Can This Site Live?

For our regular readers, much like Ezekiel looking over the pile of dry bones, you might be wondering if is ever going to come back to life. Well, good news, the answer is yes.

I’ve been plotting and planning on my daily bus rides on how we can get this ship sailing again and I think I have some really good stuff up my sleeve. The biggest thing I need right now is a little bit of time. With a big four day weekend coming up, I think I’ll be able to squeeze enough work in to get this puppy shining again.

So, sit tight and say a prayer. will be good as new (God willing) next week!

It might also help if you were to drop me an encouraging comment below to cheer me on. It help to know that this site is worth the time, energy, and sacrifice. Seriously… I’m not kidding.

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Ryan Burns
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  • I am almost halfway through a MDiv program while I also work full time and have two children at home (ages 5 years and 17 months). I only take two classes each semester because of this, so my MDiv will likely take about 5 years to complete. I don’t eat lunch with my coworkers because I do homework. I have Hebrew flashcards to review daily and Greek flashcards to review weekly to stay fresh. It feels like I’m always working on something.

    My point is that I really appreciate what you do with this site. The nature of my seminary is that we are all pretty well distributed, so we don’t have a ton of community. Plus, any face-to-face community we might have would likely detract from time we would have with our respective families (most of us have kids at home). I really appreciate the sense of community I get from this site. Please keep it up.

    I also appreciate the link to Seminary Survival Guide. They are helping me too.

  • This may not be as much encouragement coming from one of the writers of this site, but I think that the struggles we are going through in life, seminary, and this website only go to help those who are in seminary. If we pretended that everything was perfectly fine, I believe we would be doing a disservice to our readers.

    Ryan, you have done a wonderful job of leading our team through the transition of your no longer being a seminary student, a move, and everything else! I believe every one of us has experienced some major changes this semester in our lives and we have shared much of those with the readers. I believe this can only help.

    To all of our readers: I apologize for the flood of book reviews. There is more content ready to go for GtS than before. Thank you for persevering with the team at GtS as we make the various transitions. We pray that God uses this site to encourage, exhort and rebuke (if necessary) our fellows brothers and sisters in Christ–especially those who are in seminary.

    For His glory alone,

    Terry Delaney

  • First time commentor here. I’m in my early stage of seminary so pretty much all of the posts help me immensely, especially “Love & Marriage” and “Tip & Advice.” Keep on truckin’ dude…

  • I feel you Ryan. I know for Seminary Survival Guide, it’s hard to keep up your enthusiasm for it over the long haul. Especially when other areas of life and ministry get demanding.

    My two cents: I think you’ve done very well with GTS, and think it’s worth the effort.

  • Ryan – This site is in the top three most encouraging sites I read. I really appreciate the hard work you put into it. I am a full time Youth pastor with three kids ages 1-6 and am just beginning seminary. You and the writers at GTS are constantly helping me reorient my priorities. My non seminary attending wife also loves GTS. Thank You

  • Keep it coming Ryan!

    I have been very encouraged and blessed by your ministry at GTS. I’m a high school drop out who God has transformed and given a desire to learn more about Him. GTS and Seminary Survival Guide (which I found through your link) have been great resources for me in learning to become a student and minister. I don’t know too many Seminary grads, but these sites have been a blessing from the Lord in the wisdom I have gleaned from them.

    Thank you for your time and ministry to the Lord as you minister to us!

    Don’t be discouraged by some of the negative comments, although I appreciate your humility to not just dismiss them in a prideful manner. We need to be more understanding that you and the others are busy with life and ministry and shouldn’t expect you to run this site as if you were doing it full-time.

    “But as for you, ?brethren, ??do not grow weary of doing good” (2 Thess. 3:13).

    God’s comfort to you,
    Jose J.

  • I just stumbled on this site randomly the other day, but it has been a huge help and encouragement. There really isn’t much out there for someone looking for information about the seminary process.

  • Please continue posting! There aren’t enough blogs that apply scriptural principles in such a concrete and edifying way.

Written by Ryan Burns