quickly they can get us to submit.

        • Theologins and not saying there is no room but theologins tend to interpret with worldly minds not spirtually deserned ones. Theologins also said to not cannon many spiritually discerned books using their own agenda’s to not do so. I’v listened to theologins on some shows and they teach gogly goop they don’t rely on truth but tradition for thier teachings.
          That said: yes there’s plenty of room but if one is teaching the mark of the beast is nothing to fear and we should all turn a blind eye to something like Rome or Nero or something that was meant for us not them thousand of years ago then no…

      • Moreover I will take from them the voice of mirth, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride, the sound of the millstones, and the light of the candle. YIRMEYAHU (JEREMIAH) 25:10 𐤀 And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in you; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found anymore in you; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in you; CHIZAYON (REVELATION) 18:22 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in you; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in you: for your merchants were the 👉🏽(great )men 👈🏽of the (earth); for by your 👉🏽sorceries👈🏽🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉👉🏽💉👈🏽were all nations deceived. CHIZAYON (REVELATION) 18:23 𐤀 P👉🏽HARM👈🏽A P👉🏽HARM👈🏽ACIST P👉🏽HARM👈🏽ACY MEANS TO DRUG OR TO POISEN ⚠️💉⚠️Vex-Cine = vaccine 💉 Vex is a Spell or Curse HEX X who ever takes this vaccine in cursed no coming back it is going to change your DNA / RNA Structure no longer human but a beast!!! For then shall be (great)( tribulation,) such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. MATTITHYAHU (MATTHEW) 24:21 𐤀 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and (great)( authority). CHIZAYON (REVELATION) 13:2 Blessed are they that do AHAYAH ‘S 🤲🏽💜👑👉🏽COMMANDMENTS 👈🏽⚠️👑💜, that they may have right to the (tree of life), and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and 👉🏽sorcerers👈🏽💉💉💉💉💉💉 and whoremongers, and murderers, and 👉🏽idolaters👈🏽, and whosoever loves and makes a lie. CHIZAYON (REVELATION) 22:14-15 את AKA ( WHO )WORLD HARVEST ORGANIZATION Neither repented they of their murders, nor of 💉👉🏽their sorceries👈🏽, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. CHIZAYON (REVELATION) 9:21 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and 👉🏽sorcerers👈🏽, and👉🏽 idolaters👈🏽, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. CHIZAYON (REVELATION) 21:8 a medicine”, which itself derives from pharmakon (φάρμακον), meaning “drug, poison, spell”[46][47][n 1] (which is etymologically related to pharmakos). SEE HARM ⚠️🔥💉But as the days of Noach were, so shall also the coming of the Son of A’dam be. MATTITHYAHU (MATTHEW) 24:37 את PHARMAKEIA PHARMACY PHARMACIST PHARMACEUTICAL THE USE OR THE MINISTERING OF DRUGS POISONING ☠️🤮SORCERY MAGICAL ARTS AKA WITCHCRAFT OFTEN FOUND IN CONNECTION WITH IDOLATRY AND FOSTERED BY IT ALSO (5) G MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL REPENT REPENT REIGN OF AHAYAH HAMASHIACH IS AT HAND

      • Guys remember to lean not of your own understanding but the LORDS. He revealed it to me and has. Given me peace over it , you to must seek and search out these matters with the Holy Spirit.
        Consider all men to be liars. Trust only in the LORD’S revelations.
        I will say yes it is the so called “vaccine” but it also has a few more tricky devices. It’s called RECOMBINANT DNA TECHNOLOGY. It will rewrite your DNA annexing God from you. So ultimately you become property of Satan/Lucifer. It’s much deeper if you really want to know details you can email me.
        GODBLESS to you all

        • If you know God, love and serve Him, you do not indulge in the things of this world.
          They are not clarifying what the Bible says If you do not have the MARK you will not be able to buy or sell
          The time has come as Jesus warned “even the elect will be deceived”
          God please give us wisdom in these perilous times, because wisdom and understanding comes from Thee

          • @Patricia “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, IF IT WERE POSSIBLE, they shall deceive the very elect.” – Matthew 24:24

            Notice how the above scripture say “If It Were Possible”, meaning it won’t be possible for the elect to be deceived. Nowhere does it say “even the elect will be deceived”

      • English: “17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.”

        If true man created the virus corona.
        Corona has 6 etters, if you add each letter alphabet placement and add these numbers it is 66. We are required to stand 6 feet apart.
        To buy from stores as of now must wear mask (covering the head) will we need gloves ( covering hands)
        The Holy spirit will teach the born again Christian all things. As in Noah’s day people will continue living life as normal until the flood hits. God loves all his creation, it rains on the good and the bad. Science is food for the flesh. God is not a God of confusion. Man will figure out a cure, God willing. But is my belief in man or God. Christmas a time of giving gifts or a time of kneeling before Christ. A time of living as normal or a time of change. Trust in the Lord and He will guide our way.
        With the love of Christ,

          • @AlongcameJones Dr. Gentry’s gonna rock you to sleep. Otherwise how do you explain the required mask-wearing in order to gain access into stores; buildings; public transport; healthcare facilities et al? And now the coming vaccine which will carry the same benefits as the mask? Flex Fighters/Flex Armstrong is talking about a “smart mark” that’ll be embedded in your arm, that’s called predictive programming. The coming vaccine has a chip attached to it, can you explain that? Would you take the vaccine? If not, why not? Would you take the microchip? If not, why not? Are you/Dr. Gentry suggesting that we rip the Book of Revelation off our bibles and toss it to the nearest trash-can because that part of prophecy has already come to pass in the 1st century? Can we come back to this comment when either of us is proven wrong? Yes I’ll be on Dr. Ken Gentry’s Youtube channel as well, to sincerely apologies if he is right in his teachings. Or to remind him about his false teachings if he’s proven wrong. Can we agree on that?

        • @Tony I’d take certain parts of your comment, but the rest I don’t agree with. Not sure why you quoted Revelation 16-18? Corona may result in 666 when simple arithmetic is applied, however, corona is NOT the name of a man, nor the number of his name. Thus it is NOT the mark of the beast as you seek to insinuate. What do you mean by “Science is food for the flesh?” And “Man will figure out a cure,”… a cure to what? As for Christmas, that’s a pagan holiday. Nowhere in scripture are we required to kneel before Christ on Christmas day. Christmas has absolutely nothing to do with Christ.

      • Nope…ancient hebrew symbol for the number six…looked like this…g…our modern lower case g. So if I saw the number 600 as an ancient hebrew, It would look like this…goo. And if I saw three score it would look like this…go. And if I saw, and six, I might see this, /g. Six hundred, three score and six might look like this…goog/g.
        It’s said at the end times that knowledge will increase…google. It’s said that all will become one language… google translate. None may buy not sell…google invented the r.f.i.d. chip that goes in your hand, to buy and sell. It’s said that people will become lovers of themselves…selfies. And it is said that I be the number of a man. Google gets its name from the highest number man has given a name to, a googol. Ten to the tenth power. The number a man.

      • I believe it makes sense that it could be the mark. For decades the vaccine industry has been publishing dishonest studies and withholding important information regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Not to mention, they are certainly a conflict of interest. The cdc owns patents to the latest vaccines and they make billions of dollars off of them. The very people deciding on whether we “need” the vaccine are the ones profiting. We now have a vaccine schedule of 72 shots (including boosters) before many even hit puberty. 72. And again, the ones recomending this are the ones making the money for them off our taxes. Meanwhile, child hood diseases like autism, cancer, autoimmune diseases etc have skyrocketed at a consistent rate with the increase in vaccines. The cdc is a big business. They run like a business hellbent on telling you they are the trusted source and they are right. They vilify good and honest scientists telling the truth. One of those scientists- Judy mikovits, tried to expose the actual evidence that many vaccines (that use animal and other tissue for development ) were contaminating is with animal virus’s. Animal virus’s .. mRNA .. they new thing test would come back with all these positives. But also take a look at the fact that the flu basically disappeared. There are so many reasons they can create an illusion of a pandemic with this.

        I am a nurse, and I can tell you, this is not a pandemic. People are dying from things they already died from especially unhealthy people. They blame this positive test on deaths without proof that the virus was even causing the symptoms. Masks are also a great reservoir for bacteria and should not be worn for long periods of time without changing or watching. It doesn’t take a whole day for harmful bacteria and parasites to accumulate thanks to the masks. I’m for them in hospital setting but that’s it.

        Not to mention, the total deaths this year are no more than the previous several years, which is usually a huge indicator of a pandemic if it’s significantly higher, but last I checked, the total death toll was still less.

        After seeing this blatant corruption and manipulation, I couldn’t imagine a more manipulative source than Satan.

        The reason I think the vaccine is the mark is because it is so obvious that there is no pandemic, yet many have decided to trust so faithfully and blindly in the CDC that they won’t consider what I’m trying to share with them about many vaccines even possible. They say my sources are invalid, even while thousands of educated doctors are trying to get this out there, too. People have been so brainwashed by the news they won’t consider it possible.
        People getting this vaccine are trusting in something or someone other than Jesus to save them, so much so they don’t even see how corrupt those recommending it are. They are so Loyal and faithful they won’t consider my words. I am uneasy that many “christians” are falling for it and I never really knew if that was possible, but if you think about it, it shows where your faith truly lies and what you’re afraid of.

        I think it’s very possible this could be the mark. It’s made using animal tissue (makes sense considering it’s a mark of a “beast”) and the people supporting it want a centralized government and to create all these ways to track that people are vaccinated. The people putting out this vaccine are criminals and liars, and quite frankly are working for satans benefit regardless of whether this is the mark or not.

        Best wishes, don’t get the vaccine whether it is the mark or not, it is a huge fraud. Ivermectin and hydroxychloraqhine are legitimate, effective and safe treatments. But they are not patented, and the people in charge of our healthcare recommendations won’t let millions off of them.

        • I think that covid is the beginning. I dont know for sure that the vaccin for covid is the mark. I think it’s a New systeem that’s been ivented. It’s free for anyone to see if you look on a patent finder. WO2020060606

      • it all ends like it begun: worship(the Lord)
        or false worship (someone else = satan)

        mark of the beast (earthly ruler, cesar, 1:1 translation of a Name of the devil from german: the bodily one (der Leibhaftige)) = buy or sell = tangible too,(every mindset, deed, word has spiritual effect).
        God is spirit = mark of the lamb = spiritual

      • I agree with you the Bible says the Mark of the beast will be ink on the forehead or hand. ( for buying or selling) My Guide to my Holy Land tour says that’s why tattoo’s are more prevalent ( in the “end times”) It will be easier to take the mark being so comfortable with all the tattoo’s.

      • Governor completely will be placed in chains as well as his brothers. These chains will subdue his heart his flesh his thoughts. The chains will contain all of the sorrows he brought upon new York. The chsin will trigger te lake of fire in his heart his plan to vaccinate minorities addicts the poor will cause him more regret and hell that he could ever imagine everything covid will trigger hell any directives orders he thinks of forcing employees of the state city local government gov funded programs to take vaccines will trigger hell all nys health officials gov officials national guard ny sherrif state troopers will all be affected as well. Further lock downs using poor people as guinea pigs will trigger hell I will place a seal on this judgment hereby cast the throne of gov ny into full judgment

      • Those who came up with the big idea bot to allow anyone e who dis not take a covid test to times Square will be permanently yoked in the lake of fire yoke trumping this for all future events just thinking about it will trigger the lake of fire all governors mayors health officials presidents all govermrnt officials

      • Except that Revelations states that you will be unable to by or sell without this mark. So if it is only a condition of the heart and soul and not an actual mark then people could just fake it. So it IS an actual mark.

        • @Julie Rubin Well said! Very well said! I mean people are going to be scanned on the forehead and right hand (just like they are currently being scanned with the infrared temperature gun at shop entrances). How then will the beast system scan for the condition of the heart & soul on one’s forehead or right hand? Doesn’t make sense.

          • Well, if you have the vaccine in you then it would come up on the radar. Also I read is that what these industries giving the shots out don’t tell you is it after you complete the series you will have to get the chip or the label. It’s very real. They just aren’t revealing all the facts at once. Why not just yet the tattoo on your own body? Why get a shot, I don’t get it. I could put the mark on myself very easily.

          • @The Beast That sounds scary! I’ve always suspected that there must be something with this vaccination. they won’t just roll it out without a purpose for it. There’s most probably a sinister agenda behind it. I’m not taking it either. I don’t even wear a mask, never had, and never will!

      • Put ephesians 6.2 w Father and Mother… as Eloah and El Shaddai.
        Proverbs deeded to search for Her.. also entitled: El Shaddai¡

        Truth of within seconds coming to Life,
        In the name of Jesus.

        This is how to overcome with Faith, Obedience, True Worship:
        The Mark kills, puts to death All people.. all
        Cuz , during The gGenerarion of Revelations come true:
        All will be reigned by God’s s Phrophecy.
        Whether you know it or not..
        Tevelation 12, the baby being born is true.
        REV 11 is a 1 male 2 female prophet Jesus, annointed like olive oil and lit lampstands..
        The Stars of the church.

        Like Sodom, the chirch peoples’ doctrine states they will marry Jesus. Thats false
        That is,
        what they think and what they do, is made up by man 666

        U dont wisen enough if doing is not a medical fact… u pulsating god, supplicating is a medical fact. Buddy.

        Read rev 12… happy birthday to the generation Gods poignant to.

        The lamb of 13 caused it, alone, by simply telling the Truth of interpretation.
        The lamb is given, depicted with two horns. Two Horns?
        Thats an exaltation from God!
        King David: let the horns of the Righteous be Lifted!
        Oj Glory, the lamb of Rev 13 is not an anti-christ, its a lamb and lion, king of the King Jesus.
        There is no rapture, cuz rev 12:11 says u die.
        The church is not the Bride of Christ.. kidding, thats perverse, like sodom… jesus testimony..
        Egypt means rich and think they have it figured as being the Elect

        The Elect is wrong, jist like a deliverance of Moses, Noah, Elijah. Now Jesus delivers in Rev 12… the Woman in rev 12 stands on Creation which is attributed to El Shaddai..
        Mother Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Fatima… is the prescence of Mary, blessed among women…

        Why Mother Mary? Cuz if one looks upon the face of god, ome shall surely, most probably, die.

        Buddy, rev 12 reveals a motif montage of the Her in Proverbs.

        Covid 19 is Her Wrath of Fornication. So we are past the appearance of the two horned lamb… whom God depicted as a man, a king, a lion, a lamb..

        Not an anti-christ.

        Jesus said when the time is the Fathers time, you will understand.. umderstand by being a servant of God.

        So killing.. a place where everything has died..
        Except Elijah, etc.
        God does the killing and if you are alive, you shall not be hurt,
        Just God will flip your lid with the Truth, like Jesus does and leaves doors open…

        Is that a sin? have i lied?

        A 1,000 years begins and ends being called the First Ressurection…
        A 1,000 years passes before Jesus returns with His Bride

        The Bride was given a white garment.

        A wedding dress a bride chooses. Given a white garment is a death shroud.
        So, the bride is a girl, who dies
        And Humanity ends.

        The Lamb of Rev 13 is NO
        Doomsdayer person of Anti Christ… quite the opposite.

        Flips your lid, high on to God.

        Thank You Jesus.

        Read revelations and be blessed.
        Mis read Revelations, spread the misread all around the world tv evangilizing…
        Whoa… like Jesus said itd be
        .. mustard seed spread everywhere in Gods Garden.

        Oh, the satanic force is the church thinking and doing,
        1)Have faith of mistard seed
        Solution: Faith in Jesus
        2) Rapture is “caught up”
        Solution: be lifted, sacrifice the birth to God of the GenerAtion
        3) the Church is the Bride
        Solution: jesus loved the flesh so much to come to us, be born of sinless flesh, He will marry a girl
        4) the rev lambs prescence is not a doomsday anti christ,
        Solution: lamb, lion, king, lifted to god w words of King David as jesus wove the lambs depiction verifiable

        By The Holy Bible

        Where one capitalized
        Eph 6.2 correctively,
        Theu the authority given thei Kesus: check the doctirine.

        Google it..
        Assembly of god doctorine..
        Dr David Jerimaiah, Hagge, Benny Hinn, Copeland

        $80 billion of church.. Egyptians.
        Sodom.. raptured to be marrying Jesus..

        Thats Wise becoming Fools..
        Because Gods ways are higher than mans..

        What are Gods Ways in a Deliverance…
        Given Male=1, female=2;
        Where 1+2= a baby=3..

        A calculation.

        Fools even satan, God does.

        • @Randy If you think @Mothershoe’s comment is “religious farytails” you are gravely mistaken! As you will soon find out. Hopefully it won’t be too late by then.

          EDIT: It’s “fairytales” by the way.

      • I agree with you. I think it is very reckless for a pastor to openly be so 100% on this. The seal of the lamb is not physical- only God knows our hearts. The Mark will be physical. They say after getting two doses you will have a vaccine passport. It will be needed if you plan on attending concerts – football games. And eventually needed to go get groceries and food. This passport can easily get lost or stolen. The 3rd phase is to get a invisible tattoo of the passport. Only seen in special light. This vaccine is being done in phases. All who want to go get basic essentials will need to show proof of vaccine passport. This article breaks my heart that someone can tell people confidently it has nothing to do with the Mark of the beast. Is this pastor working under a 5031c. If so he is in the same group yoked together with planned parenthood. The government controls them

      • I agree the Mark will be a tangible problem. Right now as we speak China as well as Russia or planning to destroy the dollar and take over the world economy by bullying which leads me to believe that this moment either XI or Putin could be the Antichrist yet to come. And unfortunately I also believe we are Babylon the great here in America. And will have to be destroyed before they can take over the world, or the world monetary fact I’m a little concerned that we might be the only thing standing in the way right now. It’s obvious at this point no one else could stand up against either one of those two leaders. May our Lord Jesus Christ return quickly!

      • The Vaccine will become the mark of the beast. Pastor JD Farag did a sermon called decision time. Watch it. He includes links to everything he speaks about so you can see for yourself.

      • The mark of the beast is already present on each person when born in the flesh, only conquered when giving of our self as written, daily and minute by minute. Take more time in reading the Letter Genesis chapter 2 and then 3, standing before the mirror as we were Created, then remembering only we will be given later as a gift the new perfect body and then the healthy body forever. It is when given the chance to not take the mark of the beast that those who have not yet been truly saved in our second chance through His Son, that they still do.

      • I’m not a genius or extremely smart book worm. I know that “all” knowledge and understanding does begin with Christ and his Spirit dwelling in us. As James 1:5 states, “if anyone lacks wisdom let him ask the father” God graciously gives us just that. Knowledge and Wisdom.
        With, regards to Covid-19 I pair all the trials our world is undergoing and weigh this situation with the Bible as a filter. As Jesus stated, my people perish from lack of knowledge. Cancel culture, pushes this agenda. Socialism, which is really communism has disguised itself with a Corporation called “BLM”. “Black Lives Matter” which was born from George S. A man who even though is Hungarian jew decent, is purely not on Christianities side.
        All “High tech” firms are on a goal to “Tag” humanity and discard conservative views which reside with elderly individuals. Elderly people, even though are feeble bodied, have a TON of wisdom. (Those with good functioning minds)
        The Bible says that those who have the mark “cannot” ever be saved. It’s a threshold that yes, will be crossed. As scary as this gets, we are not there yet.
        The seal Christians have is his spirit. The Holy Spirit. The seal unbelievers “will recieve” will be Satan’s Mark in their hand “Or” forehead. A digital chip.
        The Holy Spirit is on a frequency level that communes with believers from the Natural bodily composite untouched by science. However, the frequency for the “Chip” needs to be programmed and prepared with a vaccine.
        So many electronic frequencies flying around right now and we just introduced the 5g network. In Jesus’s Era, how many electrons were flyin around in the atmosphere?
        Incredibly Jesus’s frequency is mighty at this time.
        The various in the Bible, but it is NOT the Mark of the beast. It’s preparation and the mask is also an obedience test.
        1. Get rid of history
        2. Get rid of Christianity, born againers and older wise people. (Rest home victims)
        3. Feed fear into society via news to gain control.
        4. Test a cure on a third world country. (Africa)
        5. After a lengthy tenure introduce the solution to a hungry world that can’t take the shut down anymore.
        6. Start injections 💉
        7. A few years later after Christianity has no say, and commerce needs to run introduce the chip.

        This stuff “IS” in the Bible.

    • Your right, it could easily be something tangible. I’m already experiencing something like it at work. Every day I go into work at Walmart I get my forehead scanned by a thermometer gun now, to see if I have a fever. Then I have to give my employee ID number. I just thought about it recently but it’s starting to creep me out with how close it is to the genuine article. They’re already doing it. They might as well stick a barcode on my forehead like some scary dystopian novel. I’m going to ask them if they can scan a different part of my body instead of my forehead or right hand before I start working, I want to test this because I’m getting bad feelings about this.

      • There is one article with video of a company requiring the implant of a microchip to work there! It shows the actual implant and ask one female why she refused at 1st and she said well they explained and said it is a benefit as we can get free machine snacks and putting meals ! Not a real reason! They showed employees putting their implant wrist up to a machine and getting food! That is exactly what the Bible s speaking about as having to get it for food and to buy as it will become the way of purchasing and money will not exist! We will be gone before this is in whole in the world with the one world order but it will be a tracking system and if God does not send zJesus back for the Church before it is total I will refuse it as the Lord will provide !

        • He is giving us ample warning….we NEED to flee the cities!!! If we have land out in the country…..well we will be more privatized and can farm something big going on and God IS giving us warning to flee…..

          • not yet but yeah maybe soon but I do think antichrist has been revealed not a man but as man mankind that is. it fits better than thinking Trump is or Obama was or THe pope or anyother man mankind fits!

          • I really agree with you, we need to depend on the land , God also commanded us to depend on farming because that the reason He created land,

          • Yes you must immediately flee the city. Go build a bunker underground, and go crawl in there. Live in complete darkness, nibbling on granola bars and drinking warm bottled water. That is truly the way to make god happy. Under no circumstances must you eat seafood. That is forbidden. And make sure all of your clothing is made of the same fabrics, mixing fabrics is a quick ticket to hell.

          • But how to do that when the economy is shut down and one can’t work and money? I think the same thing. But we’re all stuck and we’re powerless without….money.

          • @The beast, As much as I like the idea of getting out the city, I still believe that God needs us right in the heart of the battle, because the Gospel needs to preached. Thus if we get out the Word won’t be spread. I say let’s wait on the Holy Ghost to lead us and guide us in this regard.

        • Did you read the entire article? How does a chip to work with, even to buy things, relate to the beast? That is not worship of the beast, so, not a mark of the beast.

          • worship also means to obey. If it’s sanctioned out to people that through either govt regulation or the private sector won’t allow one in the door unless they can prove through a cell phone which has microchips, they have the vaccine or been tested yes a very plausible mark of the beast I’d say.
            Worship means obey or can mean obey.
            Obey the law, obey man’s decrees, etc…OR obey worship god!
            whether you get it or not doesn’t matter but once explained like that if your honest it’s not that far fetched. and maybe just the truth too…

          • Why is the untested vaccine being forced in us and I might add, ushered trough quickly? Why are they reducing benefits and bosses able to sack you if you refuse to receive the vaccine? Christians then wouldn’t be able to buy or sell!!! Everyone knows that Revelation is about Jesus Christ’s return in victory but it also shows the unleashing of punishment.
            I personally will not have the vaccine just as I will not receive the flu jab.
            Be ready and waiting for the return of the king of kings and Lord of lords. God bless you all

        • csaaphill, I feel hoping that we won’t be here when the mark of the beast is introduced comes from a place of fear. Let us rather trust in the Lord than look forward to death. Jesus has encouraged us not to be troubled during these times as He has defeated death. Some of us will have to be killed for refusing to take the mark of the beast, or the number of his name, or refusing to worship the image of the beast. That is a biblical fact. Thus let’s be ready instead of being afraid brothers and sisters.

          • So let’s your still a kid and your mom is the one that makes the decisions. How will I avoid the vaccine?

          • i never said anything about fear. But wearing masks shows god you fear.
            @gracie run to the hills or mountians. or have a husband or wife know how to survive in the woods, or friend.
            I am more and more seeing no mask no service meaning you can’t buy or seel without it. I’ve personally been tld I couldn’t sell without it so allowed someone who doesn’t believe in it like i do wear it and sell for us.
            My soul, or consiousnous, and having a immortal body when Jesus does come back is worth a bit of inconveniounce for me even if those around me don’t get it and turn me in or wont come with me when time comes. Even death so yeah I don’t fear as it’s been said or said I said but it is a fearful time to be living now.
            Now that Biden won you can rest assured dark and terrible times are coming and our bill of rights is no more. For in only but the most benign reasons will the courst still side with us now with this coronavirus.
            Kamala is a Hindu and her god is Kali the destroyer she will more than likely be the true power even if Biden is not killed in office.
            Or let say the courts uphold Trumps challenges and they over turn Biden’s win, will the left like that? NO!
            Pfizer and Moderna do seem to be the two companies that will have this ungodly thing and both do us mRNA one uses Luciferin which is Moderna’s Version and Pfizer useses some other technology, but both rely heavily on nanotechnology, and Pfizer’s uses something that from the sounds of it that I’ve looked at on their website that sounds or looks like forced evolution and chrystiline technology or someting. Again no scientist, so don’t understand all I read but htey can’t prove in the lab evolution so they have to force it and with this vaccine will allow them to do just that.
            ignore the scoffers they know nothing. their immortlity that is promised is not worth it to them so…
            I care less that a mask is not on the forehead, for nothing says that has to be a hard and fast rule, but what you think is and what you do is in your hands is so… Now I am seeing these shields. OK better for they offer better airflow, but they are wore on the forehead so…?
            I plan on not taking the vaccine no matter what hardships come sanctions etc…

      • So let’s your still a kid and your mom is the one that makes the decisions. How will I avoid the vaccine?

          • I will gladly get the vaccine to save my life and the !ives of others I love.
            I truly think God wants us to be healthy and avoid sickness suffering and needless death?

          • Hello. I urge you to buy the book I’ll leave the link to (On Amazon); or at LEAST read all of the snippets from the book that Amazon allows you to. The author includes a LEGAL form in his book that can be printed out and handed to any doctor who tells a person that either they or their children MUST get vaccinated. it’s a LIE. We or our children do NOT ‘have to be’ vaccinated; and I would not WILLINGLY receive ANY vaccine.
            Vaccines have NOT eradicated diseases as we have been TOLD they have. There are some books touting vaccines as being totally safe AND necessary; but there are DOZENS of books stating….WITH documented PROOF…that they are NEITHER. The statistics for the INCREASE of deaths and illnesses DIRECTLY related to vaccines has increased exponentially alongside the use of them. If you decide to be vaccinated or to have your child(ren) vaccinated; then please; at LEAST do so AFTER having read ALL of the literature that states their dangers.
            Here is the link:

          • I’ll take my chances of survival by NOT TAKING a vaccine of any kind. With a 99. plus percentage of survival if we catch the virus …I believe is MUCH SAFER than taking a vaccine that should have been years in the making and testing but has been pushed through in MONTHS! Because of this, the companies making these vaccines are NOT LIABLE if someone dies or has complications from them. Higher risk of something happening with an unproperly untested vaccine than catching a virus that most people beat. All I ask is the choice to do it the way my body wants and I will give you that choice as well. You want to be the testing ground for this vaccine…go for it. I will support you 100% but ask for the same in return.

          • Get the vaccine you are a lunatic as anything Bill Gates is attached to is evil-sinister and down right diabolical. Go ahead, get the vaccine and you will either die, get deathly ill and have your DNA altered for life as Bill Gates authored the no liability to Vaccine manufacturers if you get sick, die or have an adverse reaction to the vaccine. You are a complete idiot and a fool for trusting the Govt who is part of Bill Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner, The Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s and the Bilderberg’s NWO. The Vaccine is a killer and they are moving way to fast without at least a two year testing and study to make sure it is safe. Very few people are getting he virus without a Vaccine so what makes you think the vaccine will prevent you from getting the virus.

        • The patents clearly evidentally show that the vaccine is the mark satan, the mark of the beast. Do not get it. Say NO. The virus is all a hoax. The masks are a precursor to the mark of the beast satan’s rfid chip.

        • So lets as in me or something? or is that a reply to someone with that handle or the above comment of let us look forward to death comment?
          I’m 54 so no not correct as to the others age who knows.
          I look forward to eternal life not death, but if what I see coming and it’s open like scripture says and not sublte like I do see then someong holding a gun to my head telling me to give up Christ or he shoots I would tell him to pound sand. i dont fear the virus and would rather catch it and be done with it recover or die…
          So in only the least ways I have to in-order to get treatment for cancer but even then I balk about having to wear one I don’t in public nor in the stores, but I see that’s faslty becoming less and less allowed so if I can’t buy or sell without the I make friends of the mamon. that’s also one way of avoiding it the vaccine etc…

      • Follow your gut. You got that right. We are being trained as “sheeple” so we can go about our days.

      • @Edward Pettinger Yes, they are psychologically conditioning the masses to the coming mark of the beast. Hence the forehead scanning with an infrared temperature gun. That thing is not even a “thermometer” gun, it doesn’t use mercury. It uses infrared which is said to be dangerous for the pineal gland. And yes, they can scan another part of your body… the neck. But still, you agreeing to be scanned is all they want to see. To them it’s indicative enough that you most likely will take the mark of the beast.

        • Luvuyo has the possibility ever crossed your mind that the reason they are taking your temperature and are requiring you to wear a mask is because we are in the middle of a medical crisis called a Pandemic, all would that just be asking to much of you. This idea that it has something to do with the MOTB is not only ludicrous but quite frankly Laughable.

      • The actual “Mark _of_the_Beast ,is a digital tattoo emblem of a thirteen pointed ☀ sun, the size of a nickle with a ✋ hand insignia in the center of the image. It goes on the forehead or the right ✋ hand. , but you can also take the Antichrist name or His number “666_ ..of course you cannot be tricked into taking any of these marks… No, you would have to ” Deny ” Jesus first! So, remember not to take any such mark and always follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit !

      • stop shopping at Walmart its a product of communist china and members of the world economic forum all for Satan woo hoo good times to hell with walmart

    • While Billy Bob’s undercover vaccine is not the mark of the beast as it were, this planned-demic (and all of the advances in electronics/technology) is the SET-UP for the new world order and ITS expected mass compliance of the population. It is DEFINITELY paving the way for the beast and false prophet. The money that the elite globalists and their posse have invested is ASTRONOMICAL. Do you really believe that all this 5G and mega satellite installation is for you to see videos faster???? Please wake up and smell…the…coffee. Grow up in Christ so you can have your senses exercised to discern both good and evil (Hebrews 5:11-14).

      • Where is the proof that anyone spent any money on the pandemic? Where is the proof it was man-made? Why do you believe 5G is involved in this, every phone carrier has their own versions that do not even contain the same technology inside….
        Who is controlling this new world order?
        Where is this coffee, I can’t smell any besides my own.
        But really, please spell out your details and conclusions. Otherwise you lack credibility. I am not a left thinker, but they are very articulate of their thoughts and cute sources.

        • I refuse to get a mark on my head or forehead .whether it be a 666 scare or not. Government is trying to take control and I am not going to be traced down and trapped by them. It’s cruel and unbelievable the lengths Government will go to take away people’s rights..Good luck getting me to submit!!

          • Thank you Robert you’re absolutely right.
            It’s a shame he left that part out of his long-winded pieces of the Bible that he wants us to see without giving us all the facts.
            I would suggest to anyone please watch the video who is Bill Gates you will need to watch all of it to answer any question you may have regarding the virus and its ties to the Holy Bible.

            This is a long video but at the end you will see its well worth your time to make your own decisions.

          • But what do you think about getting the 2nd stimulus check , do you think they will tell us either get this vaccine or you won’t get your stimulus money ?

        • sir you might be part of theinfiltrateed church gov agent.A virus has no power to infect a person since are solvents and can not NOT infect airborne.Solvents have no life by consequence needs animal tissue to drop the toxicity.only via injection you can enter into the blood stream.that’s why you can not catch a virus other than natural; detoxification of the cells which only happens in each individual according to their habits.If you had a detox of your cells you do not need another so how every person is getting a detox all at the same time?impossible.only vioa an injection is a plandemic.get science facts not blind faith from the media or scientism

        • No offence but you sound unwise and like a fleshy Christian. Any discerning believer can see the obvious traps and can tell the 5G poles are basically gonna turn people into walking satellites prone to being tracked down if they violate any terms and conditions regarding Bill Gates. The aim is to lower the population by 2030. And if you believe Christians are gonna be raptured before the great suffering hits think again. We must all go through it THEN just before the 7th trumpet is blown the true believers will be raptured.

          • Incorrect. Christians are not going through tribulation or appointed unto God’s wrath.
            We ARE looking forward to be Raptured safely by Jesus Christ.
            We are NOT looking for the Antichrist, nor looking forward to the plagues coming upon the ungodly.
            That is our blessed hope!
            You would have us look forward to punishment?!!! What kind of Rapture is that?!!!!
            God has provided a provision as He did with Noah and the Ark.
            Our Ark is Jesus Christ!
            Adrian, -you would have us hunker down & be preppers. God never tells us to do that in end times.
            We are to be joyful, expectant and witnessing as never before!

          • @James Knox. I too used to believe in ‘the Rapture’, until I was shown the truth. I URGE you to read all of the words on these sites:


            The ‘wrath’ that you mention; which some people believe is ‘the tribulation’ is not; ‘the wrath’ the Bible speaks of is God’s eternal Judgement. We know from Revelation that MANY Christians will be beheaded for holding fast to The Faith until THE END. I don’t know if you believe that being beheaded qualifies for Tribulation; but I’d guess that most people do; and THAT will be the CULMINATION of Tribulation; there will ALSO be MANY Christians who will be TORTURED for The Faith. Sounds pretty much like Tribulations to me; but of course that is different than what the world will experience. God PUT US HERE PRECISELY TO PREACH TO EVERYONE WHO IS NOT SAVED BEFORE THE VERY END; He is NOT whisking us away from trouble. He is setting us smack-dab in the center of it. Please do not read any ‘attitude’ in my words; it’s always hard to just read something someone writes. We inevitably put our OWN ‘spin’; our own ‘attitudes’ on what is written. I mean no harm; only good. God bless.
            Oh and I also must address your sentences—“Adrian, -you would have us hunker down & be preppers. God never tells us to do that in end times.” I don’t agree; God ALWAYS expects His children to be prepared; MOSTLY spiritually of course; but ALSO naturally; but NOT WITH FEAR; that is the difference between the world and Christians; the world operates in fear…we see it greatly magnified now…but Christians should be peacefully prepared. God uses MEANS; and IF we have no food; either God will miraculously provide OR we will die. But that does not ever mean that WE should not be prepared; that is utter foolishness. We can have all the faith in the world; but God STILL uses means; which translates into US taking care of OURSELVES as much as we are ABLE to; THEN we leave what we CAN’T do to God.

          • Can’t they trace us already through cell phones? I know that not everyone has one so this vaccine thing could be their solution but not everyone will get one. So I’m thinking it’s just a precursor to the future mark because they will have to make buying and selling the main tool. Some can survive off the land better than others however lots of land us being owned by the government and illegal to go to? I’m not sure how long I could go without food or soap etc but it will surely be a time of fasting and praying for strength and guidance that I don’t do now as my needs are met. Will keep asking God for guidance because much mixed views because of spiritual growth. Love you keep close to Christ. Also God says we’re sealed by his Spirit until the day of redemption do trusting that nothing can unseal or seperate from God?

        • @ JK – Scientists (virologists) have said that in its natural form, coronavirus does not cross over from animals to humans. It must be manipulated in a lab in order to do so. Therefore, COVID-19 MUST have been manipulated in a lab to have spread in the human population as it has, because it COULD NOT do so in its natural form. Secondly, Dr. Fauci has ties to the Wuhan lab (I read an article confirming exactly what those ties are), and also has ties to the U.N. and the WHO, which has praised the Communist leader of China for his “handling” of COVID-19 in China. Bill Gates, George Soros, and the female doctor in the CDC also have ties to the U.N. and WHO. And to think they COULDN’T have already spent massive amounts of money on development of this vaccine is really naive. What proof would anyone need in order to believe that? Common sense tells a person that development of vaccines is very costly.

        • This article discredits the correlation between “mark of the beast” and “Covid 19 vaccine” with two reasoning.

          1. The mark of the beast is not physical.

          2. The “motb” is correlated to the worship of the beast.

          Why You should look at this from a different perspective.

          The basis of America’s most popular religion(s) is there is only one God, The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate, worship him. With that being said, there is currently a divide in human opinion on whether we should be injecting this vaccine or any other for that matter. To argue which side “God” is on is impossible to say. But there is an obvious split in “worship”. Worship can mean anything, you don’t have to be encircled in candles to worship. Now on to what I think of this article.

          1. The writer of this piece has tried to define the Word of God by saying “the motb is by no means a medical procedure, most likely it’s not even physical” Who is any man trying to define the meaning of God? How can you confidently and boldly state the “meaning” of Gods words with absolute certainty? If you believe God speaks only in literal terms here is an example. “They forgot God, and God forgot them” If you were to take that literally, that would make God forgetful and more importantly imperfect. It is important we find our own meaning in God’s words for he gave us a mind so We can think for ourselves.

          2. The beast does not have to be a red man with sharp piercing horns. The beast is a threat to humanity. As for now we don’t know for absolute certainty that these hastily cultivated vaccines are not a threat. Especially when ones that have been developed over the past 10 years are still causing physical damage today in 2020. I’m no one to say who sides with the Devil and who sides with God. But God does say those who worship money will never have enough, whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. We must now look at the front runners developing these miracle cures. The same ones who have never, and will never put anything of that sort into their own children. This causes me and I’m sure many like me to question. Not instantly worship but question, as we should question everything.

          Ultimately I urge you to look at this from your own perspective, not to resist, but simply question Truly what is happening. God gave you a mind so you can think. You may side with either side because in the end all we can do is act based on our processing. Who am I or anyone else to say which side you should choose, I can only choose for me.

          • Yes! and take 2020 ÷ by 666 = 30330

            This is the polls for Biden/Harris text polls number.

            And Google

            Devils. Keep awake. America. Biden is all in on it 👿

        • Why is bill gates behind patenting the “vaccine” and why are big tech giants in on it? OBVIOUSLY FOR SINISTER DEMONIC AGENDA21. THERE’s YOUR EVIDENCE.

        • Lock step out out buy the Rockefeller foundation in 2010.put out a booklet on dealing with philanthropys role in the coming world is a play book for how the pandemics set to play out.along with the fack the world health org.ownes 18 patients on covid viruses as of 2012.and the bill and Malinda gates foundation has received a European patent on a vaccine for corona virus s or how about fuchii being a board member of the b&m gates foun.or him saying in 2017 that before me trump’s term was over we would see a pandemic. Now there going to weed extremists out of the military will they be liberal and conservative extremist which how would you know unless you voilate there first,fourth and fifth amendment rights.And now john kerry and his gang of elitist are going to have the Great Reset. Where the ultra rich are going to redistribute the wealth of the world not there’s but yours and mine of course Please look up every thing I’ve spoken of I believe it to all be factual

      • So let’s your still a kid and your mom is the one that makes the decisions. How will I avoid the vaccine?

        • Pray pray pray grace. Talk to your parents about your concerns. God knows your heart.

        • Don’t Take it! Simple as that! you’re going to starve to death if you do not prepare now. Buy food and water and have a plan. Sheesh. what is wrong with you people?

    • As a Christian, yes get the House bill 6666 microchipped Covid vaccine when it comes out. That way you can buy, sell, travel and have your “certificate of vaccination” ID-19 or Covid!
      Sarcasm of course. Be in prayer. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Obey Matthew 28:19-20 so that you know what to obey as it says “teach them to obey ALL I’ve commanded.” Be very skeptical of Christians who are so openly dismissive of end time seasons and signs. The wheat and tares will eventually be sickled but not yet. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!!! John 12:25.

        • mary bernstein NO. The elect CANNOT be deceived, as scripture shows.

          “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, ‘if it were possible’, they shall deceive the very elect”. Matthew 24:24

            “Matthew 24:24
            24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”


      • The article gives a good historical account of historical events. But hasn’t adequately shed light on the mark of the beast being a “spiritual” mark in my opinion. Instead it left me more confused and with more questions than answers, as I’m trying to wrap my head around this claim. How are we to avoid the “spiritual” mark then, as scripture sternly warns? The follow up article seems to insinuate that this spiritual mark will be some form of worship, but then Revelation 13:15-18 and Revelation 14:9-11 seems to be dealing with the receipt of the mark and the worship thereof as two different issues? In other words, we shall either take the mark, or the number of his name, or worship the beast or his image. Thus if the mark is spiritual why are we given the above-mentioned conditions separately? Shouldn’t we be just warned against the “worshiping” of the beast? I believe the mark of the beast will some form of technology. For I cannot imagine a situation where numerical cases of apostasy/ idol worship were forgiven throughout scripture, but not the coming form of worship? Thus, in my opinion it’s got to be some futuristic technological installation that would link us to the beast system. I don’t believe it to be covid-19 or the vaccine or the RFID chip though. As biblical timing does not support that claim. Instead I believe those are precursors to the coming mark of the beast. The mask and vaccine are most likely to usher us into the NWO.

    • I feel like you need to come to a country like Uganda where corruption has so reached a head that without bribing/corruption or otherwise doing something illegal, you can barely get a business license, or get registered for tax or _not_ get over taxed or sell your wares to the government or get a contract for a building project or a supply project or get work done for you in a government office, or get a policeman to actually listen to your need, or hold someone in a jail cell (i.e. press charges), or file a case with the court of law, or renew your land lease, or get your case seen by a judge, or receive money from abroad, or get your land accurately surveyed, or get services to your site or.. hopefully you can see a trend. If this does not signify the mark of the beast required to sell or buy land, I don’t know what does.

      If you do not see the trail of evil in the world that shows one’s allegiances to the beast, look at the legacies of colonialism, slavery, economic oppression/economic hit-men, transnational lobby-ism. The beast is busy trying to hide behind seemingly innocuous and commonplace economic practices while we go chase him in random humans and viruses and vending machines and microchips.

    • I agree Robert. We won’t wake up one morning and “boom” there it is. It is events that will coalesce and will lead to people being of one “like” mind and will accept the beasts system. People will be conditioned. People will want this mark either by fear, or allegiance. I agree it is spiritual but also physical since it will involve commerce. It will be the false prophet according to Scripture to make people reason to take it. Whatever it may be. I do believe it won’t be by mistake since like someone slipping you a micky. People will be taking it in outright rejection of God since accepting the mark is a sign of worship and allegiance.

      I think as things unfold, Scripture makes it clear what will happen so people at the time will.

          • You’re Wicked and if you don’t repent you will be cast into the lake of fire. I charge you this day to repent of your sins and turn to the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ!

          • Are you kidding Vickie?You want to go to hell and burn for eternity? Put your finger in flame how long can you keep it there? You will have all 5 senses in hell. Turn to Christ and be saved.

      • slipping you a mickey? that’s old school. haven’t heard that in a long time. lol.

        • Pope Francis, Bill Gatz and Ilmar Musk are trying to make the vaccine compolsary the virus was man made we can take vaccine if needed but not the chip in our hand the mark of the beast. It is a little scarey to think cashless society how are we going to feed our family but we have to fight the government and refuse this chip. They’ve been microchipping our pets for years it’s all programming . We must have faith and stick together . God bless you all and keep spreading the word.

    • In New Zealand we have mandatory contact tracing.

      Scanning the forehead or scanning the hand is about to be rolled out shortly.
      If you don’t have the RFID chip, you cannot enter stores (buy or sell).

      Don’t be fooled.. COVID 19 is the precursor to tracing of all individual’s movements.
      It’s the best possible way to roll it out and people will believe they are doing a good thing.

    • If the “mark” is not at all something that could be accidentally taken either why would God tell us we need wisdom?
      Neither Christians nor Hollywood could imagine for how the Mark of the Beast would come into play yet somehow this tiny virus has done that: in one fell swoop it has affected both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave. There has been talk about travel certificates, and needing clearance to go back to work -and shopping is certainly restricted. Research ID2020 Gates plan to number and mark us all. He has partnered with credit card companies in favor of demonetization. Already cash is frowned on or banned in many stores as credit card usage surges. If this is not the end -it certainly is a dress rehearsal for what is to come. The system is being set-up. God predicted it -you can change that -but you can witness like never before and encourage other believers as our redemption draws near. To pretend that nothing sinister is going on -is to trust the wolf wearing sheep’s clothing.
      Is Corona a sign? Corona alone is not -even though it can add up to 666 (6 letters +66).
      God is a God of order and He certainly has given us a number to look out for: there is the Microsoft published patent for a “cryptocurrency system using body activity data.” containing this year’s date along with three 6’s ; the proposed HR6666 bill as well as other 666 words: Bio Implant, Digital ID Chip, Mark of Beast, Mondex Chip, Monetary, RFID Body Tag, RFID Scanner, Verishield, Geneticist, Calculation -and the all important “Vaccination”. Let’s not forget Bill’s starting point “computer”.
      Hard to believe each one adds up to 666 but sometimes God has to go overboard to tell us something.
      666 is actually a word in the original Greek. The word is “Chi Xi Stigma”, the first part denoting the number 666 and the last part “stigma” meaning “to stick or prick, a mark incised or punched (for recognition of ownership)”.
      And what’s in a name? The patent holder for an implantable homing device is Dr. Daniel Man or “God will judge” Man.
      Bill Gates = “to draft of a proposed law” “to -close in.”
      (Which is certainly what we are experiencing now)

      • You are on it. at least I ain’t the only one who can see this people are in denial it is sad ..before all covid 19and lockdowns started I really didn’t take religion to seriously more rather than a guide to be moral people too know and practice to be good hearted I seen what has unraveled so plainly and obvious that I seen it so can the ones that are religious, seriously religious ignore the facts that is slapped right in thier faces still deny what is going on is what we were warned about in all faiths of the no matter what faith you come from if you truly are a person of good intentions and good hearted and believe in what is the same morals that all can agree in about true freedom and not being controlled then all that agrees for that alone should be enough to reject anything that is forced on u against your will is the essence of evil.s stand together and fight back against the tyranny may your God bless you all

        • Hi Patrick,
          Glad that your eyes have been opened to recognize biblical truth!
          This truth came from Jesus Christ so we have to pay attention to all the other
          truths He said such as “No one comes to the Father except through Him” (John 14:6)
          The entire point of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins -is because our “good” intentions are not “good enough”. Close only counts in hand-grenades -a miss is as good as a mile for being perfect in God’s eyes. None of us are -which is why our “good heartedness” is not good enough. Jesus gave us a few options: witness about Him to others; expect to be Raptured or taken out of this coming storm because of our faith in Jesus Christ; reject His teachings and expect a living hell on earth and final judgment at the white throne with all unbelievers. The 1st two are your best options!
          Blessings Patrick,

          • Amen, they have no Biblical wisdom whatsoever who can say its only spiritual. Its always both since we are spiritual people in a physical dimension. IDK what this author is doing besides being in denial and leading people astray–either purposefully or not. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Buy food and have a plan.

          • I hear want you are saying there Steve. Google up Ken Gentry and his series on Revelation. Its a real eye opener

      • “he that has wisdom calculate the number of the beast for it is the number of a man” I would not use the word calculate as the correct translation, because people are picking it up from the wrong angle. I would use the term or word “identify” the beast. 666 is the rotating presidency of the EU. it is the number of a man in office. hence six months, six months, six months. about the year 2007 they blocked these six months terms into three’s called the “TRIO”. this is what john was describing in Patmos. now when the antichrist appears in the EU, he will allow the army to attack the church or believers. he will be allowed to continue for 42 months. during these three and a half years, seven kings will serve in the rotating presidency, each one “six months” seven times six equals forty two months. during johns vision five had served, one is, and there is one more to come, and he will rule for a short space “six months”. check this out with revelation 13, and seventeen.

        • I crack up at how many people are Sticking up for COVID hoax, you already have the Mark of the Beast, that Mark is the Strong Delusion, you also will automatically Hate Trump who was chosen by God.

      • Have you watched the video who is Bill Gates it’s a must-see I think you would really like watching it. I personally feel it ties the virus to the Holy Bible.

        Warning…..its long but well worth watching. I feel it also answers another question about the Antichrist.

        • Why do you continue posting this when there are multiple items on that page? At least point to a specific video.

      • What should we do to keep our families safe I live in WA and am on the disability pension so I’m worried that I won’t have a chance and forced to have this mark of the beast. I will pray have faith and fight but must admit I heard of this over 20 year’s ago and can’t believe it’s here this site is very helpful and important I’ve shared with everyone I no God bless us all 🙏❤️🙌💪


    • Thank you so much for clarifying this point. I actually came back to this article a couple of hours after reading it. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the mark of the beast possibly being a “spiritual” mark. This was just stirring my spirit, prompting me to come back to this article with the exact same scripture you’ve quoted Revelation 13:16-17. I actually took it to verse 18. I don’t think the mark of the beast can be studied in isolation from the other two key factors which carry the same penalty as the mark, should one accept or partake in: receiving the number of his name, and worshipping his image. I can’t seem to phathom how the spiritual mark would accommodate these two aspects of scripture. I believe CV-19 is a massive social experiment meant to usher in the NWO, and conditioning the populace for the coming mark of the beast… well, in the long term. See how we are unable to buy or sell unless we have mask… now substitute the ‘s’ in mask with an ‘r’ and see where we going with this. Someone wrote: mask now and mark later.

    • The author is naive, and so many of you.

      Look into the 060606 Microsoft patent and read into it. You’ll see that it’s an internal, crypto currency. This will take over cash and plastic cards and be a form of an internal currency based on your behavior. You won’t be able to buy food or water without said currency one day.

      The vaccine and microchip will all be linked together with this. The vaccine will have nanotechnology in it as a tracking system, and the microchip (060606 patent) will be charged by what’s called as Luciferase.

      And because “theologians” and such aren’t talking about it should make you aware of why this is it- God hides revelation to the proud, but gives grace and revelation to the humble.

      • Spot on
        There is a global shutdown and economic dismay worldwide and more and more places are going Cashless why so that a mark can be enforced it’s an RFID chip in the hand and people already are chipping themselves wake up it’s been planned and executed by Lucifer and the people in power who serve him. This system is global the rich rule over the poor it’s not different no matter what country you go to. We have global tracking, payments in our phones all linked to the internet where we make accounts to use websites and shop. 5G is being erected globally so they can continue to build the surveillance systems remember Lucifer vowed to be as God. He created a fake world full of fleshy Lusts, he is trying to be omnipresent by having governments use facial recognition technology and global surveillance through Google Earth and Elon Musks Space X.

        The Globalist elites are establishing this New World Order. The devil has them all deceived.

        The world is Fallen. Don’t trust the government. Trust Jesus Christ to reveal the truth to you. Ask Him and he will show you.

        11:11 the last hour

        • Why don’t you just stop worrying about this stuff and live your life? Get out in the sunshine, enjoy nature, go to the beach, go to the park. Play a game with your family, watch a good movie. Life is too short for all this worrying about nothing.

        • So should we assume that the writer of this article will take the RFID chip if it becomes mandatory in order to buy or sell? I’ve always believed that the mark was a spiritual mark. However, if any of these conspiracy theories should come to fruition I will not take that chip! I’m trying to sort out truth. So many doctrinal lies out there. One topic at at times is how I’m handling it along with the Lords help through his Word. I will say that I watched a couple of Chinese people purchase with their hands just a few days ago in the news. They just held their hands out and were scanned to purchase in a store. Totally wild and weird to see this. Things are so crazy right now and nothing at this point would surprise me. 2 Thessalonians 2:11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie. God help us to find your truth and to not believe the lie.

          • Watch In The Shadow of Hermes and The Greatest Story Never Told by Dennis Wise for a hint. If tribulation is the worst time of the world and it’s worse than that… Well get ready. Don’t take the vaccine.

        • Hi Katherine Glass! Love to converse with you.Trying to know and come to Christ.

          In Friendship,


      • There aren’t any pastors I know talking about any events going on. They are all sell outs to the false prophet, the Pope, in their Ecumenical movement towards their one world religion. The Pope is false prophet along with Protestant pastors who are both gagged by the 501c3 and/or are Jesuit/Masons. John MacCarthur says you can take the Mark of the Beast, and the other way to lose your salvation, blaspheming the Holy Spirit, is what Billy Graham did multiple times, saying you don’t have to know Jesus to be saved. So we have the most popular “Evangelicals” leading their flocks off cliffs. Why would the guy that wrote this, or other “leading” pastors have any wisdom to give.

        God pour out His Holy Spirit in End Times to “nobodys” like myself. The Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast. It usurps the blood of Jesus, by literally being placed inside our bloodstream, causing the abomination of desolation in the Temple. Daily sacrifices stop, because those who take it lose their free will. Iron and Clay do not mix. We will have to take the Mark/vaccine in order to buy and sell of course, but really in order to eat.

        The two witnesses in End Times are both the Old and New Testament, and those who preach it are Holy Spirit filled Christians who didn’t take the Mark, and are left lying in the streets for all to see.

        My dream 8 years ago; I saw my 4 kids in line at our “church”, with church leaders and FEMA folks sitting and standing along tables with computers and doctors with needles. There was cookies and hot chocolate, cut sandwiches at the end of the line. My kids were hungry, I was begging for them to get out of line. The church leaders kept pointing to a chalk board with Romans 13.

        I wrote a book about End Times and this last “Beast System”. free download

      • Exactly! Now one can not buy or sell without The Mask! And Prince Charles is the prime mover behind the great Global reset. Its shocking to see Christians stumble over themselves trying to deny the obvious

    • Maybe the beast is the Coronavirus, created by man in a lab and the mark of said beast is having to wear a mask on your head and gloves and sanitizers on your hand. 666? Trying to figure that one out.

    • Thank you Robert you’re absolutely right.
      It’s a shame he left that part out of his long-winded pieces of the Bible that he wants us to see without giving us all the facts.
      I would suggest to anyone please watch the video who is Bill Gates you will need to watch all of it to answer any question you may have regarding the virus and its ties to the Holy Bible.

      This is a long video but at the end you will see its well worth your time to make your own decisions.

    • It is true, this pandemic has made us look at things differently.

    • I’ve read as many posts below as I had time to and my heart breaks. Folks, those of us that accept Gods gift of Salvation through the death, burial and Resurection of his Son Jesus will not be here during the time of the Tribulation which will lead to the implementation of the Mark Of The Beast. We will be taken to Heaven during the Rapture. Following the Rapture the Antichrist and False Prophet will come to power. During this time there will be a physical MOTB needed to survive. Many will not get it and will accept Gods gift of Salvation. They will be executed.

      • No, there is no such thing. Jesus is coming at the Seventh and last trumpet. He said it himself and Paul confirmed it. in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the LAST TRUMP. You are believing some man named Darby’s false interpretation. You will have no one to blame but yourself if you do not prepare yourself and what about your family? Your children will starve. I’m sorry, but He who endures till the end shall be saved. You’re not going see Jesus until the second coming. Every eye will see him. Its not a “secret” rapture, its the DAY of the LORD and men will run and hide from the face of the Lord. 7th trumpet! that means all the previous trumpets must sound before Jesus comes. Hello, McFly! its not rocket science. Just read the Words of Jesus in Matthew 24. Please!

      • I’ve had a bad feeling about this expectation of the Rapture before the Mark of the Beast is enforced. People who believe this will be utterly unprepared. The Last Trump is also confirmed in Revelation, because the 2 witnesses are resurrected just before the last (7th) trump sounds. Since the 2 witnesses are killed by the Beast, and the whole world rejoices in their death, and the 2 witnesses are 2 candlesticks, which are churches, obviously there will be churches persecuted by the beast. Tribulation is what Satan and his marked ones do to the saints before Christ returns. Wrath is what the Christ the Lamb does to Satan and his marked ones after rescuing the living saints and resurrecting the dead ones. Those running to hide from the face of the Lord will be marked with the mark of the Beast, and they’ll be running to hide because they know they persecuted the saints, who are the apple of God’s eye.

    • The mark is spiritual in nature because taking it will signify allegiance to the Beast world system. It will also be tangible. It will be a chip inserted in the right hand or the forehand. If you understand the OT, this is exactly where the devout men of Israel wore the Law, the Commandments…a small box called a phylactery was worn, held by leather bands, on the right hand or around the forehead. The Law was in a small scroll in the box.
      Satan isn’t original. He’s a counterfeiter.
      The chip is already in use much more than you think. It’s not the final chip, but is a precursor employed to condition the lost to receive the final one. No money,no cards. Everything is loaded by computer on to the chip. You pass a chip reader either at the head or hand level to pay for things and it is debited.
      Where I live, you cannot buy or sell unless you are wearing a mask, a muzzle. You can’t buy food or any type of goods. The parallel is all too clear. The world is being warned, but Jesus Christ said they would not listen.
      The computer was brought into existence for exactly this purpose.

    • “It causes all…to be marked” doesn’t imply willing ascent, Matthew. Maybe you should allow scripture to speak on its own behalf.

    • know that this plandemic is for the 1% of this world which is referred to as the wickedness in high places in the bible. They and their partners in crime agenda is to push their VACCINATION with the chip in it… which by the way is considered to be “mark of the beast ” this Plandemic is the start of their New World Order agenda. And it’s so sad that people of this world are sooooo brainwashed to the point that they can’t even see the danger a head of them.

      share a link with you:

    • I agree the mark is a tangible mark. The vaccine is not the mark but I perceive it as the “alcohol swipe” that is given to prepare the arm for the injection. The vaccine will include some nano tech, that will not only include some tech for identification purposes, but will so-called ‘prepare’ the person to accept whatever is projected on the mind of the person. As such even the very elect my fall

      • E Kruger. I am absolutely stunned that you think the alcohol swab has something to do with the Mark. There is NO such thing as ” The Mark Of The Beast” in the 21st century, there was no such thing in the previous 19 century before that. The prophecy in Revelation 13 was totally fulfilled in the 1st Century along with the 666 Anti Christ. Google up Dr Ken Gentry on You Tube and view his Vid ” The Beast of Revelation IDENTIFIED “

        • So you’ve watched a random video on you tube that fits your viewpoint and that’s your proof that it’s all rubbish?!
          Good luck with Mr Gates vaccine.
          Remember, you had a choice.

        • Thats correct paddle. Also explains it well. Many people just like their ears tickled. The only thing left is the descent of Jesus Christ to establish His Kingdom here on this earth. The Kingdom is already here as the parable of the mustard seed alludes too. Allegiance to Gods Kingdom is what is required

    • The Coronavirus vaccine will be an RNA vaccine that is capable of changing your DNA, possibly rendering you transhuman. Beware if you are transhuman, then you are not human and not covered by the blood of Jesus who died for all humans. Bill Gates and others are pushing for a digital tattoo that upon scanning will provide your entire vaccination/medical history. They *will* require this vaccine to buy and sell.

    • Understanding the nature of the new vaccines and how they will employ nano-technology that will act upon your DNA (your body’s blueprint ie, Gods design and information (He owns the rights:) agree or not)), might change or tweak your perspective and interpretation a little. The Beast is a system (see Daniel) and like all systems it has components. The high priests and clergy of this Beast system wear white coats and are called scientists and doctors…science is the religion. Beware.
      “As in the days of Noah” What was it like then? What was roaming around? Gen chapter 6 gives some detail. You’re relationship with your Father determines your understanding of His Word. Academics and theologians do not – we each have our own personal walk (halak in the Hebrew). God does not contradict Himself…we’d all be on the same page if our walk was on point. Love the Lord your God with all…ALL, your heart. ALL your soul and ALL your strength and (then you’ll be able to) Love your neighbor (because You get His desire and Love to draw from) as yourself. (Who love(s)d you first?). On this you can hang the whole TANACH.
      Love to you brothers and sisters.

    • I will write more but I can debunk your debunk article of disbelief and cynicism.

      I will explain and demonstrate how it’s not Christians that are misrepresenting themselves or being misrepresented by being suspicious of the vaccines and how they want to track it and how they could correlate it with the mark of the beast rightly so being cautious. I don’t believe they are misrepresenting themselves I believe you are misrepresenting them and just trying to prove that Christians are lunatics. #ProjectionIsConfession
      We live in a world where up is down and down is up and user have demonstrated that in this article.

    • So a few things to consider. First new vaccine technology uses the crisper technique. Bill gates explains this as the vaccine actually goes in and replaces the strand of DNA that coincides with immunity. It changes your DNA permanently. No chip that can be removed. Second we are moving into a cashless society. Some places are claiming coin shortage and only accept cards or exact change. Some fear touching money. Third, we will be tracked and traced and the bill that proposes this is bill HR6666. Fourth they are proposing an iridescent tattoo on your right hand That can be scanned to prove you have gotten the vaccine. No vaccine no traveling no working no buying and selling just like no MASK right now. Its especially easy to control when you are all digital. No under the table cash. No mark you starve. Sounds like the mark of the beast to me. Uncannily described literarily over 2000 years ago. The whole world will be scared into it. This means Jesus is coming very soon because the Church is supposed to be raptured before the peace treaty in Israel with the antichrist. So if pretrib rapture is correct and the covid vaccine is crisper technology and we are headed toward cashless and a tattoo to prove immunity and it will be here in about a year or two then tribulation is coming soon. If APOPHIS is supposed to hit earth either 2029 or 2036 then I would guess we have 2-7 years before tribulation. I know no one knows the day but the pieces fit the puzzle.

    • Susan’s Testimony About the Mark of the Beast (3 separate confirmations)
      On recent occasions, I have spoken to two different groups of people in two different locations/venues about the coming of the Mark of the Beast and that the current RFID chip and the corresponding International bar coding system was the Mark of the Beast as mentioned in the Bible. The LORD has revealed to me over and over that the RFID chip/International bar coding system is the one and only mark antichrist system. The LORD recently confirmed this to me again.
      Here is what happened. I spoke to my Bible study group that despite what people said this RFID system is the mark of the beast. As I was speaking to the Bible study group about how the LORD has revealed this to me over and over, one of the ladies in the Bible study had left the room and came back in with a stunned look on her face. After I finished telling the group about the truth of the RFID chip, the lady who came back into the room said she saw a large angel standing behind me looking down on me the whole time I was speaking to the group. She continued to describe the angel as very bright and she saw his face and it looked like a man’s face. That was the first encounter…
      About two weeks later, I was speaking to a completely different group in Chicago and putting out the same message about the coming of the LORD and the RFID chip. And yet another person claimed (she did not know about the other encounter with the angel), she saw a large angel standing behind me as I spoke. She said this angel had a gold crown on and was sprinkling gold dust on my shoulder as I spoke to the people.
      Now I just want to say that these people who reported seeing these two different angels did not know about each other’s sightings nor had they spoken to each other—and yet they reported almost identical accounts. I believe this is another clear sign to me that the RFID microchip is the mark of the beast.
      Mark of the Beast…My Testimony (3rd one)
      Several years ago, I had read someone’s account of the Mark of the Beast of Revelation that they had in a dream in the 70s. In their dream the LORD showed them the exact location on the body that the “chip” would be placed into the individual. He had created a diagram of what he saw and how it was placed in the hand between the webbing of the thumb and index finger (this has since come to pass). I was intrigued by this account because at that point in time, this information did not exist. After reading this account, the next morning I told my son, who was a fifth grader at the time (and at that time no one knew where the chips would be inserted in the body), the story and how the man described the location of the placement of the chip in the human hand. Next I was on the verge of showing my son the location on the hand and suddenly my son cried out in pain. He had shooting pain and he showed me the place he felt this pain–IT WAS EXACTLY WHERE THE MAN SAID THE CHIP WOULD BE PLACED IN THE HAND. My son said the sharp pain he felt was right in the web of his hand between the thumb and the index finger and he said the pain shot up his arm from that point. I was absolutely speechless because prior to this he had no idea what I was going to tell him. I was stunned by this event. I knew then just how serious this whole thing is. Today people say that the RFID chip is only a precursor to the actual “mark” but it’s not about whether its the first generation or second generation of this technology that qualifies it as the “mark” IT IS ABOUT THE TRADE-OFF OF TRUSTING A MAN-MADE SYSTEM OF PLAYING GOD VS. GOD AS THE CHOICE OF HUMANITY. ANYTHING YOU IMPLANT IN YOUR BODY AND CHOOSE HUMAN TECHNOLOGY OVER GOD IS GOING TO CONDEMN YOU. Revelation 14:11 (KJV): And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

    • You are 100% correct. The thing that has been very eye-opening to me is how compliant the majority of people seem to be. They are like zombies. Their inability to look at the actual data, ask questions, and think critically about the extreme response to Covid-19 is very telling and shows that they already have a kind of blind faith in the government and people in positions of power.

      • I agree it’s very scary.. people can believe what they want but I am a Christian and I do believe that this vaccine could be the mark of the beast.. I believe it will come to the point of them not letting you fly, come in grocery stores to buy food etc. without the vaccine and that’s a scary thing to think about. Read the scriptures in the Bible about the end times.. it’s near and no, no one knows when it’s coming but if you look at all the hate going on around you between everyone and the pandemic it will become obvious to you.. please get your lives right with God and read the Bible.. May God bless all of you reading this..

    • I’m not replying to anyone here, but just squeezing in without having to scroll through any more comments, I’ve read too many. Has anybody researched them inserting another person’s DNA into their body as they did with the woman’s cells (HeLa cells) that multiplied? The HeLa cells are in almost everybody’s body so I feel like a form of DNA from COVID-19 patient survivors will be in our bodies. Kind of like flu vaccines? Am I off on this? Just curious.

    • That is a very keen response. I have wondered the same thing my whole life. This many people could be tricked. Including myself if God were to allow it. The way I look at covid 19 isit’s a social experiment that will set up eventually the mark of the beast because it was practiced already. In response to the author of the article, I feel like you’re being very vague with your interpretations. And when you refer to the beast a normal sensible person would never worship and follow a beast that is going to lead them to hell and destruction and pain and chaos they are tricked into it, so above all else guard your heart.

    • The mark of the beast is a human number which controls ppl and enables you to buy and sell . The number is a tool that’s been used by all and required today. It’s something that god never introduced. $$$ money that’s the mark of the beast created by man/beast for the creation of divisions just like religion

    • This is typical “I went to seminary and know best” elitism from an arrogant pastor talking down to the “flock.” I think this pastor represents everything Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24. People are asking fair, Jesus recommended questions of these alleged leaders and scientists who would happily lead them out into the desert. I’ve been incredibly disappointed in how many faith leaders I’ve seen warning people against fear and “conspiracy theories” when they ask very fair questions as instructed by the only Shepard that matters, Jesus himself. Lastly, this ridiculously arrogant and patronizing post didn’t age well as we all correctly predicted that airlines, music venues, and other businesses are now pushing for mandatory vaccines in order to “buy or sell.” While this may not be the mark, any discerning Christian can see where this is headed. Shame on the author. You can have your “scholars (see also pharisees),” I’ll go ahead and take my instructions from Jesus.

    • The COVID-19 vaccine has an ingredient in it call luciferase along with DNA of animals like monkeys and minks (beasts) that’ll go into your blood stream… I won’t get into it too much but Satan is clever and I feel that he is preparing to claim souls with this vaccine. Without it, we won’t be able to do anything. Be careful where you lead people.

    • Y’all are going to pay dearly on judgment day for misleading people! This vaccine contacts numbers that are mentioned in the Bible as well as fetus tissue from ABORTED babies!!! Y’all are NOT God and deceiving people is exactly what the devil does by using you!!!!! No sound theology about deceiving people into taking a vaccine that Bill Gates created and he’s killed many caused others to be unable to walk, etc) in India as well as Africa!!! The side effects are horrible!!!!

    • Rev 14 states: Her Wrath of Fornication.

      Only God brings Wrath.
      The Father is Eloah. The Mother is El Shaddai, yes, the “Her” we search for (proverbs 1..)

      We know all power, honor and glory is given unto Jesus, The Ressurection. And Jesus testimony provides the answer we need as we live through the generation, as signified by the birth in Rev 12.

      The answer is like babies milk:
      Be obedient to God and have Faith in Jesus Christ.

      Ref: earthquake in Concepcion, FukuSheMa, christ church, Agean Sea, etc.

      Thru authority of Jesus, we may deduce false doctorine in the church and Jesus testimony reveals an apocalyptic time in a generation as was with moses, elijah, and noah.

      Rev 12:11 states we will die, not rapture.

      Rev 13 description of a lamb is not an anti christ. A lamb is of God. King David states: let the horns of the righteous be lifted.

      She was given a white garment: this is not the church. A bride picks her dress and is not seen until walking the aisle. Jesus was given a white garment and tomb..

      Geez, to think one man, let alone all the pastors of the church are the bride of christ..
      Totally perverse… like said in Jude.

      Deserving of a Her Wrath in Rev 14..

      So Jesus testimony is we live thru Revelelations, die once on earth, unlock the 1,000 years until the First Ressurrection where hopefully we do not taste of the second death and then he takes a bride.

      Note rapture has never occurred since prophecy 150 years ago, therefore jesus Prophets of Rev 11 are like ezechial states in the house of the lord there are ministers of the 4 directions boiling the congregations.

    • This is not a reply to anyone but I couldn’t figure out how to make a comment.
      When we add up letters and numbers in and a person’s name in English… shouldn’t we do this only with Hebrew alphabet?

    • The vaccine is the mark of the beast, it will change your DNA and RNA, that’s putting its own mark. The chip is the number of the beast and the Tattoo is the name of the beast!! When they give you the vaccine, the chip will be in the needle and you will give the vaccine and the chip, as for the Tattoo, I don’t know how they is going to give it to you yet. It might be in one of the vaccine, im not sure. But the vaccine is the mark, because it will put its own mark in you and the chip is the number and it’s going to track you, the Tattoo is the name and the name of the Tattoo is Luciferian. Vaccine =6 chip =6 and Tattoo =6 = 666. The Bible says that it will be a separation between GOD’S people and the devil people, well the vaccine is the separation because GOD’S people can’t take that vaccine, GOD won’t let us!!! Here is some nuggets. The vaccine is going to bring in the tribulation and the tribulation is going to bring in the Anti christ and the anti christ is going to finish bringing in the new world order!!! The vaccine is going to make everyone that takes it evil and killing is going to be worse than it is now and that’s is what they need to bring Satan on the scene and change the constitution, that’s how the new world order coming. When Satan comes he suppose to fix whats broken, Satan children is breaking everything so Satan can fix it when he comes. Everyone that takes the vaccine will Automatic receive Satan as God!!! The vaccine is digital and the chip, the Tattoo is digital too so you will be hooked up to the internet!! www. Whatever they want you to be and want you to do!!! U won’t be human anymore and you are not taking the mark by accident because GOD’S people are telling you and you choose not to believe and you are making that choice to take it anyway!!! The devil lies and his children lies too!!! That vaccine is not for covid, it is to change and control you!! The Bible says that the mark will be in you, not on you. That’s why you won’t be able to repent because you won’t be able to get it out!!! The Tattoo is the one that is going on your head or hand from the inside, how, I don’t know but they do!!! Please don’t take the vaccine!! Oh here is something else, GOD don’t flood the world just because people was mean and evil or violent, GOD did it because they changed their DNA, Mixed it with animals DNA and they were not all human anymore, that’s what made them act like they did and they messed with the animals and Defile them and their self, that’s why GOD flood the world and save only 8 people because Noah and his family was the only one who was human and had the right blood!!! Love y’all and may my LORD and SAVIOR bless you and keep you safe!!

    • We have already has accepted the mark.
      www is the number John was seeing in his visions. Because W was the Hebrew numeral for 6. The book of Revelations was written in Hebrew at the time. There was a leader called W who began waging open blatant war of aggression on our modern civilization. And they’re singing the covid 3Wsong (wash your hands wear your mask watch your distance) WWW to the coronavirus 19. W it’s also the letter in the mystery who what when where why how. What was the mystery name the lady had anyway? I have the understanding now you have the understanding.

      • The Mark of the Beast is described thru the bible. Its not one particular thing, rather an accumulating thing.

        Yes, for many generations, people have pointed to one or several things or objects. Each generation has set thing(s) and object(s) such as a national census, social security number, rfid chip, etc. and phrophecized things such as a person recieving the 666 mark on the forhead and right hand.

        Wjen my mom told me a man will mark people on the forehead and hand.. my immediate thoughts were: NO WAY AM I ACCEPTING THAT! , LIKE SOME BIG BROTHER ZOMBIE SCI FI THRILLER.

        We should not pit god in a box of human made things amd objects, nor put god in a box based on what someone says god says… this will lead to false teachings.

        So, lets hear what the bible reads, use wisdom to make the “best” assimilation.

        Google being marked by God.
        An example is exodus 13:16 where god imprints gods will on your frontlets and right hand.

        So, what one thinks and correspondingly does is from the imprint of god on a person.
        (This message may be elaborated, tho i am keeping it short as explaining the framework.)

        If one does not accept/know/desire serving God in ones life, then they “generally” being “humanisitic”
        So the mark of man/beast is simply saying one will be thinking for mans values and doings more than sealed by god.

        Remeber, the bible, when revealed, will be like “babies milk” and become the meat and potatoes to dine and digest. Like the scroll which is sweet on the tongue and bitter in the tummy. Sweet like honey in Praising and being obedient to God and bitter in the bowels as one realizes the many people who forsake god and know not wizening the Truth.

        So, how does the mark of the beast produce transactions between all peoples? Well, an easy example is, all money has been corrupted. This is one cannot say this penny is corrupt and this penny is not corrupt. Really, all money or in our case 2 pennies, assumes some percantage of corruption. Therefore, we have begun to wizen truth in the scripture.

        How deep is god? well, a birth takes place in Rev 12. Its a deliverance like days of moses, elijah and moses. So, in a generation, beginning with a metaphor of a birth, like god used before, a lamb of god will reveal the truth, like a messenger of god, thus causing sacrifice.

        Ready for some more babies milk.. well, christians sacrifice themselves daily to the will of god.

        So how does the godly person differ from the humanistic person. We all are creatures, yet the godly do as the bible in Revelations states, be obdiemt to god and have faith in Jesus Christ.

        Thank you Jesus for revealing your Testimomy in Revelations whilst doing, serving, the will of God.

        A birth, or generation(s) that is and will come is used because on the Father knows the time.
        So, if you agree to this then a birth raised to god, our greatest reward on earth in psalms 133, happens for you at a time your circumsiced heart is birthed… so the time of receiving Revelations differs for each person and god knows that time of your belief.

        If one rejects revelations, rev 12 states the earth helped Her and swalloed them up. This means non believers stay in the grave.

        Here is quick wisdom… leviathan and behemoth are like zeitgeist.
        Revelation apocalypse is for the church. God will dust the church like an Agean Earthquake to the 7 churches.
        Why? Prophecy shows Gods ways are higher than man and god uses correction in phrophecy to reveal omniscience and love for Gods Children. We have been given authority thru jesus to beware of false doctorine. Teachers of false doctorine in the house of the Lord are described in Ezechial as ministers from the four directions who are boilimg the people. Rev 3-4 jesus revealed the church will be like houses of Satan. Rev 11 represents jesus false teachers of the church, male and female, where once brought before the lord, only a “remnant” will not be knocked down to earth.

        Please realize the Kingdom of the Father where the Father, Eloah, and Jesus, the Ressurection are male.
        El Shaddai is the femine entity of God.

        Rev 12 reveals mother mary standing in creation. One may not look upon the eyes of god or will surely die. So the Creation represents the “woman” or “her”. The “Her” we search for, as in Proverbs, is present.. el shaddai.

        There is no rapture as Rev 12:11 states we will die. Then hopefully the second death we do not taste of or be stung by.

        A bumch of people are not disappearing or floating off the face of the earth.. and the church is not the bride of christ.

        False propjecy is when one propjecies something and it never comes true. Millions have longed for, worshipped for, thirsted, etc for RAPTURE.
        RAPTURE has never ever come true for thise millions of people who are now DEAD.
        Therefore and statistically speaking we experience one death and the bible tells us we are gifted one life on earth.

        Men are NOT to be betrothed to another man. To Christians, men marrying men is pervrse as the bible states. The Pators are not going to disappear into the clouds, be the bride of christ while jesus reigns for 1000 years on earth.


        So i can go on what is Apocalyptic to the church..
        Rev 11 jesus says it will be like sodom and egypt.. whoa!

        Tho one must reconcile the solution, not just the shortcomings of the church.

        The bride is not a city.. cmon..
        Jon sure did want to see the bride, tho did not reveal envisuoning the actual bride..
        Haha jon! Lol gotta wait

        Hear this.. she was given a white garment.

        A bride picks her wedding dress and one does not see the bride until she walks the aisle.

        The bride is “given” a white garment, so if this is not a wedding dress,, what is it?
        Lets look to the bible..
        Jesus was given a white garment and a tomb..

        Wait a second, darlings..
        Will the bride be a girl?

        Jesus loves the flesh (our image) so much, he will marry a girl.

        Let he who hears hear wisley..
        Not misread the bible
        For gods sake.

      • @Christine Linden please stop! Of the guessing games I’ve heard in regards to the mark of the beast, yours is the wildest! And the most bizarre! Not to mention that it is not supported by scripture. There can be no mark of the beast without the beast of 2 Thessalonians 2:3 being revealed first, the son of perdition. And NO! We won’t be tricked into taking the mark, just the coming vaccine, we shall have a right to choose whether to take it or not, with consequences for refusing it just like there is for not wearing a mask. Thus suggesting that we’ve “already” taken the mark is misleading and not biblical as Revelation 13:8 clearly states who will take the mark… NO! It’s NOT everyone! That’s a lie! Besides, the mark of the beast is divided into four instances: The mark; The beast’s name; The number of his name and the worshipping of his image. And those who “refuse” to worship the beast ‘shall’ be killed (Revelation 13:15). Notice how this is still to come?Thus your www myth doesn’t hold water in this regard.

        2 Thessalonians 2:3

        “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”

    • Yep. This article completely rationalised away the “mark” to a nothing-burger. Exactly what the devil wants us to think. I don’t really know the author but God has mercy on us that we have such misguided “teachers”.

    • “It will be something by which you will be able to buy and sell.”

      A chip, or passport, or anything carrying the information showing you are duly authoirized. It’s not the medical procedure itself.

    • IMO, technology/AI is the reason these times are much different than past times of war or thoughts of end-of-times.

      1. Our world is completely global already and has been.
      2. Technology/AI, we have technology that is already developed that can completely control our minds. Currently, it’s outside our bodies, but within 1.5 years (according to Musk at Neuralink) they will have this tech in our brains. This tech will allow them to control thought or the outcome of thoughts. This time it’s much different, because humans are on the chaos of not having even mental control of their emotions.

      -no more free thought
      -no more prayer (prayer is the most powerful thing we have, if this is taken away, that’s it, it’s done)

      The moment we can’t pray and connect to our father, it’s done. I don’t think God will let the world get to that point.

    • The mark according to Revealations is something that will be required to buy or sell. Granted the COVID-19 is not a visible mark but it has the potential to lead toward a visible mark. We have already seen how easily people have been coerced into wearing masks that are required to shop in some stores, tavel on airplanes, and visit your physician. Wouldn’t it be logical now to provide individuals with some sort of mark that shows they have been vaccinated? This could be sold as easily as wearing a simple mask but now if you have been vaccinated yu don’t have to wear a mask just have a mark to prove you have been vaccinated. Just my humble thought about the matter.

      • Romans 1 20-22, matthew 7:15 gives authority to identify false doctorine. Covid 19 is Rev 14 on that it is Her Wrath of Fornication. This scripture is sequential after a man caused the mark of the beast. Thus, the bible is true to the point of Rev 14 and one must realize the Truth. Revelations is Gods ways which are higher than mans ways.

        What does this realize to…
        The theologians will be fallible in their interpretation…
        But apparently the lamb of Rev 13 causes, thru Gods Word, the events Jesus, doing the will of His Father, as prophecized.

        *revelations is Apocalyptic to the church as the false phrophets of rev 11. Ezechial envisioned in the House of the Lord, ministers of the four winds will be boiling people.
        * rev 3-4, jesus says the housed of the lord will be like houses of satan.
        *rev 12 is a birthday (blessing)
        *There is no rapture as rev 12:11 states we will experience death.
        *The church is not betrothed to Jesus, it is a remnant.
        *the lamb of Rev 13 is not an anti christ. King David says let the horns of the righteous be lifted. Jesus is a lamb, so this lamb is in the will of god. Lamb and lion, king, a man. One whom God uses.

        The Truth of Prophecy will be as Jesus did, “turn things over”.

        Oh, all the millions of theologians, etc that are longing, worshipping, thirsting for a god that is going to rapture them.. is false.

        How do i wizen this? Phrophecy must come true and it never has.. each one of millions has died. You and me will die. Remeber this as you die.. and that will be proof ?too late

        Am i a fool for saying this?

        is Covid 19.

        Wrath implies something is vitally wrong with Gods people, the church. Wrath is given by God as admonishment and the bible says Wrath is given because God loves His Children. Wrath is of God, wroth is of Satan.

        Wait a second, the bible reads”Her Wrath”. So Eloah is male and El Shaddai is female.

        This reveals god is not some new age one thing… no, god is not sexless nor a hermaphrodite. God is not only one entity.. father, son, holy ghost is 3 . And El Shaddai is 4.

        There is ONE “will” of God, as far as I know.

        Further, how does one know the chirch is not going to rapture and be the bride of christ…

        There are marriages on Heaven! In Heaven, love is most likely beyond any type of earthly love and marriage.

        Who is the bride? She was given a white garment. Brides, nobly, are not “given” a wedding dress, she chooses her wedding dress.
        Jesus was “given” a white garment and tomb. This indicates most likely the Bride of Christ is a girl whom Jesus shows us he loves the creation of people so so much, Jesus will marry a girl on a new earth, not in heaven.

        Lost in translation.

    • The mark is something to buy and sell. because they are offering 1500 I concider that a bribe but if you are on wellfare or any kind of assistance if you want your money you have to comply. That doesnt make sense the CDC has done very well giving studies that are not correct as they claim but they do it thru medical records why the change. Its all computer related can be done in the same amount of time thru medical records. Why the tracker if you are trying to fix a pandemic give the vaccine why add something to it. Because you have put fear in people. But sadly that was the first thing that came to my mind the researcher I was looking at talked about it being visible its not and they have people having to say the first one was ok im looking foward to getting the second injection if this is a good thing why would you need that propaganda.

      • Mark God bless you, the writer just want to bring confusion to already clear message .
        If the mark is more or less of invisible thing as he claimed, why is bible telling us that the mark will be received on the forehead or right palm.

        • God will know who a person is.
          In Deuteronomy and Rev 22 God seals you:
          Rev 22: 4 And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads.

          GODS commandments are instructed to be on ones mind and thus in ones works.

          So this represents on the frontlets and doing with ones right hand. “Right” implies righteousness.

          So the mark of man/creature/beast indicates Gods Sealing is not choosen in mind or sealed ones mind and thus not in ones works. This is what we call to be hedonist, humanist, aetheist, sorcerer, perverted, etc..

          Its very easy to understand a Diegessis of Reveletaions and find a scripture true now.

          Rev 14 states Her Wrath Of Fornication. Wrath is given by God. Her is El Shaddai. The Fornication is Covid 19.

          Revelation is Apocalyptic to the World and Church. So what is wrong w the church? MUCH!

          1)REV 12:11 States we will experience Death, NOT RAPTURE!!
          2) obedient Christians believe and obey the bible saying man must not betroth man. So no man will be betrothed to Jesus. No man will be the bride of Christ.

          So, the Church is NOT the bride of Christ.

          The bible says:
          She was given a white garment.
          This is Jesus Bride.

          The bride of Christ:The she is a girl, a singular noun;
          Hesus became a man and will marry a girl.
          A bride is not “given” a white wedding dress as a bride “chooses” her wedding dress. So what is “given a white garment”? Jesus was given a white garment and tomb upon His Burial. As Jesus, the bride will be given a white death shroud.

          So Jesus Word is revealation/ apocalypse to the church because He Loves us.

          False teachers , as in Rev 11, will be waiting in the lake of fire for the end of 1000 years when satan and the 1st beast of rev 13 are cast in.

          Jesus is God, does the will of God.
          God the Father is Eloah, and His Kingdom is earth.
          God the Mother is El Shaddai.
          God is the Holy Spirit.

          Hollowed be Gods names.
          Note the “EL” REFERS TO AN ENTITLEMENT, not necessarily a proper persons name.

          If one does not believe this then rev 12 states:
          And the Earth helped Her and swallowed them up.
          This means if peoples do not believe we are the living generation Revelations is written for, then one will be swallowed in Shoel.

          More on rapture: For a phrophecy to be true, it is spoken and cones true. If a prophecy is spoken and does not come true, then it is a false prophecy and teaching.

          The prophecy of rapture has been spoken, repeated, petitioned, made $80 billion for the church and never ever come true… no one or many has ever raptured!!!! So its false phrophecy/teaching to say tge church will rapture.

          The truth is more beautiful for one to ponder. REV 12 woman clothed in the sun is a sign and wonder.. a birthday.. to be caught up is to have God on your mind, spirit and what you do..

          A woman clothed in the sun represents social justice, equality…

          Rev 12, the Her, is what we are told to search for in Proverbs. .
          El Shaddai!
          The blessed among woman, mother Mary is the earthly figure seen in apparition on earth many times. FATIMA, GUADALUPE..

          Rev 12 Mary stands on creation. Well why do we not see El Shaddai?? Same reasone we do not see Eloah or the Holy Spirit in absolute, true heavenly form..

          God will not look eye to eye with us because if one looks eye to eye with god, they will surely parish. God loves you so so much god wants you to live this life, believe in God, then experience death and not experience the second death as obes name is in the book of life.

          Praise Hesus for His Testimony in Revelations.
          Rev 1:3
          Read revelations and be blessed.

          Lo Whoa! misread revelations, divide the Word incorrectly, and prosper in false prophecy and teachings., like the church does saying tge church will be raptured and become to marry Jesus.. Crazy satan made the church think that.

          Wait, everyone will die, not rapture

    • we are discussing the buy of sell part connected to the vaccine because we may be required to have a card or something proving we have had the vaccine to enter a store, have a job or fly on a plane

    • See trying to explain that it’s not the mark of the beast is idiotic the Bible states let no man have a private interpretation of the word lest he be thrown in hell the Bible states what it states the beast will demand u take his mark or u can’t buy or sell the COVID vaccine demands u take it or u can’t buy or sell idk

      • @Rodrick True What you say, however the beast aka Antichrist has not yet been revealed (2 Thessalonians 2:3). Thus the mark cannot precede its custodian. Besides, the bible warns us about four different instances directly linked to the mark:
        1]. Taking the mark of the beast
        2]. His name
        3]. Or the number his name (666)
        4]. And the worship of the beast and his image

        Therefore, given the above, the vaccine cannot be the mark of the beast. For the vaccine is liquid, thus it shall be circulated throughout your body, but notice how the bible says the mark will be taken in the forehead or the right hand. We shall not be tricked into taking the mark, we shall have a conscious “choice” do so. Hence the consequences for those who “refuse” to take the mark or give consent to the other instances related thereto.

        The mask-wearing ritual and the vaccine are surely precursors to the coming mark of the beast, but they themselves are NOT the mark of the beast.

      • @Rodrick The mask and vaccine are precursors to the coming mark of the beast, and yes, no one can buy or sell without the mask, and soon without the vaccine. However, neither of the two is the mark of the beast for a simple reason: the bible says the mark shall be taken on the forehead or the right hand (Revelation 13:16-17), which is not the case with the vaccine or mask.

        • No but soon you will have a invisible tattoo for the vaxxed ,according to Bill gates and I wonder where it will go
          Don’t be fooled people revelations 13 is very specific

    • This is absolutely apart of the beast system. People are looking for the mark to be one specific thing… it’s not it will creep up on you..The power’s that be aren’t stupid.. they aren’t going to jump out with a stamp machine…it will be subtle…Do not rely on what you think or wat science tells you.. this is about discernment..The very elect will be deceived..

      • @Barbara Walters I respectfully disagree. The bible tells us “where” in our bodies we shall take the mark: The forehead and the right hand (Revelation 13:16-17). We shall knowingly take it, and we shall equally have a choice not to take it, with consequences of cause, the same way we choose whether to wear a mask or not and bear the consequences. The same is true with the coming vaccine. Thus it is NOT possible that it will “creep” up on us. NOTE: Google “Smart Mark Zombies” maybe you’ll get an idea of what the mark of the beast will be like.

    • Please read the book the great controversy by Ellen g white chapter 26 USA in the Bible prophecy it give info who the beast is and what is the mark.

    • It constantly amazes me that no one remembers when the United Nations issued Resolution 666 on13 September 1990 during the Iraq invasion of Kuwait
      The “beast” is was Resolution 666 which prevented anyone buying or selling anything unless the INVOICE was marked with the number 666 at the TOP or the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the invoice

      For the current pandemic you are 30 + years late and should be looking at the two prophecies of the 144,000 in chapters 7 & 14 of the Book of Revelation

      In ch7 they are vaccinated (sealed on their heads) but in ch14 they are singing their song in on mt Zion, which is in Heaven.

      They were dead. The vaccine didn’t work!

    • PLEASE CONSIDER THIS… when Christ came, it was the most studied and “devout” Jewish leaders and scholars (Pharisees, Chief Priests, etc) who did not recognize what was clearly in front of them. Why? They also created God in their own image. They were certain of their their interpretations because of what it meant for/to them personally. They did not want to believe in Christ. They did not want to hear Truth. They had positions of great power and wealth. Their pride hoped for a king that would respect and appreciate what they did, and lead alongside them with great worldly power. They didn’t leave their hearts and minds open (humility) to truth. They were CERTAIN it was a false messiah, just as most “scholars” are certain this is not the “mark”. The Holy Spirit leads me away from all of these lies. Masks seem to clearly be a ritual initiation into being a child of satan. Death is what you are to fear as part of satans worship, not God. The vaccine is what he wants you to see as your savior, not Christ. satan wants you to BELIEVE in an alternate cause of death (vs. sin) and the antidote to life; have FAITH in the salvation of it, and obey to show your allegiance to him. Your body IS the temple of God and your DNA could very well be your name in the book of life. These vaccines change your DNA through mRNA. They also include Luciferace – a magnetic dye that can be seen under your skin with a special light – as part of the vaccine. You already cannot but or sell certain things, and if you don’t wear a mask, you will experience this trial first hand. It will only get worse. Satan is a copycat. He wants to be like the one true God. All of this points to him trying to change Gods creation into his own as you read more about trans humanism and all that has been going on. We need to stay awake and aware daily and to be ready. Please reconsider thinking that this is all a coincidence. It’s the master deception. Any thought otherwise is most likely based on what we WANT (lust, pride) vs what is TRUTH. Repent therefore and be converted!

    • There is certainly a push for the world to take an experimental gene therapy injection, and talk of not letting those who refuse to take it go shopping. They are trying to condition people and soon that chip in your phone may end up in you just like the dogs, cats, cows, sheep, sharks many fish and many land animals.

    • Interesting in Israel right now it’s very hard to buy n sell ,travel or do anything unless you you have the vaccination certificate ,and I seen people getting their right hand scanned to go into a supermarket sounds ver revelationary

    • This article and reading the comments has brought peace to my heart. It’s overpriced hyped on this and spreading more fear and confusion.

      If there was more logic that the media, the internet, the cell phone is more likely to be the mark of the beast than covid.

    • Wrong. The mark is visible and has two parts one a tattoo and one part the evangelist could not explain which is under the skin. So a tattoo for quick identification and a chip for more thorough one. Also the tattoo will look like the greek letters for tge number 666. We are prepped for this and the proof of vaccination will bring the mark

  • Excellent article!! Finally! Some common sense and sound theology!! Thank you!

      • Well then, if it’s a spiritual mark then that means worshipping the Christ Jesus in the wrong Sabbath day right? Because I’m Baptist and been going to church in Sunday. But I’m wondering if I should change that. Please respond

        • You can go to church on Sunday, that is right. Jesus arose on Sunday, so the Christians worship on Sunday. It is the New Covenant. The New Testament.

          • The whole getting your forehead scanned is nothing more than conditioning ,samewith the implants and free food I’d like to know whuch large company is dkingtthat,because it is probably tied to the filthy rich .

            Im 42 and I didn’t think all of tgjs would happen in my life time,but it’s looking like I was wrong

            I live in Memphis,Tn and the first week of lockdown I stayed out all night and morning the whole week ,commercial air traffic hd been stopped all together ,odd for a shipping capitol,you just didosee fedex that week at night ,what was up there was tve occasional life flight,and drones running a pattern from sun down to sun up,keeping track of who took orders correctly ,I have never seen tge streets so empty ,and never drove 50,60&70 mob on surface streets and got away with it,buy thaf week I did,the police never even pulled oit from there spots , definitely strange, we are all being groomed for the mark and biw things willl be once they start that requirement.

            In Mempbis
            Russell,God bless ,another funniest thing,the devil has bren up my back side like I havr never experienced before ,Im in a mess,so that really speaks to me,we are here,it’s starting ,and Trump! it was like 10 or 15 yrars ago he became president on a simpsons episode ,then the same exact scenes played out in real life,we have beeb puppets the whole time ,we’ve een experiments. anyone catch the dude on CNN admit alien life and that the government has spoke with them several times ?

            God bless


          • There is no evidence for your statement (rose on a Sunday).

            Christians/Catholics, created this story to replace SUN worshipping of the ‘Pagans’.

            Jesus rose on maybe a Tuesday afternoon.. who really knows.

          • The change of the Sabbath from the 7th to the 1st day of the week was legalized by Constantine, and that law was later confirmed by the Roman Catholic Church, NOT God nor Jesus Christ. It was only after the Roman Catholic Church changed it that leaders of protestant denominations latched on to it and spread it throughout the protestant churches. The early church never kept the first day as the Sabbath, God never changed the day from the seventh to the first, nor did He give anyone else authority to do so. Jesus and the disciples kept the seventh day, even after Jesus’ resurrection, and nowhere in Scripture will you see anything giving us authority to keep the first day instead of the seventh, which God ordained. Any verse used by the contemporary church to validate that day as Sabbath was referring to other matters, NOT God’s Sabbath. [See the following excerpt from “Who Changed The Sabbath to Sunday”]

            “When Emperor Constantine I—a pagan sun-worshipper—came to power in A.D. 313, he legalized Christianity and made the first Sunday-keeping law. His infamous Sunday enforcement law of March 7, A.D. 321, reads as follows: “On the venerable Day of the Sun let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest, and let all workshops be closed.” (Codex Justinianus 3.12.3, trans. Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church, 5th ed. (New York, 1902), 3:380, note 1.)

            The Sunday law was officially confirmed by the Roman Papacy. The Council of Laodicea in A.D. 364 decreed, “Christians shall not Judaize and be idle on Saturday but shall work on that day; but the Lord’s day they shall especially honour, and, as being Christians, shall, if possible, do no work on that day. If, however, they are found Judaizing, they shall be shut out from Christ” (Strand, op. cit., citing Charles J. Hefele, A History of the Councils of the Church, 2 [Edinburgh, 1876] 316).

            Cardinal Gibbons, in Faith of Our Fathers, 92nd ed., p. 89, freely admits, “You may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Sunday. The Scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday, a day which we [the Catholic Church] never sanctify.”

            Again, “The Catholic Church, … by virtue of her divine mission, changed the day from Saturday to Sunday” (The Catholic Mirror, official publication of James Cardinal Gibbons, Sept. 23, 1893).

            “Protestants do not realize that by observing Sunday, they accept the authority of the spokesperson of the Church, the Pope” (Our Sunday Visitor, February 5, 1950).

            “Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change [Saturday Sabbath to Sunday] was her act… And the act is a mark of her ecclesiastical authority in religious things” (H.F. Thomas, Chancellor of Cardinal Gibbons).

            The Catholic Church claims that “the church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact” (Catholic Record of London, Ontario Sept 1, 1923).

            What a shocking admission!

            As seen in the above excerpt, the Catholic Church now claims that the fact that most of Christendom now keeps the 1st day as the Sabbath is proof of the Catholic Church’s “mark” of authority to do so. They also admit that if protestant Christians really loved Jesus and wanted to obey His commandments, they would keep the 7th day instead of the first.

            Why do most Christians believe it’s important to obey most of God’s moral law, but reject only the 4th Commandment of God? Most say that it’s because the 7th day is the Jewish Sabbath, and that Jesus abolished it by His death on the cross. That’s not true, however, since the commandment was given to ALL mankind by God on the seventh day–at the conclusion of CREATION–BEFORE THERE WERE ANY JEWS, to signify His authority as CREATOR, at which time He blessed it and made it holy, as “a perpetual sign” (the words “sign,” “mark,” and “seal” are interchangeable in Scripture) between Him and His people. I believe it is the “seal” with which He will seal His people in the last days.) He saw it important enough to then include it in the Ten Commandments given to Moses, to be passed along to the children of Israel–referred to as part of the Law of Moses, or Mosaic Law. As for Jesus abolishing the Ten Commandments, that’s impossible, since the Ten Commandments are God’s moral law, and those never change. The “Jewish law” that Jesus died to put away were the ceremonial and sacrificial laws that atoned for sin in old times, NOT the moral laws of God, which never change. Jesus Himself said he came to FULFILL the law, not to abolish it. He fulfilled it through His sacrificial death, becoming the sacrificial Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world. Thus, the sabbaths (small s) spoken of in the verses you quote were NOT the Sabbath (capital S) moral law of God, which He blessed and made holy to signify his authority as CREATOR.

        • Remember what the Bible says

          Romans 14:5 ESV / 29 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
          One person esteems one day as better than another, while another esteems all days alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind.

          Colossians 2:16 ESV / 30 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
          Therefore let no one pass judgment on you in questions of food and drink, or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath

          As long as you give a FULL day to God….NOT just a couple hours of church….but ONE full day to God as rest then it doesn’t matter which day YOU celebrate Him but a FULL day of rest!!

        • I think that it is more important to have a sabbath on whatever the day of the week you can.
          God did not say to worship me on a particular day. He said on every seventh day. If that is Tuesday for you then rest & worship Him on that day.

          To me He meant that every seventh day I should rest and think on Him but that I should also praise and worship Him on all of the six other days as well.

          There is no condemnation to those who love the Lord.

          • Regarding the sabbath, Jesus is the Lord of sabbath and we find rest in Him.

        • I agree with this article as the mark of the beast is about denying our messiah and God and worshiping the beast . I think it’s spiritual but there needs to be something else as revelation mentions not being able to buy or sell . I don’t see how getting a vaccine shows you are worshiping a beast or denying our one true God and our messiah Yeshua ( Jesus )
          As for the mark of God on us – well please look throughout the Tanach ( first five books of the Bible ) which the whole New Testament ( terrible translation by the way as the Bible is ONE book ) is based on – yes, every time Yeshua referred to scripture , he was referring to God’s Holy word which he never changed .
          There is a common theme – God’s covenant with His people was them obeying His laws and Shabbat was one of them . Yeshua worshiped on Shabbat and NEVER said to change this. Matthew 5:17 is just one of many versus I can quote to you . Shabbat ( Saturday ) is a covenant between God and His people and Constantine changed this as he wanted to be ‘ politically correct ‘ and so he had the church worship on a Sunday as the pagans were worshipping the sun on this day .
          Yeshua never came to make a new religion which says to ignore His father’s commands – this is illogical .
          Worshiping God on any day is a great thing to do , but keeping His commands show we love Him and are His people , just like Yeshua did .

          • It is the same way wearing a mask is denying God….you aren’t putting your faith in God….you are putting your faith in other things….such as a mask and vaccine….you aren’t trusting in God to protect you the way Psalm 91 says….it is also saying you’re afraid to die….we aren’t supposed to fear death….to keep our lives is to lose it….to lose our lives is to gain them….we can’t love this world or things in it MORE than God….we have to stop wearing masks and trusting in man made stuff….we NEED to trust in the Lord!!!

        • Jospeh Hume– Look at whom the dragon is wroth– “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Rev 12.17 and what is the endurance of the saints? “And the smoke of their torment rises forever and ever. Day and night there is no rest for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name. Here is a call for the endurance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” Rev 14.11,12. –It sounds like you have a valid question, Joseph– study it out- dig deep in the Word, from the beginning to the end of the Book– ask the Most High for wisdom– I for one want to walk the way of the saints and worship God– so we need to really seek out what this means– and if we think we know what that means, I think we still better look again. Blessings!

          • I am not so sure now about the mark of the beast being a physical mark, even though I, as many, have always considered it as being a However, the Word of God says that the mark will be on the forehead or the hand. The “mark” in the area of those two parts of the body may be less literal and more figurative. The head is where we use thoughts and words. The hand is what we use to do any type of action. The mark then could be interpreted as how we speak and live through our thoughts, words and our actions. If, by our actions, thoughts and words they show us as Jesus (good and righteous), whom we are supposed to follow and become like, and we worship God, then we are “marked” as being of and worshipping God . The Bible says we are marked of the Lamb when we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and are saved. If one’s actions, thoughts or words show one as demonic or satanic (evil and unrighteous) they are “marked” as being from Satan, which shows that they follow and worship Satan.

          • Monica Smith I think we need to read the entire section on the mark of the beast in the book of Revelation, especially chapter 13:16-17 which makes reference to the coming mark of the beast. Otherwise if we take snippets of scripture, we run the risk of applying “private” interpretation to scripture (“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” – 2 Peter 1:20).

            Revelation 13:16-17 states the following:

            “And he (the second beast) causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.“

            Thus the mark CANNOT be “interpreted” ‘as how we speak and live through our thoughts, words and our actions.’ Otherwise how do you present the way you speak or your thoughts or your words or actions at the stores so you can buy or sell?

            Hope this helps. Much love.

        • Sabbath-keeping? Are we still under the Mosaic law?
          Did Christ not come and institute a new better covenant?
          “The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath,”
          Jesus went out of His way to violate the Sabbath.
          He obliterated the sacrificial system, because He brought an end to Judaism – with all its ceremonies, all its rituals, all its sacrifices, all of its external trappings, the temple, the holy of holies, all of it, including . . . the Sabbath.
          If you want to be under the Law again -you are rejecting Christ.
          Paul said, “Let no one judge you in food or in drink,
          or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths,” Colossians 2:16
          If you are going to place the writings of Ellen G. White above the teachings of the Bible then we must consider Seventh Day Adventism as a cult.

          • @ James Knox – No, we’re not still under Mosaic law, but the Ten Commandments are God’s moral law, which never change. Jesus came to “fulfill the law, not to abolish it”–in His own words. The law He fulfilled was the Mosaic law–ceremonial and sacrificial–which atoned for sin in old times. In so doing, He became the “sacrificial Lamb of God” that taketh away the sin of the world. His sacrifice abolished the sacrificial system–NOT the moral law of God, which never changes, but abides forever. Jesus did not violate the Sabbath; He and His disciples kept the 7th day, even after the resurrection. The 7th-day Sabbath of God (God’s moral law) was given on the 7th day, at the end of creation, when God rested and blessed the seventh day and made it holy, becoming a “perpetual sign” between God and His people. Perpetual means “ongoing,” and keeping the 7th day instead of the first is attributing to God the authorship of the creation. The Sabbath (capital S) is God’s seal or mark (the words “mark,”, “seal,” and “sign” are used interchangeably in Scripture. Satan has a counterfeit for most of the important things of God, and his counterfeit of the Sabbath is the first-day sabbath (small s), which the Roman Catholic Church established in the fourth century. We do not reject Christ by keeping the Sabbath God blessed and made holy; we honor Him and the Father by so doing. Keeping Sunday honors the antichrist, the Papal system, which changed the Sabbath from the seventh day to the first in the fourth century A.D. [See my post above.] The verse you quoted above refers to the sabbaths (small s) of the sacrificial system, which Jesus abolished by His death on the cross, NOT the Sabbath of God–the 4th Commandment. His moral law abides forever and is unchanging. We are not placing the writings of anyone above the teachings of the Bible. You are not understanding the difference between the Law of Moses–the sacrificial system–and the moral law of God which never changes–the Ten Commandments, which most Christians at least try to obey, while disobeying the 4th Commandment. If you do some research on what I’ve said, you’ll find it to be true. God rested on the seventh day, and He blessed it and made it holy. He never changed it, and He never authorized anyone else to do so, nor did Jesus change it nor violate it. He and the disciples kept the 7th day as the Sabbath, even after the resurrection, and the Bible tells us we’ll continue to keep it throughout eternity. You’re keeping the antichrist’s 1st-day sabbath, and thereby, honoring that system. What authority do you have to prove your claims above? The Bible is mine, as well as history. See the following link:

        • If you feel that way, you can do a devotional on Saturdays with your family. I think the spirit of truth dictates it to you. Nor is it true that Jesus was resurrected on Sunday.

        • No Joseph don’t change your worship day. Sunday is the correct day. Keep on going to your Baptist Church. I am Baptist also. Under the old testament covenant re: sabbath God commanded the Jews to rest on the last day of the week, which is a Saturday. It was sabbath meant only for the Old Testament Jews But with the ushering in of the new covernant a Christian sabbath is revealed in 2 places in the book of acts. Sunday is the Christian Sabbath. Its a Sunday celebration because Jesus rose from the dead on the 1st day of the week, which is a Sunday

          • Read the book the great controversy by Ellen g white chapter 26 USA in the Bible prophecy it give info who the beast is and about the mark and what is the image of the beast.

          • @Jose No, the mark of the beast “will” NOT a day of worship. For if it is, where “would” that leave those who do not worship, let alone on which day? And notice how the bible says “he causeth ‘ALL’…”? (Revelation 13:16). Besides, sunday has been without us since inception, thus it cannot be part of prophecy given that prophecy is about events still to come. Notice how a soul is not redeemable once one takes the mark of the beast (Revelation 14:9-10), but one can change their mind and choose a to worship on saturday instead of sunday? See how this doesn’t make sense?

    • Hello my name is John. I recently gotten tested for Covid, They put that long looking swab utensil in my nose. And after words I was a little fearful that could it be possible that, that test could have something today with the mark of the beast. I read the article but honestly I’m still a little worried. Help

      • Hello Jonathan
        I would not be concerned about your nose swab. That is a very old and routine method of checking for viral or bacterial infections. As to the mark. It will not be something hidden or slipped on unaware. As is noted in the Bible and in other responses here. It is used to be able to buy or sell. This means it will have to be obvious that it was received. Most importantly remember this. If you are a devoted disciple of Christ. Our Lord wins & shares His victory with us.
        God bless.

        • My friend you are deceived in to believing that the mark will be hidden or unnoticed. The actual mark will be an RFID micro chip physically inserted into the webbing of your right hand between your thumb and forefinger so you can use it to scan bar code readers to buy and sell anything. That chip will contain all of your personal ID banking information and complete medical history. This chip will follow soon after you commit to being vaccinated. Once vaccinated the vaccine companies are immune for any liability if you die, get sick or very ill from the vaccine thanks to Bill Gates.

      • This is what ALL Christians NEED to do…..we need to stop giving into fear….we need to stop giving into people and taking these tests and wearing masks….we NEED to trust in God for once….no one seems to be truly trusting in God during this….stop listening to people telling you you need to wear a mask….even if that means losing your job….trust that God is a provider and that He WILL provide for you….dont take no more tests because if you truly trust in the Lord Psalm 91 says it won’t touch you….they are falsifying the numbers and everyone who takes a test will come back positive….we NEED to stand up as the church and refuse what they are doing to us….they are taking our faith and making us trust in man made stuff….even to the point unto death we NEED to stand up and be willing to die for the name of Jesus Christ which is what we would be doing…..dont give into fear for God did NOT give us a spirit of fear but of self control love obedience….we NEED to stand together and refuse what they are giving us otherwise YES this world will be over before our eyes…and even if it is we need not be fearful….to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord….we HAVE to know what God wrote in the Bible is true today as it was in Moses time and Adams time….its time to take a stand church….no more can we follow our governments because they ARE going against God….we can’t exchange our faith for a mask…a vaccine….or ANYTHING else they try to make us do….its time to know God WILL prevail…i mean Jesus has already won the victory….

        • I saw another mention made about wearing the masks, if I could post another view as I’m a bit confused at what your message is. Are you saying that if we wear a mask that we are displaying a lack of belief in God? I wear a mask because I truly believe a mask will protect myself and others from the spread of Covid. If we start correlating mask wearing to our belief in God (choosing to not to wear a mask to signify our Christianity, our faith in God), then are we also denying all medicine, doctors, hospitals, surgeries etc.? God gave us the beauty of intelligence, minds and science too to use for good. He has provided plants, medicines and the treatments for disease through-out time. Miracles, in fact Jesus Himself was a Healer so I know healing is an act of love! Wearing a mask simply does not equal that I’m living in fear, masks equal love for my fellow man. I am going to wear a mask because I believe that masks slow the distance of projection of a potential disease bearing individual, whether myself or that other person.

          • Yes, you are wearing a mask and living in fear of a cold. If it was a real pandemic people would be dying left and right. They are not because its not any more deadly than a flu–actually its less deadly than flu or even the death rate of the most common flu vaxx. My father and brother in law are doctors and they know full well that this is being faked and exaggerated for political reasons. They do not understand whats really going on but at least they know its a lie. You are not to live in Fear, especially fear of something that isn’t real. The stats are faked. Look it up; do some research. Pam Popper, Peggy Hall at thehealthyamerican . org Look at videos from news that isnt paid for by the same 5 companies as all mainstream media. The Highwire is one. Godd luck, you’re going to need it.

        • I completely and totally agree with all you have said, it really couldn’t be much more obvious or fitting with Revelation. Especially when you look up Bill Gates’ ID2020 webpage.

          Pray that more will realise this!!

      • Hi Jonathon. You got no worries at all. Covid 19 has got nothing to do with the Mark of the Beast. TMOTB has got nothing to do with the 21st century. The prophecy about TMOTB was totally fulfilled in the 1st century. The Revelation was written in the 1st century to 1st century Christians. On You Tube google up a 3 part teaching series by Dr Ken Gentry on the book of Revelation that will make any fears you have on end times melt right away,

      • Please read the book the great controversy by Ellen g white it give info about who is the beast the mark and the image of beast chapter 26 USA in bible prophecy.

      • Please read the book the great controversy by Ellen g white it give info about who is the beast the mark and the image of beast chapter 26 USA in bible one of best book to read

    • The NYC sherrifs the national guard the governor of NYC will be placed in a permanent yoke any more covid related lockdowbs restrictions sending the sherif to violate freedoms do the will of the gov or the beast will tighten the yoke. This yoke will be composed of the lake of fire the death panic this yoke will only get stronger expanding to all armed forces in NYS sending the sherif after those ” violating” quarantine will bring judgments to the sherrifs starting now right now

      • @the word of God: It would help greatly if you could use punctuation marks when writing. As it is, your comment is rather difficult to understand.

  • “What all this means is that the “mark of the beast” is most likely a spiritual, non-visible mark; it’s a mark of loyalty and worship and is not, therefore, something you could accidentally accept.

    If the mark of the Beast is not a physical mark but spiritual, why does the text also say of the mark in Rev 13:17, that “so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name”? Why would a spiritual mark forbid, or not enable you to buy or sell?

    • Because Proverbs 23:23 says:

      Buy the truth, and do not sell it, Also wisdom and instruction and understanding.

    • Hi, Ian! Thanks very much for your comment. You definitely raise a great question. In fact, I’m going to be writing a follow-up article that will address specifically the “buy/sell passage” that you ask about. In the next article, I’ll be providing some historical background, point folks to relevant scholars, etc. Be looking for that next week!

    • I feel we can be deceived into getting the mark of the beast in these vaccines? There are many hints in the Bible that the end times could be confusing. With the Corona virus, and all the bad talk about the vaccines, why would we even trust the vaccines?
      See in the bible:

      Revelation 19:20 says the false prophet deceived those that had received the mark of the beast. When asked about the end time, Christ said “take heed that ye be not deceived.”

      Revelation 20:3-4 says that those who receive the mark will be deceived.

      Revelation 13:18 says that it takes wisdom to understand the number of the beast.

      Second Timothy 3:13 tells us that evil men and imposters will wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

      Revelation 13:9 “he who has an ear let him hear” proves that you must be receptive to its message.

      Revelation 17:9 says it takes wisdom to understand the beast’s identity.

      Second Thessalonians 2:9-10 speaks of deceivableness and delusion in the end times.

      Revelation 13:14 the two horned second beast “deceiveth them that dwell on the earth” to cause them to worship the first beast.
      Christ warned (in Matthew 24:24) of an endtime false religion that if possible, would deceive the very elect.
      And there is a false prophet that issues forth spirits who will influence the kings of the earth. And men will turn to cleverly devised fables.
      Falling for deception has grave consequences today, just as it did for ADAM AND EVE.

      I was reading the rev 13:16 about the mark of the beast in a Bible ap called esword its free on the computer. It has a Hebrew dictionary attached. In that bible verse I looked up “mark” for mark of the beast its G5480. When I went to G5480 it says from the same as G5482 and It also had the word (xáragma) I Google the word
      (xáragma) see what it says. I’ll take a picture and post it below: It says 5480 xáragma – properly, an engraving (etching); (figuratively) a mark providing undeniable identification, like a symbol giving irrefutable connection between parties.

      5480 /xáragma (“brand-mark”) was originally any impress on a coin or a seal, used by an engraver on a die (stamp, branding iron). 5480 (xáragma) later became “the identification-marker” (like with an owner’s unique “brand-mark”). I’ve read that the vaccines have some sort of die for identification. This could be in fact the mark of the beast. View it your self to see what you get.

      • If you are a born again Christian you can’t receive the mark unless you fall away from Christ.

        There is a mark of The lamb for Christians and the mark of the beast for everyone else

        • The devil likes to imitate God, but in a way that mocks Him. Remember, he said, “I will raise my throne above the stars and be like the Most High.” So, if God puts a spiritual mark on his people, the devil will also seek to mark his loyal followers. Therefore, I believe the mark of the beast will be an upside down or inverted version of God’s mark – hence it will be a physical mark.

      • Thank you for sharing the location of these verses! I’ve been looking & could not find what I knew was there. Also, I appreciate the info about the app.

      • Lisa I feel our danger is people who claim that the mark of the beast will not be a physical… but a “spiritual” mark. This could lead to a whole lot of Christians accepting stuff they shouldn’t because you cannot be on the look out for…and / avoid an invisible mark. How do you guard against that? I have read the above-mentioned follow up article, and it’s suffice to say I was not convinced. I still say it’s prudent to say we don’t know when we don’t. That way we avoid making unfounded and potentially dangerous assumptions that could lead many to eternal damnation.

        • Hi Luvuyo . Dr Ken Gentry never claims all the Prophecies of Revelation are fulfilled, but the majority of them are, but there a number of significant ones that are yet to happen. Dr Gentry is a Partial Preterist like myself. I sincerely believe its the correct way to view Revelation. He can prove with scripture that the mentioned view is correct.

    • Ian, John was writing to that generation and warning them. Governments are evil, and Satans main tool to deceive and control people. The good news is that Gods Kingdom is already at work here, and we should be looking at the Sermon on the Mount, not Rev 13 so much

  • Hello Mr Matthew L Halsted,
    Finally an article correctly explaining “mark of the beast” and the “mark of the Lamb”. The issue at the end of time comes down to the day of worship. That is why the Fourth Commandment (from the Bible) says to remember the Sabbath. The only one that tells us to remember, but it is also packed with much more, which is not part of this article.
    Worship is the issue and as you mentioned, and it is the very first verse in Revelation — the revelation of Jesus Christ.
    Thank you for your article. You should write more about this as well. Too many false teachers and in the times we are in now, it is becoming a matter of salvation for everyone. Praise God for your words.
    God Bless
    Chuck Franz
    PERTH Western Australia

    • Chuck Franz I don’t believe for one second that the mark of the beast would be a day of worship. If that’s the case, where would that leave throngs of people who do not worship whatsoever! Let alone on which day? Where would that leave them? Secondly, how do you reconcile that claim with the ability/inability to buy or sell? And what about the bible warning on accepting the mark of the beast which clearly states that it’s an unforgivable sin and a permanent choice (Revelation 14:9-11)? Yet one can easily switch between sunday worship & saturday (Sabbath) worship, which contradicts the above-mentioned scripture. And to top it all, the above-mentioned days have always been here. Thus it means this is not a prophetic event as we are already worshipping on saturday or sunday. Can you explain this phenomenon?

    • Yeah, you can see it play out like this, if you go into a public business, “they are like mam/sir where is your mask? You need to have your mask on.” To, mam/sir, where is your mark?” You can see a video of a man being forced and pulled off a bus because he doesn’t have a mask. It’s not really about the mask, it’s about power and control. People are killing and hurting each other over a mask! We have people snitching on other people. That is where we are heading, people calling the authorities because they noticed someone wasn’t “marked.”

  • So this piece is about what vaccination and Covid-19 is not, but not about what it is. At least you could have said that Revelation is a message of doom, of God’s forbearance, giving an opportunity for repentance, a message of faithfulness–as well as a message of man’s corruptions and obstinence, despite God’s forbearance. Some of those elements, though not much based on Revelation, were also in John Piper’s booklet.
    Your piece is a helpful corrective to those who have neglected to read or study their Bible, who spend hours on conspiracy theories and hardly minutes in their Bible. However, you would do well to also say what the Bible has to say (or not) about Covid-19.
    Though even saying, keep calm, there is no beast, nor second one, is still a message of impotence. People are looking for answers. There is a massive crisis here, just like there have been crises in the past, in which churches were irrelevant, hardly seen or heard, while their societies sunk.
    PS: You take the moral high ground vis-a-vis those politicizing religious sentiments, though your remarks about flags and guns make clear you yourself are politically biassed.

  • Great observation. The information contained therein is to the point and calming. There are many voices out there that run contrary to biblical teachings, your clarification; is an eye-opener.

    • His clarification, as you put it, is only an opinion, one of a million different opinions. Just him saying that violence has no place in basically anything is ludicrous. No violence, in his opinion, is the only answer to everything. Christians have allowed america to become the evil sess pool that it is by sitting back and doing nothing. AMERICA WAS CREATED BY VIOLENCE! ONLY VIOLENCE WILL SECURE FREEDOMS WHEN EVIL MEN SEEK POWER.

  • Sounds like you have been reading my material. It is encouraging to see the voice of reason among the wild speculations. I wrote a book on 666 for exactly the reason you stated. Rational respectable biblical study vs. wild speculation. You make a couple of points I overlooked, most importantly that the mark represents what you already are, it doesn’t turn you into something, and you don’t take it without knowledge.

    My book though is almost exclusively on the level of explicit definition of the number, and I don’t go into symbolic or interpreted meaning, intent, and how we implement the understanding of Rev 13 in our lives today. Your article here reminds me that perhaps I should resume my work on the subject, as I frequently post arguments similar to your words here.

    If you don’t mind, I will save the link and some time by referring to you instead of writing 3 paragraph replies when the occasion arises.

  • Awesome educational direction. We are not supposed to live in fear, only Fear of the Lord. This should be a comfort and cause for rest for those who Love Him. Thank you for sharing…

    • As Christians, our peace should not be dependent on our circumstances – the key to our peace is not the absence of troubles, but, rather, the presence of God in the midst of our troubles. Sadly, many Christians are opting to “sleep,” but the word of God tells us not to be asleep as others are, specifically in regards to the end times (1 Thessalonians 5:1-11). God didn’t give us bible prophecy to scare us, He gave us bible prophecy to prepare us. Just like in the days of Noah, this world is growing more wicked by the minute, and it will continue to do so until Christ’s Second Coming. Satan knows the time is nearing that this ungodly world will be ready to embrace the Antichrist. As the end times approach, we are NOT to live in fear of what’s ahead because we are equipped in Christ: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7). God will never leave us or forsake us and His Grace is enough no matter what life throws at us, so we must stand strong and be wise: “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15‭-‬16). Scripture is clear that things will get worse as the end times unfold, but in the end, God wins. And no matter how dark the days look, God is still in control.

      “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” ~ Matthew 28:20

      “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will hold on to you with my righteous right hand.” ~ Isaiah 41:10

    • You can go to church on Sunday, that is right. Jesus arose on Sunday, so the Christians worship on Sunday. It is the New Covenant. The New Testament.

  • And for seeing the visionary “mark” on the saints as something spiritual rather than physical, see its less symbolic New Testament manifestation in the seal of the Spirit, and its Old Testament precursor in the visionary “mark” on those who grieved over wickedness at the time of the Babylonian invasion (Ezekiel 19)–and we have absolutely no evidence at all that anyone then actually received a physical mark. These things in Ezekiel and Revelation are super-symbolic visionary representations of things described more naturally elsewhere.

  • Well spoken down, so true how many are confused because they have not learned the word and there ears are waxed in they don’t hear.

  • It is physical. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:”……..

    • It is not willful adoration of the beast; if he causes great and small to take the mark, that means coercion or force or “you don’t do this and you don’t eat” and lots and lots of peer pressure to do it, from your kids who want to eat to your family and peers and so-called theologians like you telling people “it’s not the mark, it’s no big deal.” It will be a physical mark. The RFID chips implanted in the loose skin between the thumb and index finger, is in the palm and is a mark, even if it’s visible only through certain types of light.

      • To Mart

        Well said speak the truth i dont know if your male or female but good on ya you like me you speak your mind Sister/Brother mart

        ???? Good Spirit you haveJesus is the truth the wsy and the life

        And i agree with what you said.

        But is the mark before or after the Rapture?

        About Mathew P.H.D Pastor

        How does he know its not in a medical procedure i read his comment and i have not learned anything there it sounds more of a personal view than biblical based facts.he has a P.h.d? ok what doe he have a p.h.d in?

        Nicodemus (in a bible story) was a Pharisee if am not mistaken and was highly intellectual but still could not understand what born again meant when Jesus was trying to teach it to him which was in parables of course. But Jesus said that he should of understood what he was telling him.

        This goes to show it does not mater how intelligent some or most of us are we are still flawed in our comprehension of things in this world especially when it comes to God.

        Whoever this Mathew Ph.d Pastor is he is quite possibly fears the truth of Gods message regarding the Mark Of the beast so he changes the true meaning of this message to one that is more bearable and convinces himself he has the right interpretation and when he believes it enough in his mind his fear of Gods Message loose grip on him and disapears

        This why i believe some Christians avoid to hear or ignore the true message because they are uncomfortable when reading scriptures like in revelation. But whats more importsnt comfort or the truth that will set us free from sin and death

        I have suffered so much in life that i wanted to end it.. because the hardships and the obstacles.i had to face was difficult but something inside told me to rise up and fight the depression! ,fight the doubts,! Fight the fear! And so i did oh and how difficult it was the hours of praying daily, reading posive scriptures for my soul and sing them to counter combat these negative demonic entity’s (Metaphoricaly) and over a decade ior more they loose grip on me and i conquered and prevailed. during my battle with these negative forces in my mind i dreamed i was wrestling with a demon it had the apearance of a black panther and a black pointed tail with pointed ears with red eyes, demony looking it was i restledit and i throught through a window and i awoke and felt so strong like i cud do anything.. the demon was either a manifestation of my fear or an actual one attacking me in my sleep..

        I was wondering this because the attacks i wont go into stopped and i s now sleep like a baby since then which was in early 2000 and things i was afraid of i n life i cud face them for many years

        If you feel fear tell yourself God has not given me the Spirit of fear but of Power love and of a sound mind. Keep teling yourself this if you believe it it iwill disapear

        Nothing wrong with fear. fear promps us to protect ourselves when our fear senses danger we act quickley to protect ourselves and we get a release of adrenaline if we should get hurt or sense danger coming our way which is energy release that also works like fuel to give us strength to get out of crisis if we should have an accident. i guess fear also causes us to take matters seriously that need our urgent attention like Debt, Morgage, debt loans, and other debts, if we did not fear the outcom of not recovering these debts we would not care about it because we would not worry so we dont remember as result it maybe possible to keep up with your debt payments without worring with some people but you see my point here.

        What is Fear

        Nothing wrong with having fear in our world as long as it is controlled.. keep it on a leash of selfcontrol were fine
        If we did not fear God or his message what would we do about our salvation nothing!!

        what the Pastor or believer said on this website regarding the mark Ofthe beast been a Spiritual Mark and not a physical mar

        King James Version bibleis the one i trust

        And where the “mark of the beast” is concerned

        A holy scripture says in revelation somewhere that the Mark Of the Beast will be recieved on either the hand or forhead or both.

        And once you receive this mark you wont be able to buy or sell.. So this will replace cash money which is going to be scrapped soon i guess as many purchases and bills are paid online and telephone banking is an option all electronicaly done which both use debit card , Master card, Visa etc.

        So without these ID Payment Cards you obviously cannot buy or sell right?

        Because you need Credit (which is a term that is commonly used when a transaction is made into an account.or paying for something.

        For example i bought £30 of “credit” to topup my credit meter for electricity

        Or when i pay £350 on my rent account i am told this money is “credited” to my account or when using a credit card to purchase.very soon cash wont exist every payment method will be done electronicaly…

        So my question remains

        how can a “spiritual mark” be used to buy and sell..???? confusing!

        God is no author of confusion.

        This spiritual mark makes no sense what does worshiping the beast or Christ have to do with the methodology of how we will by or sell it makes no sense.

        I think He needs to read revelation again. Very carefully regarding this subject in all the years dating back to the mid 90’s And yr2000 when i had Christian meetings with my Christian brothers intelligent ones i never heard any of them including myself mentioning that the mark of the beast is Spiritual.. never!

        And he has a Phd this is got to be a mistake am sure. The mark will be implanted or received either on the hand or forehead or something like that havent read the bible for long time but it probably says on forehead or on the head or hand because some countries may receive it on the hand where as other countries will receive it on the back of their head or kneck who knows if its a chip i dont see how this could be inplanted in your head so any country receiving this mark on their head it will most likely be a barcode i think scanned a barcode of a item one time and i got information of it such as the brand the cost serial or product number etc so informain is in a barcode they have a similar method online s like a patern in black color you scan it to pay for something

        i think It helps if we use these various methods of payment technology works so we can be very familiar with it and see how it evolves we have a better understanding of something if we explore it in a practical way rather than just reading about it and trying to understanding it theoretically.

        God bless

        • I think it has something to do with it or it is the mark, because it is Lucifer-ase which means the bright one and it illuminates the code or number of the vaccines that you have had and it is connected with or is id2020. It is like this on the paper telling about it: WID2020 0606066. It also will be used for tracking.
          The Tracing Act 6666 is for the crypto currency is what I read yesterday. Seems like the mark to me. Mark means tattoo. The lights illuminating one’s ID and tracking and buying and selling with it.. it might go into the right hand or forehead a little while later. But sounds like the mark to me.

        • Its obvious to me re: that Pastor Mathew has a Preterist view of Revelation. I started off years ago with a futurist view, changed my mind and had a historical view, then i have made one last and final adjustment to a Preterist view. Not a full Preterist but a partial Preterist view. Partial Preterist believe that virtually the whole[ but certainly not every bit of it] of Book of Revelation was totally fulfilled in the 1st century AD. Certainly the prophecies re: The Anti-Christ, the Mark of the Beast including the buying and selling bit have been totally fulfilled almost 2000 years ago and it has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever in the 21st century. I kind of think Matthew was guilty of pussy footing around a bit he should have boldly declared what i am about to declare. HEY!! WISE UP CHURCH, THE 666 AND THE MARK OF THE BEAST AINT GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH THE 21ST CENTURY.

          • It is wonderful to see that most commentators have a good understanding of the Bible
            and share the same expectation of our Lord’s imminent return. The exception would be preterists or those claiming the rapture and future prophecy has already been fulfilled.
            You could say preterists have no future -at least not a good one. If you want to be one of the 5 foolish virgins with no oil or expectation -believe this foolish doctrine.
            Preterists are like Jehovah’s false witnesses in that ignore what Scripture plainly states in order to maintain their position. It is a hard sell in these times to say Satan and sin no longer reigns and that things are “only going to get better! It is also a bold lie to say that God is finished with the Jewish people when clearly He is not.
            Preterism became prominent thanks to a Jesuit priest, who sought to defend the Catholic Church against attacks of the Reformers. The apostle Paul encountered the first preterists: Hymenaeus and Philetus, “men who have gone astray from the truth saying that the resurrection has already taken place” -no wonder “they upset the faith of some!” (2 Timothy 2:16–18)

            It is always wise to see the cons of an organization before you listen to their lies least you become charmed by their words and lack biblical discernment. Study the real bill before you study the counterfeit. The Bible speaks of many antichrists, Nero was one -but not the Antichrist. A better example was Antiochus IV Epiphanes (168 BC) who did many of the things that will be done in the near future but neither made any peace pacts as Jared Kushner is attempting now. Nero NEVER made any covenant with Israel. Nor issued any “mark” nor sat in the Temple declaring himself God or demanding to be worshipped. Despite his “beastlike” nature -his persecution was limited to Rome (against Christians -not the entire world) so this was hardly the “worst time in all of history.” Nero was hardly the “King of fierce countenance” -he died in AD68 (before the destruction of Jerusalem AD70) -not by God, but by committing suicide fleeing from his own soldiers. Only Rome came against Jerusalem in AD70 -the Bible says that in the future ALL NATIONS will come against Israel and they will ALL be destroyed.

            Woe to preterists for taking away from God’s word!
            For “if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” (Revelation 22:19)

          • Thanks for your Comments James. Most of what you were complaining about is in reference to people that have a full preterist view of Revelation. There is a big difference between what a full preterist believes and what a partial preterist believes. Looks like you have painted me as a full preterist but I couldn’t have made it clearer in my correspondence that I hold a partial preterist view and I believe what Matthew Halstead from what he has written holds the same view. It is always wise to read anothers correspondence carefully before hitting the keys in reply

          • @James Knox: This is the best comment I have read in this thread so far! Thank you for the clarity. I picked up the term “Preterist” on a YouTube comment section after I was compelled to go and check out a Dr. Ken Gentry sermon by the same “paddle on” guy you replied to (I didn’t even know it existed). All because my spirit was churning within me with what he (paddle on) was paddling. I just knew right off the bat that what he was saying (and by extension what Dr. Ken Gentry was teaching) was not biblically sound, to the point where I asked him if we should just chuck our bibles to the nearest trash-can (sarcastically of cause) given that the good Dr. claims that prophecy in the book of Revelation has already come to pass in the… and was meant for the 1st century church? To which he replied ‘no no no, don’t throw your bible away for there are some parts of that prophecy which haven’t been fulfilled yet’. Which, needless to say, made no sense to me whatsoever! Thanks once more for this clarity. With the hope that “paddle on” will realise Dr. Gentry’s error and turn away from such unbiblical doctrines.

          • read your Bible [King James 1611] you are DECEIVED! Revelation is a prophetic Book, it discloses events that are to come, not what has come centuries ago!! PADDLE ON DUDE.

          • @Bud… I agree 100% with you. Revelation prophecy is yet to come. In fact, it has just started with the covid-19 plandemic. paddle on is paddling Dr. Ken Gentry’s doctrine, which I believe is in error.

  • I tend to think that the Mark of the Lamb is His name: Emmanuel, or God With Us. So perhaps the mark of the beast is his name.

  • I think there are some good points made in this paper. What concerns me is that in one statement, without stating your own eschatological understanding, you wipe out every one whose understanding is not according to yours, labeling/categorizing them as non reputable or non Biblical. Who then are the reputable scholars you refer to?

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for your comment. I can go back and look, though I think I stated my position fairly clearly–at least with respect to what I intended to say (i.e., that the “mark of the beast” is most likely not physical, etc).

      Just for further clarity, though, I should say that I’m not at all suggesting that, unless everyone agrees with my views on eschatology, they are not “reputable” scholars. Scholars have always (and will always) have disagreements about eschatology. However, I do stand by my claim that, with respect to the more outlandish claims, reputable scholars do in fact avoid endorsing them. I know of know reputable scholar, for instance, who would say that a vaccine is the mark of the beast.

      I have grown increasingly dismayed as to how little scholarship trickles down into the churches. There are many reasons for this, to be sure. But what I’m attempting to do (indeed, this is my own life’s calling) is help “bridge the gap” between what reputable scholars are saying and the life of local churches. Given that anyone can post anything on various social media outlets (and given that when it comes to eschatology, the extremely odd views seem to prevail), it is very important for me to connect sincere Christians in local churches with those scholars who have dedicated so much of their lives to the study of the Bible. As someone with a PhD myself, I simply felt it was important to speak out.

      As to your question about reputable scholars, please see my reply to Ian above. My reply is somewhat lengthy, but I do interact with scholars you may find interesting. Also, please see the bottom of my original article, where there is a list of works from several noted scholars.

      Thanks again for the dialogue!

  • Well said. The end of times FEAR is just not a new phenomenon. It has been going on not just after Christ but before and not just amongs Christians but also other faiths as well.

    It is true to say, the Bible says, “The fear of the lord is the beginning g of wisdom”.

    Then again, this is under the OLD TESTAMENT. Since the coming of the Messiah, don’t you (readers) think, that the ‘MESSAGE’ of the Lord Jesus Christ, is not FEAR but LOVE?

    If it is LOVE, why then should we fear ANYTHING? Have we not understood, what Christ said about we ‘KNOWING THE TRUTH and THE TRUTH SETTING US FREE’ (John 8.32)? Why then do we fear about the ‘END TIMES’? Are we all going to live here forever? Is there not death awaiting us for sure?

    What exactly did Christ mean by us kowing the TRUTH? What is the TRUTH He was referring to? How is it that knowing this TRUTH He referred to, shall set us FREE? Free from what?
    Free from those who frighten us and mane become DEPENDENT on these FEARMONGERS? Is this a means of religious organizations utilizing this human sensation of FEAR to seeke REFUGE to them (religious organisations) for protection from the BEAST? Is a ploy to make the congregation GROW and to make the coffers GROW?

    I agree. Why pay all this attention to the BEAST and ignore THE LAMB (Christ)? Why do we IGNORE His teachings and COMMANDMENTS and simply pay far TOO MUCH attention to the ‘Spilling Of His Blood’ and throwing to the wind, what He has COMMANDED us to do? Why did He say:

    “Why call me lord, lord and not do
    the things I told you to do”?

    Are not the following words in the Great Comission (Matthew 28.19) most important, “….teaching them to OBEY everything I have commanded…”?

    How many of us pay attention to these CRUCIAL words? Sadly, I have not heard ANYONE making any reference to them.

    Forget about this ‘End of Time’ fearmongering and pay more attention to His Message.

  • Thank you for writing this! Great points all over, loved the “Let’s Play the Game” section particularly!

  • Thank you, I appreciate the measured approach and the desire to point readers of eschatology to the Lord Jesus Christ!

  • Very good article. I’m not sure though that the mark isn’t physical though I agree it is what’s in a persons heart that make him evil( like Cain and his mark). But I also wonder because the antichrist is able to deceive. Wouldn’t this mean that some receive the mark unwittingly? That they are deceived into believing a lie,as Eve was in the garden? I pray for all of us to rightly divide the word of truth❤️ Patty

  • How would you consider a RF chip that you must receive in order to show you are properly vaccinated in a new forced vaccine world? Also, this same chip would/could hold all of your financial information and most likely replace currencies. That is what I have been pondering. Is this a mark of devotion and loyalty to the world’s systems? Is this worshiping the world over our Savior? I have been hearing more and more about this possibility in the coming years (just not sure how soon), first about the financial issues but now even more with the medical issues.

    • My thoughts exactly, it IS a mark of submission and worship, not to a traditional religion but to the cult of secular humanism, transhumanism, technocracy and scientism which forms one of the best disguised religions out there today.

      That is to say, those who feel compelled to convince others a mandatory vaccine/digital certificate (discussed in a Rockefeller release this week!) is neccesary for this “new normal” and accept loss of basic societal privileges to those who reject it they’re hook line and sinker in the dogma of scientism “trust the experts=clergy”.

      Gates has repeated the scheme ad nauseam: no return to normalcy until you’re vaccinated … no return to normalcy until you’re vaccinated … no return to normalcy until you’re vaccinated.

      Here’s a quote from the actual document (linked at the bottom), it’s a 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper describing a “Unique Patient Identification Number”, which Gates calls it a “digital certificate” or “immunity passport”, but it’s the same idea:

      “Some privacy concerns must be set aside for an infectious agent as virulent as Covid-19, allowing the infection status of most Americans to be accessed and validated in a few required settings and many voluntary ones … Those screened must be given a unique patient identification number that would link to information about a patient’s viral, antibody and eventually vaccine status under a system that could easily handshake with other systems to speed the return of normal societal functions. Schools could link this to attendance lists, large office buildings to employee ID cards, TSA to passenger lists and concert and sports venues to ticket purchasers.”

      If that’s not a mark without which you are ostracized from society, not able to buy sell, etc… People who accept it are buying into a utopian world view of mankind conquering disease through “science” (oooh ahhh!) albeit in the form of a radical new and untested RNA vaccine that literally programs the spike gene of the virus into your DNA causing your biology to endogenous produce it, i.e. you’re more or less a genetically modified human after getting the shot (and electrical stimulation to activate the nano-technology).

      I’m not even Christian but this has made me really start second guessing things, it just lines up way too well.

      • The fact that you say you are NOT a Christian is something you should rectify as soon as Possible. However it’s not as Easy as said, Salvation is a Heart thing not a Brain thing. So with the heart man believes unto Righteousness. The mouth confess unto Salvation. So it seems you have the Mouth part with your rethinking. Sit down in your Room acknowledge that you have sinned against the MOST HIGH , and as him to forgive you. Acknowledge that JESUS CHRIST is the Son of God in that PRAYER. Then and only then are you SAVED. I hope you do. Sincerely Robert Valcourt

      • I’m sure you have watched the marvel movies such as captain America? Can you imagine a situation like that? They are trying to genetically modify humans, they want to make a super human species with science and technology. Elon musk’s neurolink is trying to put microchips in people’s brains. Scientist are trying to be God. People worship science as a God. Imagine the possibilities. I don’t think that is good at all.

      • I, like you, had doubts, although was raised in a Conservative Christian home and professed it for quite some time. Was turned off by “the church” and slimey pastors and fake people. Also had doubts from studying other world religions and decided it was all to control people, by a group of small rich psychopaths. I still believe the small group rich psychopaths, they are the gloablists. However, the absolute lining up of what’s going on with prophecy is becoming very much uncanny. Okay so it lines up, maybe they are just using it as their playbook and hand something to do with it years ago (say with King James translation or something). But there is NO WAY those humans could have forseen the current technology and what is going on, even if they had mass genocidal ideation. Pseudoscience (evolution which defies real scientific law of thermodynamics called entroy, modern medical science, etc.) seems to be their god of technocracy. I can’t get into how many real medical scientists have been offed, plundered, had their labs burned/papers stolen, thug threatened by the globalist medical elite plans/persons, etc. Look of Royal Rife for one. This bug is a nothing but a trojan horse for all the other plans….and they are not good ones. I noticed Daegle had the US population cut in 1/3 by 2025, but they took the web site down.

        I’m going to go back and read the Gospels liek Matt 24, and cross reference to Daniel and Revelation. We DO win in the end (although though we are told we will lose our physical lives). However, if you don’t accept the good news of God’s son, you’ll die anyway, but your soul will never be rejoined to a new body on a new earth. Eternal separation for God and all that is good.

        You’re smart, and I know that can get in the way of faith (in may case, too). I think you can prove the scriptures, though, if you attempt to. God has allowed you to not be deceived right now!!! That’s fantastic, just carry the rest of it through. And be careful about churches, almost all of them are false now. Best stay and home and learn on your own.

        • Hi Reba. If you want to study the Faith then you can not do better than watch the Reformed Theologian Dr Ken Gentry on You Tube. He has some really good teaching. Best i have ever seen.

          • @paddle on thru… I’d rather you refer people to the Word of the living God instead of preachers who might potentially mislead them. Dr. Ken Gentry’s teachings on the book of Revelation have gotten me suspicious. By claiming that biblical prophecy has already come to pass and that it was meant for the 1st century church, and has nothing to do with the 21st century church, he’s sent alarm bells of discernment ringing in my head. Am not sure of his intentions, but I’m not convinced by his end times teachings at all.

          • The problem with referring people to the word of God is that in countless cases that don’t have any understanding of it, I could refer someone to the word of God a thousand times and get the same ridiculous answer everytime. Everyone commenting on this site claims they are right into the Word of God yet everyone has got completely different ideas about what this means and what that means. Wild unsubstanstiated speculations seems to be the constant norm. Incomprehensible nonsense is put forward as cast iron fact. In the body of Christ there are all sorts of gifts, one of them is hospitality, one of them is teaching, another is knowledge and the list goes on and on. Dr Ken Gentry is a reformed theologian trained in systematic theology and he has a great gifting in discernment, knowledge, and teaching and has spent many years studying what other theologians believe re: all sorts of passages in the Bible. He works for an organisation where 3 or 4 theologians team up together for hours or days at a time nutting out what certain scripture mean after some prayer time first of course. God ordains certain men to teach others.

          • Beg to differ greatly, but reformed theology is a horrid doctrine, full of contradictions and easily refuted. Ignorant undiscerning people have to be taught this monstrous, cultish doctrine, for almost noone would cometo it’s contradicting, God dishonoring, conclusions by reading the Bible on their own. To think, that there are some christians who teach and believe that they are more humble than God, that sovereignty trumps love, that God could force everyone to be saved but chooses not to, etc…, etc…., etc…., is unbelievable to me. Who also
            claim ignorance of God’s truth as a legitimate excuse to defend their false doctrine when cornered, while proudly claiming to be the only sect that has the real truth. Try reading from real scholar such as John Fletcher`s checks, or Wesley’s sermons, “God’s love to fallen man”, or “On predestination”. Or do you not read the works of “hertics”, (oops I meant nonreformists)?

            P.s. Not disagreeing with you on your semipreterist views either. Its not that important to me to dwell on the teachings of men about the most hard to comprehend book in the bible. Especially from men who “know 3xactlu what it says”. In my view , usually whenever the crowd agrees on something, I start looking around for the truth.

  • Who would you consider to be the good scholars on this subject? Someone easy to read for a lay person.

  • I am a true believer and I believe the tribulation in the book of Revelation from K.J.V TO TAKE PLACE AFTER THE RAPTURE OF THE Church. And how do you explain about those having the Mark can not buy or sale. if the make is not a visible make .

  • Not a physical mark? Doesn’t scripture say it will be on the forehead or the hand?

      • The Greek word “charagma” used throughout the Book of Revelation in reference to the mark. The word literally means an engraving or etching.

        The literal Greek word for “where” the mark is placed is epi which is the English word for upon.

        • In this article under the mark it says there is a pre rapture….but that is false….Jesus doesn’t return until AFTER tribulation…and with these vaccines we will get a bracelet that says if we are vaccinated or not vaccinated and it will have nunbers on this bracelet it is like the bracelets that they use at Disney World…..these bracelets will say if we are vaccinated or we are not vaccinated and they will scan these bracelets and it will give ALL of our info…..they will have us scanned before we go into the store and if we don’t have a bracelet or it says unvaccinated we will NOT be allowed to go into the store….inside the vaccine will be a small microchip that has the number of the beast which will be connected to the bracelet….the devil has demonic powers and will not stop he doesn’t care how many people are on the earth or how much it costs….he wants followers like God….but in the end we know who wins….trump has already said they are GOING to start in the nursing homes….hence they are going to kill off all the old people first….this is how the population will go down….think of all the baby boomers that are going to die….i suggest if you have a parent or grandparent in a nursing home take them out….they shouldn’t be there anyway….theres a verse in Timothy not sure which one but it says…..those who do NOT provide for their families are as good as a heathen….so we need to be responsible for our family members NOT have them in a nursing home…..those are going to be the first ones killed!

    • The Greek word “charagma” used throughout the Book of Revelation in reference to the mark. The word literally means an engraving or etching.

      The literal Greek word for “where” the mark is placed is epi which is the English word for upon.

  • I hope my comment reaches the author of this article. He has a brilliant wife for encouraging him to write it. I came across it via Tim challies blog. I hope it goes viral. Excuse the pun.

  • We expect to get raptured prior to the Tribulation times, but if I am wrong, and it is later, I still will not be forced to accept a vaccination or tattoo.
    Those who protest with a sidearm serve as visual reminders that the Chinese once observed that even with their mega population they could not overtake the United States because “there would be an American with a gun behind every blade of grass”.
    Please tell me what you can add to this new article

  • Have to disagree with your thoughts about the mark. Yes you can’t unknowingly get it , but it will be peddled as being a brilliant idea and pr spin will be put into it , fooling loads of people . as scripture says even the elect will be tricked. A vaccine which “cures” all and has the added convenience of a chip which saves hassle will sound like a great idea …to those who aren’t aware. I agree we shouldn’t be panicking but neither should we stick our heads in the sand with regard to what is going on in the world. We do not know who the antichrist will be or what propaganda he will utilise

    • No, it says his devices will be so cunning as to fool even the elect…”if it were possible.” That’s a HUGE caveat in that scripture. The elect will NOT be deceived. That was a scripture to prove just how devious Satan will be… that “if it were possible” he would fool even them. But the elect will not be deceived. Jesus will not abandon His Children to Satan. They will know Satan. Don’t skip over any words in any phrase. Understand every nuance phrase even if tacked onto the end of a sentence.

    • IF even the elect could be deceived. They who know His voice will not be deceived. The passage is indicating it will be very strong delusion, but NOT to those who are His.

  • I agree that the mark isn’t something people won’t accidentally accept. But to say the mark is “spiritual” seems to belie Rev 13:16-17. My concern isn’t with specifically with Covid-19 and the Vaccine, it’s with a society that is so quick to trade their freedom for “safety”. We need to look at the larger picture. Something like the mark described in Rev, imo, has never seemed so plausible. I don’t think it was happen tomorrow. But the world seems to be moving in that direction.

  • Very informative. Shed some light my way: if the mark is what you say it is, what is all that about not being to transact etc?

  • Thank you for a very good article. One thing that I would like to question is the following- “Most likely, it’s not even a physical or visible mark at all.”

    This seems to go against Revelation 13:15-17 which says, “The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

    Even today people have received literal, physical chips for medical reasons. It’s easy to see how these can be turned into the only way to gain and receive money- all electronically through the chip.

  • Thank you so much for this. I have only heard about the mark of the beast and the Antichrist from the All I ever heard from the Pentecostal pulpit is fear, the mark of the beast, surviving the end times and the Antichrist. So freeing to know that Christ has marked His own and we, the church, have nothing to fear.

  • the best resources to dig into eschatology is to use the King James Bible and the Holy Spirit to guide you , let God reveal the truth to you, Don’t rely on mans opinions

  • Thank you for your comments on this subject. I have been embarrassed by the response of so many “Christian’s” in my community. I’m dumbfounded by the notion that a vaccine is being equated with “the mark of the beast”
    My husband was a pastor with a PhD in philosophy and apologetics who passed away suddenly two years ago. I so wish he was here to respond to these assumptions.
    Thank you, again for taking the time to address this.

    • Monica, thank you very much for your comment. When I first read it, my heart sank. I’m so sorry for your loss. I pray the Lord grants continued peace and comfort. Blessings to you!


  • Though your article has good intentions it’s profoundly naive. Focusing on Revelation alone whilst not mentioning Matthew or Daniel to mention just two critical books is like putting gas in a car & wondering why it won’t run, only to discover it has no engine. Did it ever occur to you that the Church of Medicine is in fact a religion? That the vaccine has a patent of 060606? That the enzyme required to make the digital ID glow is named Luciferone? That there is a Bill in the House re: Coronavirus numbered 6666? The Bible says many will be deceived. Do Not be deceived by being naive & ignoring glaring signs. The Mark of the Beast will in fact prevent those without receiving it to be unable to buy or sell. How then can it be “invisible”? It CANNOT. Period. It must be visible which is how they determine whether you have it or not. Christians WILL BE PERSECUTED in the End times. Jesus says this in Matthew. This is a result of Christians calculating the number & REFUSING the Mark of the Beast. Do not be the reason Christians are led to be deceived & receive the Mark, because you may be judged at the Day of Judgement for it. God Bless

    • Thank you, Tara, for bringing this up. There are many christians who still believe accepting the covid vaccine or any for that matter are perfectly safe and harmless. I think this author misses the point completely about why this particular vaccine is very dangerous and why people are warning to reject it. I don’t believe it’s the mark of the beast, but a gateway to it. I will never accept this vaccine, nor will any in my household.

      • Thank you Tara and Stephanie!

        I feel this is exactly how Christians will be easily deceived…I say easily because – as we can see from so many in the comments – people want to believe that the Mark of the Beast will be obvious. But as you pointed out…he is a deceiver. This particular vaccine could not be more concerning in its nature. Whether this is the mark or not…it is a mark, and we should be very wary of its origins. It’s almost as if the number of the bill, the patent, the name of the “ink” or glowing material is to make light of it all…think about it. It’s almost too obvious…but isn’t that exactly how deception works?

        Whether The Church is gathered before, during or after Tribulation is unknown. What we do know is that It will be incredibly challenging at all times. This is not going to be easy…IF and I do mean IF we are entering this phase of our existence – I do not think it will be as obvious as some seem to believe, so be vigilant. Question everything. Ask for guidance, wisdom, and above all be prepared for very difficult times. But do not fear…Trust

  • thank you for your words of wisdom and i appreciate them dearly, because all my parents talk about is how the vaccine is the mark of the beast and how end times are near, and as a 17 year old planning on moving into the real world this November, its scaring me a lot and causing panic inside me because i want to live my full life and see my future with my girlfriend and possibly my kids and friends.
    i have not read the Bible fully and will try my best to one day soon.
    once again i thank you for this article and for the reassurance of this entire situation of end times

    • I have 2 23 yr old twins , my one daughter was moving to NYC for a job that has been put on hold. We too have experience fear and sadness , I want them to live a life and enjoy being young . I think Satan has a spiraling in fear , God does not give us a spirit of fear . This was the only article that gave me peace , everything else is gloom and doom. Try not to get sucked into it , PRAY . Prayer is our weapon .

      • Sadly, many Christians have bought into Satan’s lie that this word is a “playground” when in reality it is a “battleground.” The storms of life WILL push and pull; we are not promised smooth sailing, but God promises that He will give us His peace, strength,and power in the midst of the storms and troubles of life. His Grace is enough no matter what life throws at us. This does not mean that we will never experience happy times or moments, but, ultimately, our joy and peace as Christians should not be dependent on our circumstances. Being alert and aware of the end times is not “doom and gloom.” It is called being a watchman. We are not called to be asleep as others are. And we are not to live in fear of what’s ahead because we are equipped in Christ.

        “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done” – Matthew 16:24‭-‬27.

        “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” – Romans12:2.

        “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” – Philippians 4:4‭-‬7.

    • Hi Alfonso,

      Thanks so very much for commenting. I think there are many good folks like yourself who are feeling the same way. I want to encourage you to continue to find hope and joy and peace in Christ. We can have assurance that, no matter what the future holds (and quite frankly, none of us knows for sure what the future holds), we can nonetheless have the peace of Christ permeating through every part of our being. Jesus wins in the end, my friend. Don’t fear the rumors and the chatter going around. Jesus is with those who trust in him!

    • The labor pains of the end times have been increasing for the past 2,000 years (since Christ’s death and resurrection) and even more so since the rebirth of Israel, which happened over 70-years ago (on May 14, 1948). The things happening are clear signs that the end times are approaching us faster and faster.

      “Then Jesus turned to the crowd and said, ‘When you see clouds beginning to form in the west, you say, ‘Here comes a shower.’ And you are right. When the south wind blows, you say, ‘Today will be a scorcher.’ And it is. You fools! You know how to interpret the weather signs of the earth and sky, but you don’t know how to interpret the present times.” ~ Luke 15:54-56. In other words, if they were keeping up with their scripture reading than how were they not able to clearly see that their Messiah was standing right in front of them? We need to read the signs of our time and know what time it is. This is called being a “watchman.” God didn’t give us bible prophecy to scare us, He gave us bible prophecy to prepare us. The word of God tells us not to be asleep as others are, specifically in regards to the end times (1 Thessalonians 5:1-11). There is no doubt that God is trying to wake us up and shake us up to “what time it is.”

      Although I agree that the “mark” cannot be taken by accident, scripture is clear that it will be something you have to take physically in order to buy and sell:

      “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.” ~ Revelation 13:16-17

      Our modern-day technology (to include the technology being used for this vaccine) is the same technology the Antichrist will use for the mark. People will not be tricked into taking it because they think it is a vaccine (they will know they need it to buy and sell, as well as pledge their allegiance to the Antichrist). Cash, credit cards, etc. will be useless. Many will be martyrd for their loyalty to Christ during the Tribulation and for not taking the mark:

      “I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years” – Revelation 20:4.

      (I believe, based on scripture, that we have great reason to believe Believers/Followers of Christ will be raptured before the Tribulation, so I believe this verse is referring to those who become Christians during the Tribulation, but regardless, persecution and martyrdom should be expected with the Christian life, especially as the end times draw near. Millions of our Christian brethren have been persecuted and martyrd for their faith in the past and present.)

    • You need to do it NOW.

      What are you so busy doing that you cannot do now? Tomorrow is not promised.

  • I have to disagree. The mark you’re stating is a spirit, spiritual, a belief in something or an allegiance. However, the Bible states you cannot buy or sell without the mark. So stores and transactions will not do business with you if your spirit doesn’t align with theirs? How would they gauge that. No, the way I see it is the vaccine could (or not) possibly be the start of, but not the actual mark. If you haven’t been out even in the last wk, some businesses are not accepting cash anymore. They’re scared it may contain the virus. Eventually, this may lead to a small chip implanted on the person to make their transactions, and also carrying a whole other myriad of info, such as if they’ve been vaccinated, “safe for society”. But perhaps I’m wrong, but a possibility? If you don’t have the vaccine on your chip, you won’t be able to buy or sell, you’ll basically be deemed a leper.

  • Thank you , I have been feeling really frightened , and anxious thinking this it : I was raised. With fear of the end times, it was used as a tool to constantly be on alert , and frightened . This helped me feel more peace , Bill Gates is a dangerous man and in these days of covid his name has repeatedly surfaced. I don’t know how to seek truth from what I have been taught, I feel like it’s a bondage that has kept me from enjoying life and I know that’s not what God wants for my life

  • Who gets to determine who gets the Mark of the Lamb? God or us? It seems to me to be God. So from that perspective a vaccine doesn’t make sense. An individual gets to choose to get or not get a vaccine. Does that make sense? Thanks so much for your article your opinion seems logical to me.

  • this is false entirely.
    the vaccine will have quantum technology which edits your dna/genome getting rid of what they call vmat2 gene and moreso on top of that allowing the A.I.(artificial intelligence/super computer) 5G Control Grid System to literally control your brain and your person from there on out, like as exposed in the 3rd season of the netflix tv series “The 100”. Freemasons notoriously expose their plans in broad view as part of their dogma.

    That is why, anyone who takes it will guaranteed be cast into the lake of fire hell forever.

    Don’t take the mark of the beast.

  • I would appreciate your response to the upbringing I had as a child because the current events have triggered some fears I have tried to leave behind. My church taught the mark of the beast was basically a cashless system set up by the Antichrist. Only those who have it can participate in the economy in any way. In other words no pay for work, no purchasing food or paying your mortgage without it.
    As such, walking into stores and behind told they are not taking cash, or hearing stories that we should move to a touch less payment system to avoid germs has been bringing up old ways of thinking that I thought were in my past.
    Do you have any thoughts about that angle on the mark?

  • This is not a comment for public consumption but a sincere question. I think it is impossible to really know ahead of time what the mark of the beast will be, but it is certainly sobering that Bill Gate has a company dedicated to chipping everyone with their vaccine status and his goal is worldwide chipping and vaccination. For some time now there has been a strong move to force all people to submit to all vaccines to be allowed to go to school, to work, travel, or even appear in public. A pilot program in Argentina has tied driver’s license renewal to vaccination. The COVID 19 crisis has put that push into high gear.

    Here is my question: All of our live virus vaccines since 1979 have been manufactured using aborted fetal cell lines. Contrary to original reports, it is not “just two” babies from the 1960’s, but hundreds. On top of that new cell lines are coming on line and the research on aborted babies continues apace. The new COVID vaccines are being developed with fetal cell lines. What if we are mandated to take one of these immorally made vaccines, and without it we couldn’t “buy or sell” because we would not even be allowed in a store? Could that be the mark of the beast? I don’t think I can participate in child murder in that way, and my biggest fear is not being brave enough to pay the price of refusing it. If you wish to respond, I would be glad of it. I can document all of this (for starters you can google Stanley Plotkin deposition 1/11/18 youtube and hear it from his own mouth, the head of Wistar Institute responsible for vaccine development and heavily involved in fetal tissue research).

    • Ditto… I think for many Christians who cannot use vaccines based on fetal cell lines for the reasons you state, this is an unholy sacrament not symbolically, but literally. Just as some pro-life folk object to abortion and rightly parallel it to Chemosh/Molech worship in the Old Testament, passing children through the fire – this has potential to be an anti-Lord’s supper that the globe is forced to partake in or lose freedoms as Lynn notes.

      As there are many anti-Christs but one Anti-Christ, so there are many marks, but one Mark? I agree it’s a perennial symbol primarily (viewed across time) – tying in with Ezekiel & the positive mark of Lamb, which both refer further back to Deuteronomy – word bound on forehead and on hand etc – guiding thoughts and deeds. However, this should not rule out possible literal fulfillments or partial fulfillments (as indeed many literally bound the word on their foreheads/hands via phylacteries).

    • Yes I agree the aborted babies are used at some stage of the process of development in many vaccines and some aborted babies are still used for scientific purpose . There is a video about this on lifesite news. com and it is sickening to know that their little parts are removed before death in some instances. Even if the vaccines were safe and not a precursor of the mark of the beast I would not willingly accept it because of the fetal cell lines used. They will have to come up with one that is ethically acceptable to pro lifers and Christians before I will even consider it.

      • @chrissy At least you willing to “consider” it. Under no circumstances would I consider a pharmaceutical extraction in my body. Especially when I’m ‘told’ I could be sick…

  • This is very well written. The polar opposites you are talking about are Sunday Worship versus Sabbath Worship. This is well documented in 7th Day Adventism literature. Check David Barron Third Angel’s message channel on YouTube, Walter Veith, Doug Bachelor, Stephen Bohr, Randy Skeete, and other teachers on this subject.

    God Bless you.

    • @Vusi Mkhatshwa If the mark of the beast is about the day of worship (Sunday/Saturday), where does that leave those who don’t worship at all, let alone on which day? And if Sunday is the mark of the beast as you seek to insinuate, how does it tie up with buying or selling talked about in Revelation 13:16-17? Revelation 13:18 says let him who has wisdom count (calculate) the number of the beast for it is a number of a man, and his number is Six hundred Threescore and six (666). Now how does one calculate Sunday? Secondly how is Sunday a “number”? Notice the four instances given in the above-mentioned scripture/s to constitute the mark of the beast.

      1. Taking the mark of the beast.
      2. Or his name.
      3. Or the number of his name.
      4. Or worshipping the beast and/his image

      Now how does Sunday encompass all the above? Notice how the angel in Revelation 14:9-10 warns that once one has taken the mark, there’s no longer redemption for them? However, with Sunday or Saturday one can switch from one day to the other? Which disqualifies Sunday as the mark of the beast. Besides, the book of Revelation is prophecy, but notice how Sunday has been with us since inception? Based on these last two points, are you saying those who have been worshipping on Sunday have already been condemned?

      Lastly, Revelation 13:16-17 says people will take the mark on their right hand or forehead. So… are they gonna be scanning for Sunday on your right hand or forehead before they allow you to buy or sell? Does that even make sense?

  • Amen. Thank you for addressing this issue. My Prayer is that the frenzy will die down and that God’s people will grow in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord. Become people of the Word and people of prayer and not get caught up in the frenzy.

  • What would be the best book on revelation that I could read to help me understand it. I have read it twice and just do not understand most of it?

  • I’m glad you listened to your wife this was excellent. I’ve already had a few good discussions with people about this subject after teaching Revelation last year. I love the focus on the lamb.

  • I don’t see any Bible references in the picture.

    This is a good article to help believers have the right perspective. Th discussion about the mark of the beast is helpful.

    • Thanks for pointing this out, Jeanne. The only images of protestors with “mark of the beast” posters are under copyright, so we went with “1984” (which of course has its own implications!).

  • Beast end time conditioning society

    You are right that COVID-19 is NOT the MARK.. but the “VACCINE” has not been made yet.. a time line with lots space in between.. for many bigger events to simultaneously occur.. leading up to the STAGE of the ANTICHRIST (BEAST is the IMAGE worshipped)..

    But they ARE preparing THE WORLD for HIM.. question is.. if this SYSTEM is put in PLACE.. and you choose not to be a part of it.. so you CANNOT BUY and no one will accept a SALE from you because GOV/SOCIETY deems you dangerous/bad… will you GIVE IN and JOIN? WHY so much HATE towards the CHURCH? Shut downs and RESTRICTIONS on CHRISTIANS but VICE SHOPS can have LINE UPS?

    Revelation 13:16-18 KJV
    [16] And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: [17] And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. [18] Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    Verse 16 – Help flatten the curve: EVERYONE join and help stop this enemy, or people may die / you are a risk / report and remove them = kids, old people, regular people, celebrities and politicians, prisoners, citizens – LOTS CHURCHES CLOSING DOORS

    Verses 17&18 – Lockdown: people CANNOT just BUY anything – what things we can cannot buy – who can SELL (stay open) who can’t (stay closed) – people losing jobs – NEEDING government handouts to “live” – what prices we can sell at – special permissions granted to “essential” people – essential jobs, everyone MUST be TESTED to go back to normal (be in society), everyone needs to be vaccinated, biometric ID to track virus. DIGITAL CURRENCY -ONYL CENTRAL ISSUANCE OF MONEY -NO SIDE MONEY OR ILLEGAL OR UNTAX MONEY AKA NO DEPOSITS OR WITHDRAWALS. Could you handle that until he comes?


    John 16:1 KJV
    [1] These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.

    John 16:12-15 KJV
    [12] I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. [13] Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. [14] He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. [15] All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you.

    My friends JESUS is NEAR as much as the ANTICHRIST is too! Do NOT be DISTRACTED or DECEIVED as he SAID many will say “ OH all these EVENTS have PASSED and we are STILL HERE.. he IS NOT coming/YET” for this is a LIE of SATAN! Jesus said BE SOBER AND PAY ATTENTION.. for these things MUST PASS for him to COME AGAIN!

    Research THIS as this OP and ARTICLE DENY that the COVID-19 has any connection to the BEAST.. a COMPLETE LIE!

    BRAIN IMPLANT / CRANIAL IMPLANT (Rev 13:16] And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:)


    He says in 1 YEAR from now to CONNECT US to an AI:

    They say these AI chips that are BRAIN IMPLANTS can make YOU LOSE YOURSELF.. God said he will BLIND MANY so they CHOOSE to TAKE HIS MARK and WORSHIP the BEAST:


    You say what about the HAND?

    Sweden is READY (TEST place.. MANY POOR places have INJECTED these ALREADY!



    Direct QUOTE: They are among the ‘left behind’ and are missing out on many things taken for granted elsewhere – access to economic opportunity, education, healthcare rights, and more. All as a result of being outside of formal channels of ID verification.


    Wait.. but you say that is just ID.. well LOOK HERE.. BILL GATES has a PATENT published in MARCH 2020.. a DIGITAL CURRENCY SYSTEM that connects and WORK WITH an IMPLANT INSIDE the HUMAN BODY.. COINCIDENCE?

    Revelation 13:16-18 KJV
    [16] And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: [17] And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. [18] Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    The PATENT contains the NUMBERS 666 within it PLAIN and CLEAR.. with 2020 staring at the BEGINNING!

    You see.. they can EASILY make the PATENT DATA contain the 666!

    But WAIT! They NOW have the SYSTEM to INPUT DATA into our DNA (mhm YES just like a USB drive or your cellphone MEMORY space) THUS also being able to contain the DATA BLOCK of the 666 EMBEDDED within the IMPLANT!

    The VACCINES that BILL GATES also OWNS is called a MICRONEEDLE – this “VACCINATION” process doesn’t really inject you, rather it IMPLANTS small INFARED (HEAT) dots that CONTAIN IMMUNIZATION INFORMATION aka BIOMETRIC ID IMPLANT :

    Then you LITERALLY have TEMPERATURE READERS pretending to look for “fevers” when they POINT DIRECT TO THE FORE HEAD.. PRE CONDITIONING you to be okay when they ASK for you to HAVE the 666 to GO ANYWHERE or SHOP!

    They also have THERMAL CAMERAS and FACE RECOGNITION also pretending to look for “fevers” but it really PICKS UP the THERMAL (HEAT) SIGNAL from the VACCINE / IMPLANTS . You see.. you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BUY OR SELL WITHOUT THE MARK OF THE BEAST.. so they WILL find you!

    You see.. COVID-19 or CORONAVIRUS is an OPERATION to MANIPULATE the MASSES to ASK FOR a system that The ANTICHRIST will CONTROL! You see.. NEVER BEFORE have we been THIS CLOSE! It is only a MATTER of TIME.. but will you be able to WAIT a LITTLE LONGER is he decides to DELAY and BUY other TIME? That is the REAL question!

    Jesus is NOT fear but LOVE.. believe in HIM even if you STAND ALONE or of people CALL YOU CRAZY.. they did to HIM and many of HIS FOLLOWERS!

    God bless 🙂

    • Excellent CC! Yes…we are being conditioned. Everything you point out is exactly what we need to be aware of. It’s not going to be easy…with so much at stake – we should be aware how difficult things will be before this world is shuttered. I often wondered how “masses” would be so easily deceived…I don’t wonder anymore.

  • For those that are criticizing the author of this educational article, I would refer you to: I love the way the bible leads us to truth. We can learn a lot from Jesus’ words. One of my favorite verses is John 7:17 “If anyone’s will is to do God’s will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority.” If we truly want to please God, then He will let us know the truth.
    Thanks for your article, it gives great encouragement, not doom and gloom. For Jesus was also great at giving us hope and encouragement. John 16:33 33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

  • This is an interesting article, much that I agree with in this. But, the 800 pound gorilla in the room wasn’t discussed in this article. The part of CoVid 19 that has people upset and referencing the Mark of the Beast, isn’t t just the possibility of forced vaccinations, it’s Bill Gates’ digital tattoo that will be administered to track vaccinations and well, anything else that they want to track. I don’t know how you can have this discussion and omit this. As for me and my family, that’s a line we’re not willing to cross, whether it be the Mark of the Beast or not.

  • Christians really need to waken up to what is happening out there in a big bad real world , God has gave us plenty of instructions for what to watch for and be on our guard , He isn’t the author of confusion, do not take mans opinion because they might be some great scholar , seek guidance from the Holy Spirit to what is taking place
    Colossians 2:8
    8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

  • 1 Thessalonians 4:18 says to “comfort one another with these words.” The words Paul is talking about is the explanation he gives for the coming of the Lord. He does not say “scare one another.” He says “comfort one another.” Some versions say “encourage one another.” I have been perking up a bit more when I see current events and I see what chapter 24 of Matthew says. Also, I have not read about the “Mark of the Lamb” as such. The Seal of God mentioned first in Revelation 7:1-8 is for the 144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel. That is different than the descriptions of the saints who are devoted to God and might not be from Israel by birth or otherwise. I don’t know that protesting is a bad thing done the right way. There are those who are acting by constitutional law instead of biblical law, but we must also know when defense is necessary by biblical law. For followers of Jesus Christ, we must know and do what he commanded us to do.
    As far as the rest of the book of Revelation, there is not an easy timeline that everything follows. There is an order and it is often clear what comes before what. But from observation Jesus is less interested in us knowing when and more interested in us know what we should know and how we should live by what we know. Please refer to my website as I have posted some thoughts on Matthew 24 and will post more thoughts on eschatology soon.

  • I read your article and just wanted to emphasize and inquire on this topic. You mentioned that its an illusion and it isnt real well ive got something to tell you mental illness runs through my family, they do not like GOD dont even mention him and dont believe in church or tithe I don’t disagree with them anymore about the church after my own experience going and giving money and they never help me. However as a pre teen in medical school I become wanting to do satanism and sell my self and remember as a child an encounter where I was given a little red coin purse pouch it had a little money in it and was a chines pouch I have no clue how I got it I believe from an asian kid who was my class mate in elementary school she use to sell rats at our school which is disgusting cant believe people bought them i went to a white school) . Long story short I remember making an agreement with an entity that ai regret and I do not understand why or how I as a small child would have known or had that kind of encounter. I also recall as a child a ufo outside my window it returned me home and i dont remember what happened. I do know however the cvv numbers on my bank acct are 666 and this is after wanting a replacement , my former gas and power accts numbers had 666 in them and my social has 6669 in it 6x6x6xxx9 . Everyone seems to be evil towards me and when i learned about GOD and began to like GOD eventhough my life has been horrible since birth i begun hearing evil voices narrating and commenting my life. I dont want the mark of the beast so why do thise numbers keep coming up? Why did that happen as a child? I was obsessed with money as a small child i had wallet and coin bank my uncle stole my coins to buy cigarettes i hated him so much for over 20 years i hated him until i realized wow it wasnt that big of a deal. I dont takk to my family because when i stayed with them i would here someome reading in their closet in the room to next me when im asleep and i sleep very late and felt maybe they were putting evil spirits on me they also kicked me out their house and said take those evil spirits with you. My late mom referred to my grandma as the demon lady yet she didnt raise hs and gave us to my grandma why if she was so awful and you knew? They dont care about me at all or my child in 3 years have never gave my child a bday gift christmas nothing other than baby shower gifts that were stolen from me. Now all of a sudden they want to give my daughter a used doll and are texting me that the mailed her a doll they wanted my address i refused and told them mail it to a relative nearby ill pick it up ive not picked it up you know what happens in thise evil movies with dolls lol

    signed i need help please with removing this mark i didnt ask for

  • I’m no theologian, but I think the mark will be something tangible,and it will be rationally introduced. In other words, it will make sense. As an example, China is now requiring use of an app to enter public places. It tracks the PERSON, not just some random number. Seems like a reasonable thing to require in terms of public health. Could it be that simple?

    Finally, the scriptures tell us the mark is the number of his name. An IP Address fits that description. Six hundred, three score and six. An IP Address is #.#.#.#

    Just saying…

  • Matt, I appreciate your article. Found it very helpful. I am curious about your response to Ian (buying and selling) that you mentioned later on in the comments that you responded to. I have searched for your response and cannot find it. Could you point me in the right direction? I apologize if I am completely missing it somehow.

  • “Confessing themselves to be wise they became fools” Proverbs……Look at all the other world conditions volcanos earthquakes.,school shootings ..ALL the MAJOR Church’s sexual and money scandals melting of the north and south Poles ,Global warming Opoid Crisis voilence HATRED ECT. The economics collapse worldwide…NOW Just Google

  • yikes you guys are lost, the beast is technology and the vaccine contains nanobots aka you get uploaded to the grid and tracked which is the first step to becoming transhuman… the fall of man kind or the mark of the beast happens many times it just happens whenever there is a huge leap in the negative direction it happened in the time of noah, babylon, and now new world order 2020… Don’t @ me you’re lost anyways have fun with your transhuman world and flying cars I won’t be here.

  • Are you going to get a microchip implant injected into your hand or forehead? I’m not!!! I’m not going to burn because you say the mark of the beast is not literal!!!

  • Do you expect us all to believe that the mark of the beast is not a literal mark? Microchip implants? What about the country of Sweden? They’re already accepting microchip implants and they cannot buy or sell without it? I’m not getting any microchip implant and not getting any mandatory vaccination!!! You really believe the devil will tell you he’s standing next to you and to follow him to hell? That would defete his goal. He’ll say he’s Jesus Christ just like the Bible says he will do and perform signs and wonders and trick even the elite! What makes you think he’s going to tell you that the microchip implants are the””mark”? He’ll tell you it’s for your own protection against identity thieves. Just like you said it’s for our”protection”. Google the microchip implants already being used for our”own protection”. God bless you. Tell everyone about the microchip implants already being used in Sweden. See if it’s controlling buying and selling there. Then tell your veiwers to Google it and then tell them microchip implants are not controlling buying and selling and that it’s not the mark of the beast. Then let them decide for themselves like the Bible says to do about the false prophets.

    • Wow! I have never seen so much crazy on one webpage! I am SO happy I am an atheist, especially after reading what all you lunatics are spewing. If you want to see a 666 mark of the beast, I suggest you pull down Trump’s underpants, I think you will find it there. I would love to hold all of you people down, and scrawl “666” all over your bodies, just for the fun of it. And guess what would happen, NOTHING! I hope you people are not breeding, and passing the crazy gene down to your kids. If I were you, I would be more concerned about the gene of the crazy than the mark of the beast. See you in Hell! Bye!

  • I am the Mark of the Beast. Want to see my immortal 666 body? yes. I want everyone to die. Russia Virus. Islamic.

  • This is all fine and good. But what do you say to the fact that Yesterday the DOD approved $138,000,000 to produce 500,000,000 Covid – 19 syringes with the option of injecting chips? That looks like enforced vaccination to me and world control.

    • I am so relieved to see that many others also agree that the mark will be physical. I find Mr. Halsted’s article very concerning. Although I agree that the “mark” cannot be taken by accident, scripture is clear that it will be something you have to take (physically) in order to buy and sell:

      “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.” ~ Revelation 13:16-17

      As watchmen, we should clearly see that our modern-day technology (to include the technology being used for this vaccine) is the same technology the Antichrist will use for the mark. The labor pains of the end times have been increasing for the past 2,000 years (since Christ’s death and resurrection) and even more so since the rebirth of Israel, which happened over 70-years ago (on May 14, 1948). The things happening are clear signs that the end times are approaching us faster and faster.

      “Then Jesus turned to the crowd and said, “When you see clouds beginning to form in the west, you say, ‘Here comes a shower.’ And you are right. 55 When the south wind blows, you say, ‘Today will be a scorcher.’ And it is. 56 You fools! You know how to interpret the weather signs of the earth and sky, but you don’t know how to interpret the present times.” ~ Luke 15:54-56. In other words, if they were keeping up with their scripture reading than how were they not able to clearly see that their Messiah was standing right in front of them? We need to read the signs of our time and know what time it is. This is called being a “Watchman.” God didn’t give us bible prophecy to scare us, He gave us bible prophecy to prepare us.

      Mr. Halsted further said: “The sillier teachers of eschatology focus so much of their attention on endless speculations concerning the Antichrist, the ‘mark of the beast,’ etc., that I truly wonder if they think Revelation is primarily about revealing the satanic.”

      Watchmen do not consider Satan or the Antichrist “the stars of the end times.” The purpose of the book of Revelation is to reveal our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and one key way Christ reveals Himself is through prophecy. God tells us what happens before it happens so that when it happens we will know that He is God – this is part of revealing Himself to the world. Satan and the Antichrist are evil players in the end times but key players, nonetheless, so understanding their part in the end times is not only important but something God wants us to understand and be aware of that way when these things begin to happen people will say “God forewarned us about these things!” Revelation is the revealing of Jesus, which includes revealing (foretelling) the things that will happen before His Second Coming (as well as all the details about His Second Coming). The word of God tells us not to be asleep as others are, specifically in regards to the end times (1 Thessalonians 5:4-11). There is no doubt that God is trying to wake us up and shake us up to “what time it is.”

  • Great article! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only Christian who hasn’t bought into this theory of the COVID-19 vaccine being the mark of the beast. I’m
    no expert on Eschatology or a buff on the subject
    (It wouldn’t hurt for me to study up on it),but I would think that all of that takes place after the church is raptured out,and those left behind will be in the predicament of taking the mark; am I right?or am I
    missing something? I personally think that it’s conspiracy theorists talk.

  • Obviously you haven’t heard about ID2020 and the invisible digital tattoo (what without people wont be able to “sell and buy” or as the inventor of it said; going go travel,groceries, schools, work..) It is not the vaccine what makes people worry, more what comes with it.

    There are no pastors who talks about this?
    Well than listen this

    And those people who go out and protest, they do it for our freedom , what we are giving up right now voluntarily… to speak about them in a way you did, is like supportable anti-democrats.

    People need to wake up, but not fear!!!
    But there will be many who choose to “sleep”…

  • Please check your resources and maybe put a little less trust in them. Attached is a link for how Bills are numbered. There is no bill numbered 6666.
    Take a look at patents you can search by number. There is no number 060606.
    Luciferone doesn’t exist however Lucerfein luciferin and luciferase do exist and where named in the early 1900’s by Raphaël Dubois – Literally the term means light bringing from the Latin. I do not believe that there is any indication that Raphael was a satan worshiper.

  • Please explain to me how a “spiritual mark” can be detected? How can a “spiritual mark” be placed on the hand or forehead? The seal of the Spirit is a spiritual mark because it cannot be detected by any of the senses or by technology. Finally, how can someone be forbidden to buy and sell if the mark can’t be detected. Woe unto them that lead the flock astray

  • I sent this to Pastor Jack today because he’s telling the church its OK to get the vaccines ????

    Pastor Jack why can’t we be deceived into getting the mark of the beast in these vaccines? There are many hints in the Bible that the end times could be confusing. With the Corona virus, and all the bad talk about the vaccines, why would we even trust the vaccines?
    See in the bible:

    Revelation 19:20 says the false prophet deceived those that had received the mark of the beast. When asked about the end time, Christ said “take heed that ye be not deceived.”

    Revelation 20:3-4 says that those who receive the mark will be deceived.

    Revelation 13:18 says that it takes wisdom to understand the number of the beast.

    Second Timothy 3:13 tells us that evil men and imposters will wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

    Revelation 13:9 “he who has an ear let him hear” proves that you must be receptive to its message.

    Revelation 17:9 says it takes wisdom to understand the beast’s identity.

    Second Thessalonians 2:9-10 speaks of deceivableness and delusion in the end times.

    Revelation 13:14 the two horned second beast “deceiveth them that dwell on the earth” to cause them to worship the first beast.
    Christ warned (in Matthew 24:24) of an endtime false religion that if possible, would deceive the very elect.
    And there is a false prophet that issues forth spirits who will influence the kings of the earth. And men will turn to cleverly devised fables.
    Falling for deception has grave consequences today, just as it did for ADAM AND EVE.

    I was reading the rev 13:16 about the mark of the beast in a Bible ap called esword its free on the computer. It has a Hebrew dictionary attached. In that bible verse I looked up “mark” for mark of the beast its G5480. When I went to G5480 it says from the same as G5482 and It also had the word (xáragma) I Google the word
    (xáragma) see what it says. I’ll take a picture and post it below: It says 5480 xáragma – properly, an engraving (etching); (figuratively) a mark providing undeniable identification, like a symbol giving irrefutable connection between parties.

    5480 /xáragma (“brand-mark”) was originally any impress on a coin or a seal, used by an engraver on a die (stamp, branding iron). 5480 (xáragma) later became “the identification-marker” (like with an owner’s unique “brand-mark”). I’ve read that the vaccines have some sort of dye and even nanoparticals for identification. This could be in fact the mark of the beast. View it your self to see what you get.

  • It seems to me that credit card debt could also be the “mark” with the arguments that have been made.
    I feel that the author makes a grand point…let’s focus on the teachings of Christ and LIVE by them!

  • To: Matthew L. Halsted, Ph.D. Let me judge you. Let me show my righteous anger. You are an agent of Satan. You are a Bible denier. . Anyone who reads and believes the anathema you’ve scribbled here was been deceived. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s one thing to honestly debate the role the corona virus vaccine fits in the scheme of Revelation. It is quite another thing to deny that the “Mark of the Beast”, which will be found either on the right hand or the forehead is not a literal mark or engraving. I repeat: WOE UNTO THEM WHO DECEIVE THE FLOCK>

  • Mark I think Bible has clearly indicated where it will be. And it MUST be absolutely something physical. On right hand or on a front. So you know exactly. And without it you will not be able to buy nor sale….
    Microchips are developed. And 5G radio-frequency, if used on centimeters waves has a power to change our reaction, mood etc.
    So yes, children if God has a spiritual mark. But the oppositori will have a material mark on right hand or on a front-it is only two points of human body, where the temperature is changing fast and constantly-the perfect generator of ‘life-time’ battery for little transmission – a microchip.
    Bible also says, after receiving Mark, They will do so that everyone who has mark, will worship the beast….
    Anyway, covid vaccine do not have nothing in comune, as Bible has no indication on medical reasons or conditions to receive the mark.

    • What is going to happen or is been happening we been putting on masks inorder to enter into the shops to buy or sell, it will be the same process with the Vaccine to replace the Masks, the secret society what is doing now is causing panic to the world we seeing deaths in the hospital due to Covid19 and that is exactly what they really want so that we live in fear.