2 Things I’ve Learned from Mobile Ed Professors

Each week we have a professor or two come shoot a Logos Mobile Ed course. They begin on Monday and finish on Friday. But in between, I have the great privilege of spending some time with them. Every Wednesday we have lunch and get to know one another, discussing how the course is progressing. Then on Fridays I help the video team shoot promotional material for the course. And if there’s time, I interview the professors on camera.

During these times, I get a glimpse of hardworking men and women who, though they may be tired at the end of the week, have a contagious flame of enthusiasm for biblical education. Most of them have been teaching and leading in the church for decades, and there’s so much we can learn from them. Here are two things that I have learned over my time with these professors.

1. A love of Scripture

waltonWhen I sat down with Dan Block to discuss his commentaries, he passionately described how, when preparing for his Deuteronomy commentary, he became Moses. He studied him, lived with him, and tried to think like him. The excitement in Dr. Block’s eyes when discussing Moses—or the gospel as it’s represented in Deuteronomy—was contagious. I admit, I went home and began re-reading through Deuteronomy myself, only to find that a fairly brief conversation with Dr. Block had opened up a world of riches in this sometimes-difficult book.

Likewise, when chatting with David T. Lamb about his book God Behaving Badly, he was clear that he didn’t just write it because people kept asking questions. He wrote because Scripture is the place where a loving, gracious, and merciful God reveals himself, and Dr. Lamb wants to help others find that in the pages as well.

A deep love of Scripture is the chief thing that every professor I’ve spoken with has in common. I’m grateful for the opportunity to not only be encouraged in this way, but to be a part of bringing that excitement to you through the many courses that Mobile Ed has to offer.

2. Humility

When shooting a promotional piece with a professor, he said that Mobile Ed has a faculty of world-class scholars—“As well as people like me,” he was quick to add.

That sort of humility is indicative of all the professors I’ve worked with. When I asked Ben Witherington III on camera who his favorite author is, he didn’t reply with some lofty scholar; he said “John Grisham.” They don’t try to impress—though I have been impressed with the way all of them have gone about the work of filming. For many, this is a new experience and a unique format. Yet they are always ready for suggestions and input, working hard to bring you the best content possible.

While interviewing Tremper Longman, he was quite blunt about the fact that up until a couple years ago, he had not spent very much time reading the New Testament devotionally. I was surprised at his transparency—I know first-hand the pull of those in leadership to appear that they have it all together. Yet all of the Mobile Ed faculty have had this same honesty and humility about them.

Mobile Ed Faculty

We’ve had some remarkable scholars out to film courses, including the following:

  • John Walton
  • Daniel I. Block
  • Craig A. Evans
  • Bev Hislop
  • David E. Garland
  • Michael Goheen
  • Darrell L. Bock
  • Lynn H. Cohick
  • Dan Doriani
  • Douglas J. Moo
  • Tremper Longman III
  • Ben Witherington III
  • See the full list.

Mobile Ed Courses

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