And The Winners Are

Instead of beginning with how we judged I’ll just tell you who won.

Congrats To:

  • Nancy Wilson – Pregnant With Purpose
  • Larry Baxter – Seminary? Who, Me?
  • Gregory Hartnett – Developing a Reading Plan for Seminary
  • Michael Eubanks – I Didn’t Know What I Didn’t Know

All submissions were blindly ‘graded’ by three seminary professors and myself. Just like seminary:) All four scores were totaled and the top four were deemed our winners. (Blindly= all names and references were removed before grading.)

If you’re a real seminary geek and want to know the score curve post in the comments and I’ll oblige.

Thanks to all who entered. We feel this was a great success and will be holding another contest, open to all previous entrants and winners, in June.

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Written by
Brian Schmitt
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  • Brian, I’m glad you got a number of interesting articles and am thrilled to be a winner 🙂 I’m looking forward to the other posts and future articles. Thanks much – and I hope the GtS website can continue to be a great resource for anyone considering embarking on a seminary journey. — Larry

  • Can you post links to those that were winners (and actual blog posts)? I would love to hear/read what other seminarians wrote about.

    • We’re going to post their winning articles every Monday. One each Monday in April, then the winners will each be writing one article per month for three more months.

Written by Brian Schmitt