400 Free Online Textbooks

Thanks to a 2008 California law the Open Educational Resources Center for California now provides over 400 open textbooks to the public.

The site was intended for California’s community-college faulty and staff members, but it is open for anyone to use. As the number of visitors to the site grows to a significant level they will begin adding forums.

Four hundred is a relatively small number when we’re talking about textbooks, but this is only the beginning of a large push to make education available and affordable to larger audiences.

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Written by
Brian Schmitt
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  • Check out http://www.collegeopentextbooks.org/ to get some helpful information on open textbooks. The Community College Open Textbook Collaborative (CCOTC) provides training for instructors who are adopting open resources as well as support for authors who are opening their resources. Having just graduated from college and working with the CCOTC, I might be able to provide you some interesting insight. Happy to help you if I

Written by Brian Schmitt