5 Reasons Seminary Wives Should Take Classes

Before arriving to seminary, sem hub (seminary husband) and I served in ministry for about 8 years. The thing that amazed me was how many times people talked to me expecting me to know everything my sem hub knows. The further we progressed in our ministry, the more I ended up investing in the lives of the women in our sphere of influence, while he deeply invested in the men. If you are planning for a lifetime of Christian service (Lord willing that is a long time), then here are five reasons your wife should take seminary classes too.

Your wife will be ministering too. Whether you are a professor, pastor, or para-church minister, other women will look to your wife as a source of wisdom and instruction simply because they are married to a ministry leader. These women (and your wife) deserve a Biblical foundation.

It builds into your marriage. After just taking one seminary class I felt like I could understand and connect with my sem hub so much better than before. We started having inside seminary jokes, talks about the scripture, and I understood more of the jargon he used when talking about scripture so I could be a better listener and learner with him.

It includes her in the seminary community. Sometimes wives of sem hubs can feel disconnected to the seminary community. By simply taking one class a semester, I have felt much more part of the seminary community and journey.

It fuels her understanding of the scriptures. Whether for ministry or even just personal growth, investing in the spiritual well-being of your wife is best for everyone involved… even those children you have or hope to have some day.

It gives her ownership of her role in your partnership in future ministry. Ministry is a partnership thing. Whether the wife focuses on family or more actively participates in ministry outside the home, taking seminary classes helps her connect with who God created her to be and her role in the body of Christ.

As a seminary wife and future pastor’s wife, my experience taking seminary classes has fueled my love for the Word, my vision for my gifts and how they can build up the body of Christ, and my dream for my family and home to be a place of ministry. There are a myriad of good reasons seminary wives should take classes, but don’t just take my word for it. Just take one class and see for yourself!

Many seminaries offer opportunities for wives to audit classes, sit-in on husband’s course work, or wives can jump all in and apply themselves where seminaries allow women to apply. The investment in your wife’s future is worth the investment in yours.

By Seana Scott. Seana Scott, seminary wife, seminary student, mom, writer, and speaker. SeanaSScott.com, facebook.com/seanascott.

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